Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Double Take

Greetings good citizen,

I was about halfway through with today’s post when the word processor decided to close without warning…and this time it didn’t recover even part of what I had already written…

But enough about my petty troubles, there are, as they say, bigger things to fret about.

Fortunately, today’s post is sans links…because today’s commentary is a take off of yesterday’s post, where I pointed out that what the media reported would start bordering on the, er, ‘fantastic’!

I’ll try to recapture as much as I can from the original.

Starting with the pledge to end both the Iraq and Afghan conflicts has led to a renewed beating of the war drums over Iran’s ‘nuclear ambitions’.

Understand, good citizen, we didn’t bat an eyelash when Pakistan developed the A-bomb nor did we discuss invading India when they skipped the A-bomb entirely and suddenly produced an H-bomb (somewhat suspicious if you ask me!)

So why are we hell bent on, er, ‘sanctioning’ Iran? Because Israel doesn’t like them?

Now we come to the fact nobody discusses…how we GAVE Israel the bomb and thumbed our noses at the rest of the Middle East!

Naturally, you can only marvel over the conservatives, er ‘tenacity’ over the Iran issue. If we didn’t know better we might be mislead into believing that ‘wars of choice’ was the Republican version of a ‘jobs program’!

If you can’t find something productive to do then let the military turn ‘em into cannon fodder, we all know how much the conservatives love their cannon fodder troops!

Even more, er, bizarre is how the conservatives have been distancing themselves from their pro-globalization voting records…although good ol’ Mitt made quite the gaff yesterday with his comment about how much he liked being able to fire the ‘hired help’…

It’s just what every ‘working American’ wants in a leader!

Is there any irony in the fact that we are currently unable to ‘fire’ our politicians?

There’s a big WTF right there!

Perhaps we’d have better luck using the ‘traditional’ sense of the word?

Witches, politicians…there really isn’t any difference, is there?

But I digress and today’s marvels are somewhat lengthy!

Next up we had conservative wunderkind David Brooks remarking on the same topic I raised yesterday only from the conservative side of the fence…

He asks why ‘liberals’ appear to be ‘out of ideas’?

Methinks David is of the impression that the public remains unaware that the Democratic party has been defunct since 1968.

What ‘Liberals’ you talking about there Dave?

There haven’t been any ‘liberals’ in politics since we landed on the moon!

And the really big ‘take away’ that the so-called progressives studiously ignore is how OWS let the tiger out of the bag when they told both parties to fuck off in no uncertain terms!

The public KNOWS we have become a ‘one party’ state. The R and the D have become meaningless because regardless of ‘party affiliation’, they all take their orders for the same people!

And those people have already demonstrated their hatred of us!

Worse, they consider the rest of us ‘squatters’ on ‘their land’…

But once again I digress…there’s more!

Newt Gingrich received a $5 MILLION dollar check from the publisher of the Manchester Union Leader…

And people wonder why nobody trusts the media?

This in a time when it is becoming increasingly apparent that our government is ‘bought and paid for’ by those with more than they deserve!

I personally don’t give Newt a chance in hell of becoming the Republican nominee…but this time last election cycle I might have offered the same opinion about Mr. Obama…

Who is, shamefully, running ‘unchallenged’…which is, I suspect, unprecedented, given his unpopularity.

This will become the, er, dilemma of the 2012 election, one where it is clear you no longer have any choice, either way the ‘conservative agenda’ wins.

Wouldn’t be so bad if it was just about bragging rights but these bastards want to exterminate the rest of us!

They took over the 1 in 5 conservative party because conservatives actually believe in stupid shit like there really is a ‘surplus population’!

Um, sadly this is a poor rendition of the original…I was really on a roll (almost good enough to get me ‘disappeared!’)

That said, I captured the spirit of the original piece, even if I didn’t execute it quite as elegantly as I did the first time!

I wonder if we will see things start coming to a head when people realize they won’t be given a ‘choice’ this coming November?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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