Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

Greetings good citizen,

Happy Independence Day (to my US readers.) Seems ‘independence day’ is a hit or miss sort of holiday. Some places celebrate it and others don’t.

Which is to point out that in most places the celebration merely provides lip service to ideals it supposedly embodies. How those, struggling under the yoke of tyranny, can ‘celebrate’ their ‘un-freedom’ is a cruel joke.

Hell, we all enjoy the day off (and even a few of us still get it off paid!)

How sad is it that most of us don’t; not anymore?

Yet the ‘corporate shills’ still insist that adding to thirty years of corporate giveaways will turn the economy around!

On the face of it, this seems bizarre. Over the last two years profits have soared while unemployment has remained disastrously high. Why should anyone believe that handing even more money to corporations, no strings attached, would lead to faster job creation?

Nonetheless, trickle-down is clearly on the ascendant — and even some Democrats are buying into it. What am I talking about? Consider first the arguments Republicans are using to defend outrageous tax loopholes. How can people simultaneously demand savage cuts in Medicare and Medicaid and defend special tax breaks favoring hedge fund managers and owners of corporate jets? [It is becoming increasingly apparent that the R or the D after a politician’s name is meaningless.]

Well, here’s what a spokesman for Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, told Greg Sargent of The Washington Post: “You can’t help the wage earner by taxing the wage payer offering a job.” He went on to imply, disingenuously, that the tax breaks at issue mainly help small businesses (they’re actually mainly for big corporations.) But the basic argument was that anything that leaves more money in the hands of corporations will mean more jobs. That is, it’s pure trickle-down.

And for those of you too young to remember, the original champion of ‘Supply Side’ economics was that economic ignoramus himself, Ronald Reagan!

And guess what good citizen, there isn’t a business out there that has one more employee than absolutely necessary, so ALL of that ‘extra cash’ goes directly into the employer’s vault…to be distributed as a ‘bonus’ to Senior management.

I’ve already said my two cents on the subject, that every multinational corporation should have their charters revoked and every one that claims the US as it’s ‘home base’, their executive board should all be hung for treason!

Seems I’m not the only one ragging on St. Ronnie this July 4th. Just because Dimitri lives on ‘the other side of the pond’ it doesn’t make his observations any less valid:

Once the Federal Government regulated the banks and finance houses who depended on it for security, status and directions in policy. Then “The Gipper” let them off the leash. He had already come to depend on the industrial and military complex that President Eisenhower had feared.

The Bush family ran with them and the Clinton’s bought the banks and funds idea that the way to equality and diversity was lending large scale in property and consumer goods to the poor who were never going to be able to pay off the debts and therefore provided a major income stream of interest, charges and penalties to the finance houses who lent the money and backed the Clinton’s, the Bush family and later Obama.

This gets more and more complicated but the upshot is now the banks and finance houses provide personal financial security to the Senators and Congressmen who take their advice about policy, decisions and the rest from them.

Thus should Washington be totally ‘dismantled’ and replaced with an interim council that will oversee the competitions for leadership upon which division society is based.

The quicker this transition is made, the quicker the economy will ‘recover’.

Why do I make such a baseless claim?

Simple, because the ‘focus’ of the current system has been the prosperity of the owners. Under A Simple Plan the focus shifts to the prosperity of our entire society!

You will be astonished how well we all can live once we put an end to senseless greed!

And the ‘paychecks all around’ system does precisely that!

Try and play the ‘win the difference’ card and you’ll ‘win’ a one way trip to a hot and sandy hell or a frozen one…but you don’t get to pick!

It is a myth (perpetuated by the greedy few) that ‘we all aspire to great wealth’. The fact remains that the greedy few have more than they can possibly spend…so what fucking ‘good’ does it do them?

Short answer: none!

BUT the mother fuckers DON’T WANT YOU TO HAVE IT!

Just a little something to ponder as you chow down of fried chicken and watermelon!

Have a pleasant (as you can manage) fourth!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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