Monday, January 30, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

There must be something to Ilargi’s latest post where he warns of “The report that will Blow up the Euro-zone.”

Because this morning markets around the world are bleeding from the eye sockets (again)

But the article outlining today’s troubled markets seems to be suffering from schizophrenia:

Wall Street stock indexes opened weakly Monday ahead of a European Union summit as Greece and Germany sparred over budget measures for Athens. [I guess you could call down a 120 ‘weakly’; although eighty years ago this would have been cause to jump out of your 7th story window!]

E.U. leaders were to sign off on a permanent rescue fund for the euro zone and to agree on a balanced budget rule in national legislation. But traders sensed some hesitation.

"Resolution for Greece is now up in the air, and that's causing some concern," said Alan Lancz, president of investment advisory firm Alan B. Lancz & Associates Inc. in Toledo, Ohio. "We could give up the gains we've seen so far this month if there ends up being no progress." [snip (the blogosphere has warned repeatedly that the ‘cure’ for Grecian situation wasn’t large enough, their eviscerated economy simply can‘t afford to pay back what it supposedly owes, it’s as ‘simple’ as that!) this is also where the article dives across the median into the realm of ‘happy talk!]

Consumer spending in the United States was flat in December as households took advantage of the largest rise in income in nine months [a fucking half a percent!] to boost their savings, setting the tone for a slowdown in demand early in 2012. [That’s not the song they were singing in December! Last month they were proclaiming ‘the consumer is back!’, like Christmas had nothing to do with it, idiots!]

Wall Street ended little changed on Friday as investors saw dips in the market as an opportunity to buy into what has been a strong first month of 2012.

Omitted from this report was the additional disclaimer that the Doctors think the insanity may be ‘temporary’…(but what do they know?)

Current market conditions make insanity a ‘prerequisite’ for being an ‘investor’…

Which really doesn’t tell us anything since we long ago determined that the stock markets are and have been, totally divorced from reality.

Which brings us to another disturbing phenomenon…that bar that keeps getting elevated, the bar of ‘shock and awe’.

Markets dropped 700 points (when TARP didn’t go the way they wanted it to) only to recover, ‘within a few hours’.

With the bar ‘set’ at 700, where would they have to go to ‘shock’ the average (which is to say clueless) consumer?

We’d probably say double that would shock most of the clueless (although a repeat of the 700 point drop would likely send most into mental ‘vapor-lock’ [I’m trying to think but nothing happens!] over the ‘real world implications’ of such a dramatic event. (Even though the market is 11,000 points ‘over valued’ and the current 12,000 [+] point valuation is more a reflection of the weakness of our currency than of the strength of our economy!)

Which is why all of this is so disturbing, good citizen. They yank our chains mightily and we still fail to recognize that the ‘joke’ is on us!

Oh how they must howl with laughter over our collective stupidity!

Still, it is a phyrric victory at best…who wants to spend their entire life surrounded by clueless dolts?

Yet this doesn’t stop them from regularly playing the rest of us for stooges!

Even after it stops being, er, ‘amusing‘.

Which is to point out how cathartic calling bullshit on someone can be! If you want to stop the relentless barrage of horse-pucky our politicians keep flinging it’s as simple as crying bull shit when you hear it!

Don’t be shy, speak up! If the bull-shitter (and your typical winger) CAN’T back up what they claim, your charge of Bull Shit stands! (And we ALL win for a change!)

If enough of us stand up to the few (who must privately laugh themselves silly over their claiming the mantle of ‘seriousness’ for themselves) then, maybe, we can turn this disaster around!

He who claims to ‘never joke’, IS a joke! Which is to call them what they are, ‘jokers’.

What the one percenters must find absolutely hilarious is how the rising market (which pays off their politicians) is being touted as an indicator of the ‘return of prosperity’ (albeit, a prosperity no one can see) when the only ones getting fat are our sell-out politicians!

Are these assholes the ‘Masters of Smoke and Mirrors’ or are the rest of us simply ‘too polite’ to shut these grifters down?

Few are ‘fooled’, our standard of living is NOT reflected in the lofty stock market, which has become cause for ‘civil unrest’.

Criminals are a curse on every society but criminals at the helm of a society are intolerable!

And I’d be doing you all a grave disservice if I didn’t point out that this isn’t the first time our society suffered from a rotten and corrupt head.

What you should all marvel over is how rapidly it returned, only fifty years after it ‘pretended’ to go to sleep…although the guilty party themselves reckon it was only forty years…

Which is to say this time ‘we won’t be fooled again!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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