Saturday, July 9, 2011

Belaboring the obvious

Greetings good citizen,

The markets tanked yesterday after the employment situation took a foreseeable ‘turn for the worse’.If you don’t STOP off-shoring you won’t have ANY jobs to worry about!

Which makes you think this is what our bought and paid for politicians must be thinking, once the unemployment rate is absolute, unemployment becomes a ‘non-factor’.

(When EVERYBODY is unemployed, the unemployment rate will [ironically] be ‘zero’.)

As I stated three years ago our civilization could not tolerate another ‘jobless’ recovery…yet the corporate owned media has handed us exactly that.

It is damning enough that nothing has been done to correct the causes of the ‘employment crisis’ (they are actually, actively making it worse!) But the media’s perpetual ‘blind eye’ to the truth of the situation renders them worthless as a social service.

(And they wonder why nobody reads the paper anymore!)

why pay to be lied to?

Naturally, you can only lie for so long until the truth makes itself known:

All levels of government shed workers, and hiring by companies continued to slow, resulting in a meager 18,000 new nonfarm payroll jobs last month, the Labor Department reported on Friday. The government also revised downward the small gain for the previous month to 25,000 new jobs, less than half the original estimate. [Be mindful that the most recent numbers are also only an 'estimate']

Although the government’s survey of employers showed a slight expansion in jobs, a separate survey of households found that more people were searching for work than in the previous month, causing the unemployment rate to rise to 9.2 percent from 9.1 percent in May.

Economists were stunned. They had been expecting job growth to strengthen in June as oil prices eased and supply disruptions caused by the Japanese tsunami and earthquake receded. Instead, the government’s monthly snapshot of the labor market showed that several industries, including construction, finance and temporary services, shrank. At the same time, leading indicators like wages and the length of the average workweek, which tend to grow before employers begin adding more jobs, actually contracted.

Um, not to be mean but aren’t economists perpetually ‘stunned’ by what we all recognize as ‘reality’?

Is it not apparent that economists are, once again, not looking at the correct factors?

Isn’t that how they ‘missed’ the ‘free house swindle’, by looking at the interest rates rather than the ability to pay?

But that’s besides the point, the focus of this article is on what ‘Dear Leader’ had to say on the subject through his current puppet president Obama:

In remarks in the Rose Garden at the White House on Friday, Mr. Obama went beyond counseling patience on the economy’s long return to health and urged Congress to extend the payroll tax cut passed last December. He also said that legislators should sign pending trade agreements and pass bills that would establish an infrastructure bank and reform the patent process, all measures that he said would help create jobs.

How does this ‘stump speech’ differ from what your typical Republican would offer?

Tax cuts and free trade agreements will only make matters WORSE!

How much worse, good citizen?

Collapse worse!

Continually ignored in conservative doctrine is the cycle of activity that supports civic funtion.

No taxes = no government (under monarchy/capitalism) the ‘rulers’ don’t make their own way, they take it from the ‘governed’ whether they like it or not.

Bizarrely, taxes are just a mechanism with which to repress the owners of commerce from becoming too powerful. (How unfortunate for the rest of us that St. Ronnie broke that particular ‘safeguard’?)

Which is to point out that governments have the, er, ‘authority’ to print all the money they want. The government doesn’t ‘need’ to tax YOU.

How frightening is it that we are currently, er, ‘surviving’ on the government’s ability to ‘whip up’ debt on demand? (Pure socialism.)

Without this mechanism we would be in a state of civil war right now! (And it would be that ugliest of all conflicts, the ‘haves’ vs. the ‘have nots’.)

The ‘Tea Partiers’ see this but they do not understand it. They are so locked into the ‘pay-go’ mindset that they can’t comprehend the consequences of their soon to be met demands to end this ‘wasteful spending’.

Capitalism is a bad idea on a whole range of levels.

The ‘fuck you, pay me’ mindset blinds people to the destructive consequences of these actions.

But if you want to live in a war zone, then by all means…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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