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Every once in a while I feel compelled to kick the ‘we can fix this’ crowd in the gonads but I usually have to wait for a a piece like this, which offers actual solutions so I can, er, ‘illustrate my point.’

First, we'll exempt the first $20,000 of income from payroll taxes for the next two years. This will put cash directly into American's pockets and boost consumer spending. We'll make up the revenue shortfall by applying Social Security taxes to incomes over $500,000.

Second, we'll recreate the WPA and Civilian Conservation Corps -- two of the most successful job innovations of the New Deal -- and put people back to work directly. The long-term unemployed will help rebuild our roads and bridges, ports and levees, and provide needed services in our schools and hospitals. Young people who can't find jobs will reclaim and improve our national parklands, restore urban parks and public spaces, recycle products and materials, and insulate public buildings and homes.

How many of you can see the problem with the first proposal? Aw, come on! I expected more than that to get it! If you’ve been paying attention then you’d know that every cent in increased income has been offset by two cents of increased prices! Where the hell did you think all of those billionaires were coming from?

(REMEMBER: lower prices you never saw and pay raises you never got are what make the rich, rich! YOU work for them, not the other way around.)

Put more money in the workers pockets and the chiselers will simply suck ‘em dry!

This is why I preach revolution, jiggering the current crooked arrangement only yields more theft!

We must sweep away the corrupt institutions of the past and replace them with more advanced, just offices.

The ‘equation’ for this is really quite simple, it all starts with equality because without equality there can be no justice and without justice there can be no peace…and without peace there can be no prosperity!

How fucking sad is it that I can take credit for composing this idea thousands of years after the ‘founders of civilization’ (and the civilizations they founded) have perished?

Had (and I’m kind of tempted to be insulting here) the ‘so-called’ original ‘great thinkers’ utilized the above formula, their civilization may still be standing today…but no!

The great thinkers ignored the basic elements of civilization and the civilizations they founded collapsed, quite quickly.

Just as our civilization is on the verge of collapse.

But hey, what do you know, I’m off the reservation (again!)

Is our current civilization founded upon the ideals expressed above? Of course not!

In fact there isn’t a single society (currently) on this planet that was founded on ANY of those ideals…(Although the Native Americans came close!)

Why do you suppose the default foundation for every new society is fundamental inequality, enforced by injustice?

What kind of promises do you think have been made to those who will come out in support of the coming despot?

Was a ‘piece of the spotlight’ enough to make most of these worthless idiots sell out the rest of us?

Or like these fools did they sell us out in hope of hanging on to what little they had?

[The link leads to a video, the text doesn’t explain the article well enough.]

One of the first rules of firearms is if you have a loaded gun and a little patience, you can get all of the guns you want (because people are stupid!)

Are YOU stupid enough to kick somebody’s door in then you deserve to get ‘gut shot’!

All you have to do is wait for Mr. Clueless to stick his head out the door (he/she is probably not paying attention to their surroundings so you’ll be able to pop ‘em no problem.

Except if you miss, then you’ve got a big problem!

Even the hopelessly stupid won’t stick their head out the door without looking twice!

Which is to remind you that having a gun solves nothing if you aren’t smart enough to use it wisely!

Same goes for a pile of gold…you don’t want to die for a pocketful of basically worthless yellow metal!

Doesn’t matter how many ‘dollars’ an ounce of gold is allegedly worth when the dollars themselves become worthless.

But no, too many can’t see beyond the ‘shiny!’

Which is (largely) why we are where we are.

Okay, I can’t help it…stupid is as stupid does!

Worse, its not like we’ve got a lock on the market for stupid! There’s plenty to go around…

So, to recap…Mr. Reich is correct, we need to take ‘positive action’ to turn things around for our civilization. He is incorrect in taking the ‘easy’ path of attempting to ‘fix’ what we already have. It is not ‘broken’; it works exactly as it was intended to work!

This is why it must be replaced! (And the miscreants who benefited from the old way with it!)

Um, I shouldn’t have to point out that A Simple Plan IS based on the tenants I spell out above, in case you were wondering.

With that said, let the wild rumpus begin!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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