Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nature abhors a vacuum...

Greetings good citizen,

Apparently the debt ceiling issue isn’t urgent enough to warrant working through the weekend to, er, solve the impasse.

BUT, and this is something that has been pointed out many times by many people, the economy is so out of balance it will ‘crash’ regardless of what they do…which appears to be nothing.

I think I belabor the obvious when I point out that the ‘infamous they’ WANT the global economy to crash!

The only way they are going to re-establish monarchy (with them as the new monarchs) is to, er, ‘prove’ democracy doesn’t work.

And the ‘limited democracy’ we have been cursed with was extremely simple to ‘disable’ (in case the time would come that monarchy needed to be re-established. I suspect that was one of the conditions placed upon the founders, half of which wanted a Monarchy!

As I pointed out in yesterday’s post, woe unto us if they succeed in saddling us with ‘absolute power’.

Remember they have two objectives to meet by doing this, the primary one will be to eliminate as many, er, ‘surplus workers’ as possible, (a feat they will accomplish through ‘perpetual war’) and the secondary will be to prevent being prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

YOU don’t get to question much less put the ‘absolute ruler’ on trial…

Some of you might find these, er, ‘outlandish plots’ bordering on the incredible but how else would you interpret facts like this?

It appears that not all members of the financial establishment are uncomfortable with the truth.

In "Terry Smith Says the World Is Living in a Fantasy," FT Alphaville highlights 10 bleak -- and unusually blunt -- comments on the European sovereign debt crisis, the financial system, and our future economic prospects by the British CEO of Tullett Prebon, one of the world‟s largest inter-dealer brokers, taken from a BBC radio interview. Here are three of them:

We are all going to be very significantly poorer than we thought we were over the last 20 years, because we just simply won’t have the same standard of living.

From the government’s point of view, they should have fessed up at the outset, treated people as adults and told people the truth — that we are going to see a major shrinkage of the public sector and an awful lot of things are going to be worse than we thought they would be, including our pension entitlements.

There’s only one thing worse than living in fear, and that’s living in fantasy like we are now.

Um, I have stated repeatedly that the entire set of circumstances, from the ‘war on terror’ to the ‘financial crisis’ is a hoax, a scam intended to, er, ‘right-size’ the global population in light of the coming resource scarcity.

It is curious that they have even bothered with the ‘appearance of propriety’ but that might have triggered a counter-revolt when they weren’t ready.

And that’s the tightrope we walk today.

They’re preparing for the ‘adverse reaction’ that will be inevitable when they shut down the government.

Which is to point out if any of you think this debt ceiling issue will be over quickly, you had best think again!

Speaking of scams and hoaxes

And the revisions to the worst quarters of the "Great Recession" were even more depressing, with 4Q-2008 pushed down an additional 2.12% to an annualized "growth" rate of -8.90%. The first quarter of 2009 was similarly downgraded, dropping another 1.78% to a devilishly low -6.66% "growth" rate. And the cumulative decline from 4Q-2007 "peak" to 2Q-2009 "trough" in real GDP was revised downward nearly 50 basis points to -5.14%, now officially over halfway to the technical definition of a full fledged depression.

One of the consequences of the above revisions to history is that the BEA headline "Advance" estimate of second quarter GDP annualized growth rate (1.29%) is magically some 0.93% higher than the freshly re-minted growth rate for the first quarter. From a headline perspective, that makes for a far better report than the 0.63% drop from the previously published 1Q-2011 number -- since otherwise the new 2Q-2011 numbers would be showing an ongoing weakening of the economy.

Unfortunately, meaningful quarter-to-quarter comparisons are nearly impossible in light of the moving target provided by the revisions.

We all know the ‘Puppet Government’ is and continues to be full of it when it comes to ‘economic recovery’.

What you will soon be faced with, good citizen, is the fight of your life, for your life.

The bad news, for most of us, is our race is already run. We are actually fighting for our kid’s future!

We either teach them to play nice and share or what survives won’t be worth saving…

Worse, it will be incapable of saving itself.

Just something else to think about when the days begin to stretch into weeks.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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