Friday, January 20, 2012

Left Justified

Greetings good citizen,

The right demonizes the government as the entity that, er, ‘prevents’ profitable commerce…the thought being we’d really make a lot more money if we didn’t have to obey all of those ‘intrusive’ governmental regulations…

While the left despises the government for being the ‘play-thing’ of the privileged…

And neither of them are ‘wrong’ (although only the left is ‘justified’ in its disdain…the right’s ire is ‘pretend’ at best and an act at worst.)

Which is to ask how sick is it that the right keeps proposing legislation intended to steal the few rights you have while they simultaneously ‘fail to prosecute’ crimes against society?

Who REALLY gives a fuck about ‘gay marriage’? It’s not even a particularly ‘good deal’ for the gay when it’s all said and done. But the right lead the charge in the ‘defense of marriage’ baloney that followed…after a Massachusetts judge issued a ‘surprise decision’ during the 2004 presidential election cycle…when, ‘coincidentally’ a Massachusetts Senator was in the race for the oval office, running against an extremely unpopular Republican incumbent.

And for the third time in as many elections we ended up with a ‘photo finish’ that was decided by the ‘electoral college’.

Ironically, one thing is currently crystal clear, that we ARE NOT as ‘equally divided’ as the corporate owned media wants us to believe, thanks to the widespread support received by the OWS movement.

What has become increasingly apparent is that our entire ‘political process’ is no longer under our control. The people who pay for the message get to dictate what that message is…

And lately it has become disturbingly clear that we have been lied to and those lies have cost us dearly.

Globalization was supposedly done ‘for us’ but now it is apparent it was done ‘to us’. It was NEVER about ‘lower prices for you’, it was always about higher profits for them!

Higher profits reaped from the benefits they didn’t have to pay their ‘new’ employees!

Wednesday the Internets went dark to protest ‘Chinese Style’ censorship under Republican sponsored legislation. (Ironically, it was the same Republicans who suddenly opposed their own bill, making the Democrats look ‘stupid’…but if we accept that there are no Democrats then the ‘sock puppets’ representing the Democrats are, by definition, er, ‘stupid’.

Today we are being urged to call our State Attorney General’s office to voice our opposition to the OBAMA administration’s latest attempt to railroad a ‘uniform settlement’ through congress that will, literally, legalize theft…if you’re a banker or an investor.

Um, who ARE these, er, ‘morons’ that CALL THEMSELVES ‘democrats’ and who, precisely, do they represent?

What does this sort of nonsense portend for the upcoming presidential election cycle?

Why is this bootlicking coward running ‘unopposed’? (Which is to ignore the fact that his ‘opponents’ from the opposite political party are all ‘bad cartoon characters’!)

Left is right and down is up, right?

This is NOT the state you want your politics to fall into…

YOU are being MANIPULATED, good citizen…and this is NEVER a ‘good thing’.

How do we ‘free’ ourselves from this trap?

How do we ‘sort out’ the truth from the convenient lies?

Sadly, it is not as simple as automatically rejecting the ‘near truth’ of the corporate owned media and accepting, even generally, the assertions of the, er, ‘free internet’. (Which is to point out that there are more than a few ‘sell-outs’ on the ‘net’!)

Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one (and that doesn’t make them right!)

Worse, there is no shortage of ‘dis-information’ out there…and only a little ‘mis-direction’ goes a long way.

We all tend to be prone to making ‘snap judgments’. (The old making up our minds before all of the facts are in.)

It’s staggering to consider all of the mayhem this trait is responsible for, doubly staggering is the amount of regret this has caused.

But that’s ‘the strength’ of the right, you end up fighting yourself so they don’t have to!

It’s like the STUPID ‘fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here’ excuse, how the fuck are all of those dirt poor Muslims supposed to get here, row?

It’s one thing to urge you to action and quite another to keep you from blowing your own foot off!

The fog of war is a terrible thing good citizen and a little ‘mis-direction’ can go a mighty long way!

Which brings us to another of today’s headlines

What do you suppose is up with that? Somehow, I suspect you know what the answer is…

Which brings us back to our original argument, if you take my meaning, along with my assertion that only the left is justified…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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