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Myopia (is often fatal.)

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As the old saying goes, when your only tool is a hammer, all of your problems start to look like nails…

The most common use of this analogy is related to diplomacy and the disturbing tendency of the, er, ‘leaders of the free world’ to invade any nation that disagrees with their, um, ‘judgement’.

But, if we were to look at our economic system we would find that we encounter the identical situation. One where everything succeeds or fails based on ‘profit’…(which is really fucked up because money itself is ‘funny’ in more ways than one!)

Sadly this leads us full circle to the ‘stupid’ argument and we don’t want to go there now do we?

Countering the ‘stupid’ argument is the ‘go along to get along’ method of coping with ‘enforced ignorance’.

You are stuck in the unfortunate position of being unable to question money because YOU don’t get to decide ‘terms of payment’…

The (dishonest and rigged) court has the final say on what is and what isn’t money.

Worse, you are now dancing in that disturbing realm of ‘normal’ being whatever the majority thinks it is…which says some mighty strange things about the war on drugs but this brings us back to the power to make decisions BY THEM for THE REST OF US.

What I’m trying to communicate here is how ‘right and wrong’ become irrelevant when the power to decide between the two rests in the hands of the corrupt and self-serving!

Just to make matters, er, ‘more interesting’ we have this report from Mr. Williams over at SGS:

No. 376: General Update
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June 30th, 2011

• Real Disposable Income on Track for Second-Quarter Contraction
• An Unlikely U.S. Default Would Hit Dollar and Accelerate Inflation
• New Action to Depress Officially Reported Inflation?

Is it me good citizen or are these bad boys getting more ‘terse’?

Hard to figure if he’s talking about a government shut down engineered by the corporatists as far as the US default is concerned or if something else is afoot. There are all manners of things jumping out of the woodshed as ‘extend and pretend’ starts to falter.

Like this next news item

Director of Australian Reserve Bank: Global Economic Train Wreck Coming
July 2nd, 2011

Via: Sydney Morning Herald:

THE global economy is facing ”a slow-motion train wreck” with Greece only the first nation to be hit, Reserve Bank director Warwick McKibbin has told a Melbourne conference.

Referring to the most recent global economic crisis as a mere ”blip”, he said the coming crisis could undo the mining boom and bring on inflation of the kind not seen since the 1970s.

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I believe the ‘Related’ item here links to the full story if you click through to the original article.

Back to the original thesis: it is well known that central to the ‘great recession’ is the failure of the justice system to, er, ‘correct the imbalances’ created by globalization.

Until this is done there is no hope for recovery

Not that those responsible for the global economic collapse will complain, things are working out just as they intended for them to!

How else do you explain something like this:

Recovery: Older Interns Signal Gloomy Labor Market
July 2nd, 2011

Via: Reuters:

Elizabeth Romanaux puts a brave face on working as an intern at the age of 55.

A media relations manager until she joined the millions of unemployed Americans two years ago, Romanaux spent the spring building contact lists and fetching lunches as she tried to keep alive her chances of resuming full employment.

“You have to suck it up sometimes and do what a 17-year-old would happily do and be happy about it,” she said of her recent stint with a public relations firm in New Jersey.

Once the domain of high school and college students, internships are more common among older Americans who are struggling to find jobs and keep their skills up to date in the worst labor market in decades.

The following is a comment posted by a cryptogon reader that addresses a very basic topic:

One Response to “Recovery: Older Interns Signal Gloomy Labor Market”

sapphire Says:
July 3rd, 2011 at 1:54 pm

Having read the whole article on the Reuters site I was struck by the comments people left. Basically the ruling class have pitted the older and younger generations against each other. Instead of the working class fighting amongst themselves for the pleasure of working for nothing they should be boycotting these so called internships. That would force the greedy companies to actually pay people for their labour instead taking advantage people’s desperation. Working for nothing devalues your labour. I know from experience. Employers think that because you worked for free your labour couldn’t be any good and they dismiss any volunteer or unpaid internships on your resume as nothing. If you don’t value your labour nobody else will. Even interns should be paid a least minimum wage for their menial labour. To do anything else is unethical.

On a ‘straight up’ basis, Mother Nature would reward you with death for doing ‘unproductive labor’…just as the cops would likely bust you for trespassing if you attempted to meet your basic needs with, er, ‘under-utilized resources’

You are effectively prevented from peaceably, er, ‘scrounging’ for your basic needs by vagrancy and zoning laws.

Juxtapose this with an employer’s ‘right’ to refuse you a paycheck and you are left with no recourse but to become a criminal.

How sad is it that our prisons are the most overcrowded in the world?

Which makes you wonder why they are putting the boots to the EU?

Naturally, the answer here is ‘divide and conquer’.

Once the EU collapses, the US will fall right behind…and without a customer base China will be very, er, ‘accommodating’ indeed!

Again, it is hard to tell which is more ironic, that we celebrate non-existent ‘independence’ or that we do nothing about blatant criminal activity?

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