Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where does it end?

Greetings good citizen,

While I usually make the case for our current downfall being centered on Reagan, he couldn’t have done what he did without the groundwork laid by Nixon…who only won office thanks to LBJ’s flat refusal to seek a second term.

Which is to ask if any of these assholes EVER wore ‘a white hat’?

And the answer is likely no.

Sadly, it doesn’t matter.

How we got here is moot compared to the question of how we are going to resolve this issue.

Yes, we need to understand who was behind this betrayal of our nation so we can insure they are incapable of, er, ‘sabotaging’ efforts to restore balance.

A Simple Plan sweeps away the old power structure completely, even the outdated and useless legal structure would be completely abandoned.

No more lawyers, no more judges and no more legislators.

Who polices the police? The leadership.

Better, leaders are NOT politicians, they have no, er, ‘authority’ to create or interpret the laws as they see fit. (Although they will have to prosecute the law to the best of their ability/understanding. Let it suffice to say ‘dummies’ don’t make leader, you have to be sharp to win!)

Laws will be simple and few, making the task ‘more manageable’.

The central premise behind anarchy is ‘rules WITHOUT rulers’ (and not the ‘anything goes’ no rules happy horseshit the conservatives [who live in the land of ‘make believe’ in the first place] generally contend.)

Who makes the rules? Those who must live under them! (And not just a handful who most often exempt themselves from prosecution in the first place.)

Which is to point out that the law would be a very different animal if EVERYBODY had to obey it.

And that’s the way it ‘should be’, isn’t it?

But we (naturally) digress.

The topic du juor is the aftermath of the ‘Reagan Revolution’ also known as ‘Morning in America’.

The article isn’t clear on who is being quoted here but they make a fair point:

Anyways, here is my take on things after being a long-time trickle down economics person. Awhile back, I came across tax data that showed while Reagan cut A LOT of taxes, he was also forced by threats of veto to also sign into law A LOT of tax increases.

These tax increase were by and large closing of loopholes and tax exemptions, which mainly affected richer tax filers. So much so in fact, that people in the higher tax brackets were paying more in taxes by the start of Reagan’s second term, than when Reagan was first elected.

After looking into this, I still haven’t figured out where history got distorted. However, it seems that what happened during the Reagan years to get things “jump-started” was taxing the rich more, and taxing the middle class less.

And that goes against EVERYTHING that “conservatives” say today.

Why the destruction of the nation’s customer base is suddenly ‘big news’ is mystifying to us older folks but if we keep in mind the younger generation doesn’t know any better the reason behind the current ‘shock and awe’ becomes clear.

Hell, there are adults who BELIEVE Clinton is responsible for globalization.

Why do adults believe this? Because they were too young to remember who first proposed the idea, the original (but by no means the first) corporate sock puppet, St. Ronnie Reagan!

Don’t anybody get the wrong idea about Slick Willy, he is a dyed in the wool conservative from the get go who was very adept at ‘playing the game’. (Unlike the current sock puppet.)

The appearance of bipartisanship is exactly that, appearance.

Just as voting provides the ‘illusion of participation’.

Well Bubba, we have to sweep aside these ‘delusions’ if we are to have any hope of restoring decency and justice to our civilization.

We have to have a framework that supports the ‘rule of the people’ (ALL of the people) if we are to avoid extinction by our own hand.

I have often invited (specific) critiques of A Simple Plan and have yet to receive a single specific quibble much less a problem.

The plan is bullet proof, that’s why nobody can come up with a more specific objection than ‘I don’t like it’ (mostly because you CAN’T get ‘rich’)

Naturally, rich is relative. Under A Simple Plan we would ALL be RICH (but we’d still have to work for a few hours a week.)

Are you all so hopelessly brainwashed?

I don’t think so.

Thanks for letting me inside your heads,


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