Friday, January 27, 2012

Debating Capitalism

Greetings good citizen,

While the Dow approaches the 13,000 mark (for absolutely no discernable reason besides ‘inflation’) oil remains over a hundred dollars a barrel and gold just returned to the $1,700 (+) an ounce range.

All pretty good for a busted financial system, wouldn’t you say? Um, actually it is the same badly broken financial system, complete with its propensity for ‘creative accounting’, that has delivered us to the very doorstep of economic collapse.

Combine that with spineless, clueless leadership and you have a perfect recipe for disaster! The (stupid) bastards have no freaking idea which parts to trim and which ones to beef up…so they do NOTHING, pushing us ever closer to the brink.

Yup, that’s right good citizen, they can’t even ‘slow us down’ (without risking a total meltdown…)

So what do you suppose will be the ‘end result’ of this unseemly debate?

If we learned anything from the 1930s, it was that governments cannot shrug their shoulders and watch as their own people are consigned to unemployment. I find it tragic and astonishing that some governments need to learn this lesson again.

Nor should we forget the causes of the current growth and debt crisis as we seek to put our economies on a more sustainable footing. 

Both the United States and Britain suffered because their economies were overly reliant on the financial sector’s artificial profits; living standards for the many worsened while the economic rewards skewed to the top 1 percent; a capitalist model encouraged short-term decision-making oriented toward quarterly profits rather than long-term health; and vested interests — from giant banks to media moguls —were deemed too big to fail or too powerful to challenge.

We need to recognize that the trickle-down promise of conservative theorists has turned into a gravity-defying reality in which wealth has flowed upward disproportionately and, too often, undeservedly. To address properly the squeeze in middle-class incomes on both sides of the Atlantic requires fresh thinking from governments about how people train for their working lives and what a living wage should be.

Um, without going into specifics it is pretty obvious Mr. Milliband is totally fucking clueless…although he did nail the main target.

How sad is it good citizen that Ol’ Ed probably thinks all we need to do is hit some imaginary ‘reset switch’ and the system will straighten itself out.

The time to attempt that was BEFORE they allowed their core industries to be off-shored (and the remainder were forced out of business by (artificially) cheap imports.)

Which is to opine that this whole globalization thing really wasn’t given a lot of thought after the up front profitability of cut rate labor was sold.

Now huge economic deserts threaten to swallow Western civilization whole and the only reset button capable of reversing this deadly trend is the ‘dreaded’ (by the corporate media) Trade Protectionism.

A domestic population that is denied the opportunity to participate in the local economy WILL REVOLT…

And THAT’S what the idiots at Davos are shaking in their shoes talking about.

Make no mistake about it good citizen, NONE of these fools are discussing how to fix the current disaster. At best there may be some discussion of how to best ‘effectively suppress’ civil uprisings…along with some strategizing over what to do afterwards.

(How many peasants should you hang to ‘pacify’ the rest? How ironic is it that the answer is NONE?)

How unfortunate is it that all they need do is lift a page from the history books…and repeat the mistakes they find there.

NONE of them are willing to give up their monopolies in exchange for their lives, which is as sad as it is stupid…but once again I will remind you that there is ZERO correlation between wealth and intelligence/wisdom.

I’d take that a step further and opine that you have to be more than a little bit stupid/foolish to pursue enormous wealth at the expense of everyone else…

Think about that one for a while…although a Libertarian will never get it.

(You need be missing a couple of screws to embrace Libertarianism in the first place!)

Which may explain much when taken in the context of our totally mismanaged and utterly screwed up economic situation!

Yes, good citizen, from a ‘screwed up’ point of view there’s probably nobody more pleased that the wheels are about to fly off than those responsible for it happening!

(The broken economy/justice system jeopardizes what they’ve already stolen! The ‘trick’ is to be ‘the owner of record’ when order is restored… )

IF the new system even permits ‘private property’ (and NO sustainable model will.)

But our Davos attendees aren’t seeking ‘workable’ solutions, they are seeking ways to extend their rule (and they’re convinced the answer to this puzzle lies in significantly reducing the, er, ‘surplus population’.)

Which is to belabor the obvious, good citizen, don’t let ANYONE confuse you with a statistic (that they are bent on ‘erasing’!)

Truth be told, good citizen, the one percent is the MOST USELESS segment of our society, in EVERY imaginable way.

Now that it’s ‘game on’ we must do our utmost to ‘eradicate them’…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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