Sunday, July 31, 2011

Red Herring

Greetings good citizen,

It seems I was mistaken to think the debt ceiling wasn’t important enough to keep congressional staffers chained to their desks, monitoring ‘public opinion’…

And naturally there is another ‘compromise’ in the works.

Does anyone think that Wall Street DOESN’T want the nation to default?

The media wants you to think that but this is a ‘Red Herring’. Wall Street is really interested in avoiding prosecution for the mess they’ve made of the global economy…(which, as I have frequently pointed out, doesn’t exist!)

You want a Kabuki Dance? Check this out:

Bankers have deluged Congressional staff members with research reports outlining the bleak consequences of a default, or even a downgrade of United States government debt by the major rating agencies. And in corporate America’s version of grassroots mobilization, Allstate e-mailed 45,000 employees urging them to call their local members of Congress and demand a deal.

Hedge fund managers, normally among Wall Street’s most secretive tribes, have been stepping out of the shadows, too.

Marc Lasry, a major Democratic fundraiser who manages the $14 billion Avenue Capital hedge fund, said he spoke to half a dozen members of Congress from both parties on Thursday and Friday with blunt warnings that failure to compromise on the debt ceiling risked permanently damaging the nation’s financial standing.

What’s the ‘best case’ scenario here? That Washington crashes and burns! (While Wall Street melts back into the slimy shadows it sprang out of.)

“Every time Wall Street raises its head, there are a lot of people ready to chop it off,” said one senior banking industry official.

But as the deadline approached, anxiety began to take hold. A turning point came on July 11, when top officials from some of Wall Street’s most powerful lobbying groups filed into an ornate conference room opposite Mr. Geithner’s office on the third floor of the Treasury Building to make their case about the danger of inaction.

Just imagine, good citizen, if this were true.

These are MAJOR campaign contributors here, if they REALLY wanted to avoid default (like such a feat were possible in a finite world) the political ‘lapdogs’ would be doing whatever it took to make their master’s wishes a reality.

How sad is it good citizen that there is NO POSSIBLE ‘fix’for our shattered economy that doesn’t involve a complete ‘reshuffle’ and reboot of the entire economic system!

Which is precisely what will happen once the laws protecting the old economic order are swept away.

Sure, many of the ‘old players’ will come out of the reshuffle just fine…but some won’t.

Who’s your Daddy? (Same as it ever was!)

Then we have this bullshit, which pretends there is still such a thing as a Democrat

The same is true today. In our recent Web survey of 2,000 respondents, voters respond strongly to Democratic messages on the economy only when a party leader declares, “We have to start by changing Washington. ... The middle class won’t catch a break until we confront the power of money and the lobbyists.”

Why is that?

You do not have to look very far. If there is an article of faith among contemporary center-left leaders, it is that investment in education will pay dividends with increased productivity and increased income. And yet the evidence is piling up that the economy is not working for the middle class. Productivity and education increase but wages do not follow.

When presented with vivid descriptions of income inequality in America, people are deflated, rather than empowered to bring change. In surveys, they tell me that they think the politicians and the chief executives are “piggybacking off each other.” They think that the game is rigged and that the wealthy and big industries get policies that reinforce their advantage. And they do not think their voices matter.

Isn’t this the same question I asked a few posts back…actually I don’t recall putting it in the form of a question, it was more of a statement.

And the statement made the point of the total absence of sanity in today’s political dialog…no ‘question’ about it.

As we recently witnessed in Wisconsin, the 'scam artists' ran 'true believers' in the recall elections.

What we don't know is how deep this corruption has spread over the past thirty years?

Is there still such a thing as a Democrat?

I seriously doubt any true supporter of the public interest would pass the 'party machinery sniff test' so necessary to receiving the 'party endorsement'.

Which brings us full circle to what I consider the ‘crux’ of our current problem…the corporate owned media.

Without ‘reliable sources and objective reporting’ you wind up with the media circus we have today…with parts of the media pointing the finger at other parts with zero effect.

Our new motto has become ‘Trust No One’.

It is more than a little incredible that since Republicans are responsible for this toxic environment we find ourselves in that voting for more Republicans (according to guess who) is the answer to this conundrum?

It becomes even more ‘mysterious’ when the 1 in 5 factor is taken into consideration.

Can you say ‘puppet government?’

Which is really neither here nor there, what DOES matter is what are you willing to DO about it?

Because this circus won’t end until ‘the Rubes’ stop paying attention…

The mission at hand good citizen is to restore justice and the ‘rule of law’ over the recent incarnation of ‘the rule of man’.

It doesn’t start at the point of a gun but with the tip of a pen.

Are you game?

Because you’re ‘playing’ whether you want to or not!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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