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Greetings good citizen,

Are we all schizophrenic? It is a marvel that most of us aren’t considering constant barrage of bullshit we are expected to swallow without our heads exploding!

Have you asked yourself why all the drama over elevating the ‘debt ceiling’?

More interestingly, have you spent any time wondering precisely who is salivating over the prospect of cutting Social Security?

What I’m pointing at is the ‘fabricated’ nature of US political debate. Way back when there were genuine dickheads who would come up with this ‘off the wall’ bullshit just to stymie progress.

Some of them even did it not to advance their own ends but simply because they could.

This is the downside of politics…people who aren’t there to ‘do the job’, they just want to exercise ‘power’.

How unfortunate is it that these people don’t give a shit about the consequences of their actions (to them it’s all ‘funny’ and if they piss somebody off in the process, so much the better!)

Well good citizen, this ‘shock doctrine’ stuff is all out in the open now so you’d THINK they wouldn’t pull such obvious ‘stunts’…but here they are.

Which is why I believe the (fabricated) credit crisis event will be used as a ‘springboard’ to launch USA 2.0 (with new and improved fascism!)

Although you have to give Sporky Dorky credit, he knows the value of anonymity! So instead of Das Furher we will get ‘the committee’ who will execute Sporky’s wishes on a topical basis, with each edict being issued from the appropriate ‘ministry’.

Too much for your tiny imagination to handle, good citizen? Then consider this, we are fighting three wars against a fictional enemy…how much more ‘fucked up’ does it get?

Well, be careful what you ask for because you just might get it!

Let us shift from phantom enemies to the rapidly crumbling phantom economy:

An extraordinary amount of personal income is coming directly from the government.

Close to $2 of every $10 that went into [EVERY] Americans’ wallets last year were payments like jobless benefits, food stamps, Social Security and disability, according to an analysis by Moody’s Analytics. In states hit hard by the downturn, like Arizona, Florida, Michigan and Ohio, residents derived even more of their income from the government.

By the end of this year, however, many of those dollars are going to disappear, with the expiration of extended benefits intended to help people cope with the lingering effects of the recession. Moody’s Analytics estimates $37 billion will be drained from the nation’s pocketbooks this year.

Economics 101 good citizen, you CAN’T live in an ECONOMIC DESERT! Naturally, there are some places in the economic desert where you can survive just fine BUT you will forfeit your ability to ‘participate’ in civil society.

The problem with living on the fringes of civilization is it tends to get overcrowded pretty quickly. Like a piece of paper there isn’t a lot of room along the margins.

Perhaps more frightening than the ‘debt ceiling’ issue is the fact that NOTHING has been done to address the ‘subsidized’ economy.

The subsidized economy PROVES capitalism doesn’t work but there haven’t been any steps made to, er, ‘transition away’ from (decidedly predatory) capitalism.

Oh, and just a little ‘I told you so’, the fact that we have gone three years on what amounts to an ‘air diet’ proves money is 100% ‘funny’.

As you might expect, it won’t be even a tiny bit amusing when they pull the rug out from under us.

Something they seem prepared to do any day now.

If you were shocked by Friday’s job report, if you thought we were doing well and were taken aback by the bad news, you haven’t been paying attention. The fact is, the United States economy has been stuck in a rut for a year and a half.

Yet a destructive passivity has overtaken our discourse. Turn on your TV and you’ll see some self-satisfied pundit declaring that nothing much can be done about the economy’s short-run problems (reminder: this “short run” is now in its fourth year), that we should focus on the long run instead.

This gets things exactly wrong. The truth is that creating jobs in a depressed economy is something government could and should be doing. Yes, there are huge political obstacles to action — notably, the fact that the House is controlled by a party that benefits from the economy’s weakness. But political gridlock should not be conflated with economic reality.

Our failure to create jobs is a choice, not a necessity — a choice rationalized by an ever-shifting set of excuses.

What Mr. Krugman points out is correct…this whole situation COULD BE turned around tomorrow, (with great political effect, I might add) but they, and you NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS…THEY CHOOSE NOT TO!

My conservative brother-in-law goes berserk whenever anyone invokes the ‘infamous they’. Failure to name names and provide ‘proof’ the monied interests are guilty as charged makes the whole issue a ‘fantasy’, the product of a disturbed mind.

Yet it is conservative philosophy that is chock full of utter bullshit!

I’ll spare you the enumeration, it’s easier to point out that if a conservative believes/espouses a particular belief that it has no basis in reality!

As demonstrated here by Jesse of the crossroads café fame!

Gold Drops Precipitously Just Prior to Obama's Press Conference on the Debt Ceiling

Gold soared this morning on a flight to safety from the European debt crisis.

Then suddenly it started dropping sharply around 10:50 NY time.

What could have happened?

Oh, the Bloomberg is reporting that Obama will be addressing the nation at 11:00 AM on the US debt ceiling situation.

It doesn't get much more obvious than this. At least my stock index shorts are paying off handsomely as this phony rally continues to pull back.

I suspect the major players will reach some agreement on the debt ceiling by July 22, and throw a portion of the American public under the bus, to everyone's relief that a horrible crisis has been averted.

Management of Perceptions is everything in the Potemkin economy.

You have to love the plain, unvarnished truth Jesse so regularly expounds!

What’s fucking me up is I copied this bad boy around 10:30 AM, so the timing is, er, ‘off’. Maybe he meant 9:50? (Although I had just checked commodity prices and Gold was UP $8.80…)

I just read what they publish in the NY Times; Jesse HAS a Bloomberg terminal!

I doubt his info is bad…and it wouldn’t be the first time the corporate owned media reported, er, ‘misleading’ data…

But in a world that runs on bullshit, you can never tell…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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