Sunday, July 17, 2011

Whatcha gonna do about it?

Greetings good citizen,

Once again we see the prevailing attitude is, “Whatcha gonna do about it?” Which is right up there with, “Fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke!” for getting people’s hackles up.

Naturally, it is, after it is all said and done, up to you.

So good citizen, what ARE you gonna do about it?

I can tell you what NOT to do, don’t waste your time ‘protesting’. The time to ‘protest’ is long past.

And, if you haven’t figured this out for yourself yet, don’t waste your time voting…(go ahead and vote, just don’t expect anything to come of it.)

Contrary to the 'published results', there is no way in hell the Republican’s won a majority in the house in the mid-term elections, there is just no logical way, starting with the 1 in 5 argument!

The reason more than half of all voters are ‘independent’ is because the Democratic party was hijacked by corporate sellouts…

Which brings us to this debt ceiling bullshit

WASHINGTON — With talks on a big budget deal at a stalemate, Congressional leaders turned Friday to negotiating a fallback plan for raising the debt limit as President Obama and House Republicans intensified their efforts to win over public opinion for the long battle ahead.

Given the impasse, House Republicans scheduled a vote for Tuesday on a measure that would cut deeply into the federal budget, cap government spending for the years ahead and approve a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. The Democratic-controlled Senate may vote Wednesday on a balanced budget amendment.

While neither measure will become law, given Democrats’ opposition, Republicans are eager to show their conservative base that they are not retreating, and that they will press their case for vastly shrinking the government through the 2012 elections.

Understand that ‘conservative base’ are the one in five voters who self identify as Republicans.

If we are to believe what the corporate owned media tells us the majority of independent voters side with the ‘nuttier than squirrel shit’ Republicans.

In fairness, more than half of voting aged citizens ‘don’t’…vote that is. They have seen the writing on the wall and choose to use their time more poductively.

Just so we’re clear, we have, er, ‘one side’ telling us we can’t increase taxes and that we MUST reduce the deficit (caused by THEIR wars of choice/free trade policies.)

And we have their ‘opponents’, who are promising to shred the social safety net in exchange for tax increases!

What here doesn’t scream ‘corporate sell out’?

And the really bad news is numbnuts looks ‘on track’ to get re-elected!

If we have to live through four more years of this bullshit there is a high likelihood we will welcome the coming despot with deafening cheers and rose petals!

Um, as some commentators have pointed out, we are entering the fourth year since the meltdown of the mortgage market and we find ourselves on the verge of another collapse (because NOTHING was done about the first one!)

Worse, we all know WHY nothing is being done.

It is the uncontrovertble evidence that our government has been taken captive and needs to be ‘purged’…the only question remaining is whether WE will purge it (unlikely) or THEY will?

Since we aren’t making any moves to, er, ‘correct’ these ‘deficiencies’; the criminals aren’t in any hurry to announce investigtions (which will serve as the criminal’s cue to exit stage left!)

Yes, like the past four years we will be expected to believe that the trail has grown ‘too cold’ to follow and the deeds will go ‘unpunished’.

But, how fortunate for us that this sort of situation makes it the perfect time to prosecute those in charge of the justice system for turning a blind eye and sitting on their hands!

How ironic is it that those who are ‘summarily executed’ without a trial will cry about the ‘unfairness’ of their plight when it was they who created/ruled by precisely that premise (that ‘life is ‘unfair’)

Sort of a ‘reap what you sow’ situation…

Which leads us to our second offering for a look at the fruits borne by those who subscribe to the ‘life’s unfair’ doctrine:

No. 379: June CPI, Industrial Production
Subscription required
July 15th, 2011

• Economy Falters as Key Indicators Put in Worst Performances Since “End” of the Recession in June 2009
• Higher Energy Prices Create Broad Inflationary Pressures Across the Economy
• Despite Short-Lived Dip in Gasoline Prices June Annual Consumer Inflation Held at 32-Month High
• June’s Annual Inflation: 3.6% (CPI-U), 4.1% (CPI-W), 11.1% (SGS)
• Annual “Core” Inflation in a Steady Upside Move Since QE2

Without putting too fine a point on it good citizen the ‘economic dashboard’ is a solid wall of red lights!

The global economy is out of control and about to make a ‘hard landing’.

What you need to understand is that the same ‘incompetance’ behind the failure to prosecute the criminals responsible for this will also be invoked when the supply chain snaps into a million tiny pieces.

How tragic for the rest of us that the, er, ‘designers’ of capitalist society viewed the ‘fuck you, pay me’ system as a sort of ‘insurance’ against default.

You can hear them now saying, "I guess you had better make sure that nobody defaults!"

And now we are staring at defaults across the board!

Naturally, there is no way this is an ‘accident’.

Yet I find myself in the position of proclaiming that Humpty Dumpty was pushed!

It is perhaps fitting to point out that the collapse of our civilization proceeds, er, ‘unhindered’ and ‘as planned’.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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