Monday, January 9, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

In a bizarre twist, US markets opened ‘up’ while European markets suddenly tanked…again, for no apparent reason.

To opine that the stock markets tell us nothing would be an understatement. Closer to the truth is its usefulness as a hammer with which to crush (or reward) legislation under consideration by the local national government.

So the markets being ‘up’ means (in our case) Wall Street is happy with the results its bought and paid for lackeys have produced (which explains why market performance is so often out of synch with reality!)

Legislation Wall Street doesn’t like causes the markets to sink, sending politicians into ‘panic mode’ as worried congressional staffs field calls from angry constituent/investors more worried about their personal bottom lines than the condition of the society that they will spend those funds in…

Which brings us full circle to yet another of my much beaten ‘hobby-horses’ our badly broken government and our inability to fix it.

Again, the linked article merely raises awareness of a long ignored problem. Once money became the primary focus of politics, the Democrats got caught flat-footed and were easily taken completely out of the picture!

Since NOBODY has ever admitted that the Democratic Party went belly-up decades ago the, er, ‘business friendly’ conservatives (basically Libertarians) have been pretending to be Democrats (a move that hasn’t done anybody any favors…)

And who, by the way, are these people who call themselves ‘progressives’?

As last week’s presidential signing of the law that officially scrapped the US justice system indicates, they sure as fuck aren’t Democrats!

By ‘deduction’ good citizen, this leaves the, er, ‘conservatives’ running things ‘unopposed’.

So just who are these clueless ‘sock puppets’ anyway?

Actors, mostly.

And politics have become, not to belabor the obvious good citizen, ALL about the MONEY!

Understand, it is all about ‘meaningless money’ (which speaks volumes about ‘why’ our/the world’s economy is fucked up!)

Money has but limited usefulness in society, when it is, ‘mismanaged’, society itself crumbles!

A process that has accelerated since the, er, ‘opposition’ has been taken out of the picture.

Why do you suppose, good citizen, the so-called Democrats have NOT selected anyone to run against a very unpopular incumbent?

And make no mistake about it, ‘Do Nothing/Roll over and play dead, Obama’ is NOT popular enough to win re-election…EXCEPT that the wing nuts running against him are totally repulsive!

At the end of the day good citizen, the ‘choices’ we are given are worse than no choice at all…because they amount to the same thing!

Corporate ‘myopia’ has taken over our political system…and we must take it back if there is any hope of saving civilization!

Perhaps more urgent is the fact that this isn’t going to happen ‘by itself’…left to its own devices, the inexorable march ‘rightward’ will proceed, unhindered, until society dies of stagnation!

(I’m tempted but I won’t go there…)

Not that I believe our civilization can be, er, ‘saved’.

The capitalist model will, er, ‘most likely’ die, er, ‘naturally’ with the ‘fuck you, pay me’ system playing itself out until the ‘bag’ is completely empty.

THEN we can start to, er, ‘rebuild’.

(There is a certain amount of debate over which would come first, would we run out of resources because the cost to produce them becomes unreasonable or would money go completely ‘funny’, forcing ‘in-kind’ trading to rise again…it’s not clear what form the ‘end of capitalism’ will take but it will likely be a combination of both.)

Anyway, returning to the original topic once again, what are we going to do about our, er, ‘One Party’ political system?

We can’t vote for change because the ‘One Party’ controls the ballot box as well as the media…(always a sure sign of corruption!)

You can follow that thought to the next logical step, what dos it say about a society when its media is TOTALLY DEPENDENT upon the business community for its support?

Subscription revenues barely cover the cost of paper and ink…and then there is the ‘salary’ of the new staff/press operators to consider.

Advertiser driven news isn’t, by definition, conducive to ‘editorial freedom’.

There’s another disturbing ‘loop’ here that most of you can follow on your own. The, er, ‘high cost’ of politics comes from ‘advertising’. Politicians have to raise enormous sums to ‘advertise’ for voters.

How ‘free’ are you feeling now?

Um, I have opined before about how badly broken our nation is, in that respect this post is a ‘re-tread’ (but at this point in the game, most of them are.)

One thing we can all be confident of is when crunch time comes, we’ll all get out there and do what needs to be done.

That said, it will be interesting to see what rises from the ashes…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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