Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kick in the head...

Greetings good citizen,

It is difficult to remember (and THEY sure as hell aren’t going to remind you) that once upon a time there was an ‘alternative’ to ‘working for the man’.

Understand, especially when you see articles like this one that they continue to ‘pretend’ you have a choice.

You do not, they have seen to that.

Unemployed workers have long suspected that the gaping holes on their résumés left them less attractive to employers. But with the country in the worst jobs crisis since the Great Depression, many had hoped employers would be more forgiving.

“I feel like I am being shunned by our entire society,” said Kelly Wiedemer, 45, an information technology operations analyst who said a recruiter had told her that despite her skill set she would be a “hard sell” because she had been out of work for more than six months.

Legal experts say that the practice probably does not violate discrimination laws because unemployment is not a protected status, like age or race. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently held a hearing, though, on whether discriminating against the jobless might be illegal because it disproportionately hurts older people and blacks.

Like the last two ‘economic downturns’ the US economy ‘shrank’ while the labor force grew. We are rapidly approaching the point where we have as many workers counted as ‘not in the workforce’ as those who are.

Before this latest, er, ‘downturn’ we were already very close to ‘equal’ (if we backed out the taxpayer supported public sector and the military.)

Did I mention ‘mismanagement’?

Couple that with ‘creative accounting’ you get a real pickle!

Sort of redefines ‘extend and pretend’.

While many corporate media articles point to the high employability of the over fifty crowd, most of us are experiencing exactly the opposite…we’ve come to call our condition ‘over fifty disease’ (which is, unfortunately, terminal) [pun intended.]

What better way to save on pension funds than to throw people who are in their prime contributing years out of the workforce?

While you are expected to believe this is a ‘coincidence’, it is not.

Sure, you’ll still draw a pension but it will be a fraction of what you would have gotten if you hadn’t been forced out due to the, er, ‘lousy economy’.

And whose fault is the lousy economy?

Did I mention ‘mismanagement’?

Which brings us full circle to the mystery of why the officers of EVERY US based multinational aren’t swinging from the flagpoles in front of their corporate headquarters?

Understand that ‘legal’ shares the same criterion, as ‘sane’ with whatever the ‘majority’ thinks is right being the determining factor.

How sad is it for the rest of us that a rather ‘warped’ minority currently gets to decide this critical social factor?

Which is to say, in truth, there isn’t a jury in the land that would convict you for meting out justice in such a manner. (As long as one of THEIR judges didn’t interfere.)

Which bring us to the other ‘unspoken complaint’ of how the wealthy ‘won’ the class war by buying the government…but that was just a battle, we have not yet begun to fight!

But they know that…which makes what’s coming that much more frightening because SOMEBODY has done some serious underestimating…

Which is also neither here nor there as far as the larger picture is concerned.

What is of paramount importance is the, er, wiping out of this treasonous element from our midst.

Those who would throw our entire civilization under the bus (primarily) to extend THEIR rule do not deserve to survive!

Not that we will get them all, some will run and the others will be ‘assimilated’ when the mechanisms that gave them power are dismantled.

It is somewhat bizarre to call what is happening now an ‘opportunity’ but when they ‘make their move’ the Internet will shut down and nobody knows when service will be restored.

That’s why I posted A Simple Plan online, so you could read it NOW and tell others about the ‘third way’, one that puts ALL OF THE PEOPLE in charge because the law stands alone!

This is a feature I seldom address because few of you understand its importance. We lost our freedom once ‘interpretting the law’ became a commodity that licensed practioners made their living off of, if you could afford a good lawyer, you could ‘buy’ yourself some justice.

This is NOT how it is supposed to be, the laws belong to us ALL, just as they apply to us all.

There is no such thing as a ‘special understanding’ of the law, that is a lie that has been used by cheats everywhere to rob us of our freedom AND justice!

That is why under A Simple Plan NOBODY will be permitted to make their living by ‘interpreting the law’ just as NOBODY will have the title ‘judge’, nobody is worthy of it.

YOU ARE THE LAW good citizen, the LAW IS whatever we all agree to…and I think I speak for the majority that most of us didn’t agree to what we are currently cursed with, a land where justice is for sale to the highest bidder!

If we are to enjoy the rule of law, we must set it free from those who have taken control of it!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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