Thursday, July 28, 2011

Default, naturally!

Greetings good citizen,

I apologize for both today’s tardiness and yesterdays’ missed edition. My ‘puter has been acting up and you can’t compose on a machine that won’t stay powered up.

Which is to note that despite ‘good intentions’ I might still not post today!

Not that my message is seriously different from my last post…it is still looking like a default is eminent.

That said, apparently the dominoes this will set in motion will ravage our society in much the same manner the Eurozone is being decimated.

I have often warned that one of the chief dangers facing ‘mankind’ was the value of money falling into doubt.

The prohibitions against counterfeiting were strong for good reason, now ‘creative accounting’ has done nothing more than to create a new way to counterfeit!

Money is money, derivatives are NOT!

But they had to run with it because there was no other way to ‘cycle’ money fast enough to keep up with the ‘interest payments’.

But you’re not supposed to understand this…as far as you’re concerned, everything is just peachy!

Those rumors about capitalism being broken are just that, vicious lies!

Only they’re not…capitalism is toast!

And yeah, for that I rejoice!

Even though it is more likely the social clock will turn backwards instead of forwards (at least initially) New won’t happen until Old dries up and blows away.

Of course, the thing you need to understand is we DON’T have a ‘money’ problem, what we have is a LEGAL problem!

With the hope of picking up more votes, Mr. Boehner revised his deficit-reduction plan to achieve additional savings of $65 billion over 10 years. The Congressional Budget Office said the revised proposal would save $915 billion over 10 years, up from an estimate of $850 billion in savings from the original plan.

The revisions involved technical changes in annual limits on spending in 2012 and 2013, but they produced substantial additional savings.

In a meeting with House Republicans on Wednesday morning, Mr. Boehner and the majority leader, Representative Eric Cantor, scolded members for allowing Democrats to unify in protest against them. “This is the bill,” Mr. Boehner said, according to those who attended the meeting, who said he advised them to “get your ass in line.”

Who do you suppose Mr. Boehner was telling to get in line? Does he think his corporate media elected compatriots are ‘unaware’ of how they’re supposed to vote, even if it destroys any chance of their ever being re-elected?

No non-politician wants to see the US default on its debt (and technically it can’t.)

The Kabuki dance playing out before us is a ‘demonstration’ that our democracy is broken. That we are ‘incapable’ of governing ourselves (Not that we’ve ever been in any danger of actually deciding anything!)

From the founding of this nation the only thing we’ve been permitted to decide (and then only occasionally) was who would make decisions in our name without ever consulting us.

The charade is wearing thin good citizen. The people are tired of being lied to (and the liars know it)

So the liars are going to take matters ‘in hand’ before they suffer the consequences of their actions.

How successful this gambit will be remains to be seen…

For this offering and this one tell of the woe that lies in store for the ‘common man’.

Make no mistake about it good citizen, the ‘average American’ KNOWS they have been sold down the river, the lunatic fringe cheering from the sidelines, feeding their irrational fears.

Is the ‘average American’ afraid?

They most certainly are. They see how ‘wrong’ things are going and nowhere in the national dialog is the voice of reason.

You could pull just about anybody off of the streets and with a minimum of coaxing they would tell you precisely what was wrong with how this country was being run and precisely how to fix it!

I’d probably have to add the qualifier that the only ones who ‘know’ where this country went wrong are over 50, the rest don’t know any different!

Which is to point out they know something is wrong but they can’t put their finger on what…they can’t recognize what changed…but us old coots. We know!

Why there are no jobs and why you can’t buy anything ‘Made in the USA…you’d think you wouldn’t need to draw young folks a picture but they don’t remember when EVERYTHING was MADE HERE!

How sad is it that the number 2 and number 3 economies in the world earned their status by selling CARS into the US market?


The REAL scary thing is both the US market and the Eurozone are both in serious decline.

And ‘Peak Energy’ is almost on top of us…

Now, our ‘elected pinheads’ are doing absolutely NOTHING about the alternative energy situation while the number of unemployed pretty much equals the number of employed (including part timers and the taxpayer supported ‘public sector’.)

If you consider for even a moment the way the powerful have screwed over the rest of this country, Ted Nugent’s admonition of ‘Eat the Rich’ starts to sound like real wisdom!

Although I do not advocate cannibalism, Hanging ‘em works just fine for me!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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