Saturday, July 2, 2011

Eyepopping...or not?

Eye popping…or fraud? You decide.

Um, the weekend edition of the business page displays the market’s performance for the week…and in keeping with the ‘bad press’ aspects of market reporting it seems nobody thought it was significant enough to mention that the Dow Jones gained 648 points this week.

Oh how far we’ve come from the days when the Dow really was a collection of industrial stocks and total market valuation was 350 points.

Yes good citizen, between 1929 and 1932 the Dow went from 350 points to 49 and now a move of twice that ‘value’ in a single week doesn’t even warrant notice from the decidedly fucked up media?

Which leaves us with the original mystery, good citizen, of just what the markets ‘tell’ us?

Ironically, the answer is simple. The answer is we are being ripped off, big time!

What do the ‘truly wealthy’ have in common? They are all major stockholders…which is to say the bulk of their wealth consists of or resides in stocks.

Why is this good citizen? Haven’t you noticed that as money sinks, stocks rise? Considering the speed stocks have rebounded (without a corresponding increase in economic activity) money has been on the express elevator going down!

How else do you account for a 650 point rise in the Dow over a single week?

You’re supposed to brush it off as being the result of the ‘successful conclusion’ of yet another Greek bailout…

Which leads us to wonder how many times they will have to be bailed out before it sticks?

Supposing we admit it and say the stock market is a rip off, then what?

Same old, same old, eh…nothing.

There ain’t a friggin’ thing we can do about it except file it away as one more outrage committed by those we ‘trust’ to uphold the law.

If we were to direct our anger at anyone that anger belongs to those who wear badges…more specifically with the people who give those badges orders…(but the badge weilders SHOULD know better.)

Sort of amazing, isn’t it? When we see just how little accountability there is for people that hold positions of public trust.

And again I’ll remind you that this is not, by any stretch of the imagination, ‘an accident’. It is not an accident anymore than the stock market is a reflection of economic health!

We are being systematically ripped off and we’ve been getting ripped off for a very long time.

How long you ask?

The swindle starts right around the same time the Constitution was being drafted. A rudimentary stock market already existed centered on the shipping industry. How that ‘share the risk’ concept blossomed into and all encompassing swindle would take some explaining by someone more versed in the ins and out of the system.

It really is a ‘con job’ from the get go so ‘making sense’ of it is in itself, ‘counterintuitive’. It’s not supposed to make sense; that’s how the rich stay rich!

Under the category of ‘this doesn’t bode well’ I just has a serious miscommunication with my spouse, making me wonder how much of my point is going to get across to the average reader.

Some of this is pretty involved and even I get confused by certain things…which is not to say I’m ‘wrong’ about the stock markets being a huge rip off.

If we were to slam the doors shut on the NYSE tomorrow the world wouldn’t stop, hell, it wouldn’t even slow down because all money is funny!

The ‘bankruptcy’ of the EU is comical because it is impossible for the EU to go ‘bankrupt’…it may not be able to pay everybody who demands payment but most of those claims are illegitimate anyway!

The bailouts are merely an attempt to pay people interest on money they stole in the first place!

Is capitalism broken? You bet your sweet ass it is!

Why are these idiots fucking around with uncollectable debts? Because there isn’t an ‘alternative to capitalism’ that will allow them to keep skating and scamming!

Door number one has fascism behind it and door number two has some kind of communist hybrid lurking in there…door number three lies right here with ‘direct democracy’ (better known as ‘Anarchy’) behind it.

Fascists are fond of equating Anarchy with chaos because they don’t believe that we, as a species, are capable of ‘self-rule’.

How ironic is it that they believe they are the only ones fit to rule.

How do they explain the failure of the current regime?

The current regime weren’t ‘genuine’ believers who dropped the ball when they were implementing global economics…

But we know that isn’t true!

Economics 101 tells us unequivocally that all economies are local and the only way to globalize is through a universal monetary union that is impervious to manipulation!

Like the monetary system outlined in A Simple Plan.

When I point out that ASP is ‘holistic’ I mean it both ways. Not only does it work in all aspects of life but it works best when implemented worldwide!

Because, at the end of the day we really are all in this together!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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