Sunday, January 15, 2012

No Pay!

Greetings good citizen,

I apologize for ‘slouching’ yesterday but it’s not like I charge for this, it’s a labor of love.

And speaking of love, yesterday was my wife’s twin, ‘twins’ birthday so I was out of pocket for their party.

Yes my wife is an identical twin and her twin had twins…but so did her baby sister…and the one thing my wife and I have in common is we both have twin sisters!

(So the answer to the question of “is her twin married to your twin?” is an emphatic no! despite such unions recently becoming legal here in Massachusetts, the issues of time travel and bigamy would still arise. Both of our twins were married to other people before my wife and I ever met.)

This can quickly get downright confusing so let’s abandon ‘Gegner trivia’ right here.

Um, let’s begin with Europe’s credit downgrades that happened late on Friday. Left to our already fried logic circuits is whether or not Mr. Market will interpret this as good news or bad?

The downgrades have already elicited the desired effect of renewed pledges of ‘austerity’ from the, er, ‘victims’…

But the question without answer here good citizen is How low can you go?

And we aren’t talking about the Limbo here, good citizen.

Strangle the government hard enough and, er, ‘essential services’ start falling off the table.

The title of this article is “Incredible teachers agree to keep teaching without pay.”

Naturally, it is the ‘bottom line’ that counts:

Not giving these students stability? Massive cuts in education funding by the state. Poverty—"More than 70 percent of its students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches." Crumbling school buildings. And with teachers facing their own economic struggles, it's unclear how long they will be able to keep showing up every day having lost their already below-average paychecks, no matter how dedicated to their students they are. When the state abandons students, there's only so much individuals can do to mitigate the damage.
As we can see here, the bottom line tells us that this effort is probably ‘doomed from the start.

Again, good citizen, this article stops short of even speculating as to what will become of these products of a bankrupt school system?

What do you suppose the job prospects will be for kids who couldn’t complete their elementary school education thanks to the off-shoring ‘tax rebels’?

THIS is the ‘bottom line’ of globalization!

THIS is the ugly face of the growing ‘economic desert’ that NO ONE can survive in!

All so A FEW can be ‘rich’.

You have been cheated out of your civilization…so a few could be rich.

And now you will be forced to accept abject destitution for the fleeting ‘benefit’ of low ‘falling prices’.

You know as well as I that prices (as well as wages) CAN’T drop indefinitely…but that’s not what our overpaid CEO's tell us!

Yes good citizen, we find ourselves in a perilous time were too few are paid way too much for what they have no right to…because they ‘bought’ our courts…(fair and square, or so they’ll insist!)

May they keep insisting right up until we open the trap door beneath their feet…because treason is still treason.

And enriching yourself at the public’s expense is nothing but pure treason!

Government, like commerce, is badly broken good citizen…and the people who broke it see no reason to reverse the damage they’ve done.

They are also, er, ‘disinclined’ to stand trial for their crimes (unless they can do so in courts THEY control.)

Of course there would always be the ‘fear’ that their innocence might be reversed by another, er, ‘less biased’ court.

Thus is it my, er, ‘opinion’ that the mission objective would be to make it so that possibility never happens.

Although it is unclear how they intend to ‘protect’ themselves after civilization has been replaced with widespread barbarism?

Perhaps they think they’re ‘up to the job’…

But we digress and there’s a bigger issue at stake here good citizen.

Today it’s some out of they way county in Pennsylvania, tomorrow it WILL BE YOUR local school district!

During the, er, ‘Great Depression’ there were school systems that ‘cancelled’ entire school years because the funds to pay for the schools weren’t there.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that this problem isn’t confined to Pennsylvania or Jefferson county, Alabama!

Not only have ‘fees’ risen steadily over the past 16 years of ‘Republican rule’…(only those who can afford to pay will ‘get’) but ‘fund raisers’ for every conceivable contingency have become the rule rather than the exception!

What are you gonna do when this sort of thing happens to the school district your kids attend?


Who are you gonna sell your house to…and how long will it be before the town you move to finds itself in the exact same pickle?

I keep screaming ‘mismanagement’ but nobody is paying attention.

I will say again that NONE of this ‘needs to happen’.

The whole crisis is ‘contrived’ intended to ‘loot’ the banking system while killing off as much of the ‘surplus population’ as possible.

I suspect those responsible for setting this juggernaut in motion will live just long enough to regret it.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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