Saturday, September 24, 2011

Who are these people?

Greetings good citizen,

The ‘new kids in town‘, (wearing the shoes of the now defunct Democrats) are a weird bunch.

It’s no secret that the feckless Libertarians hijacked what used to be the Republican Party, but who are these idiots ‘masquerading’ as ‘liberals’ that call themselves progressives?

No irony should be lost on the fact that the last political, er, 'movement' to call itself ‘progressive’ was the Nazis…

Take a look at this disturbing contradiction and ask yourself if we aren’t dealing with two sides of the same sociopathic coin?

Long won in a landslide and now represents Joplin, Mo., where he fired up a Tea Party crowd in April pretending to auction off the national debt.

Five weeks later, Long was back in Joplin, this time in the dark and rain, surveying the aftermath of an apocalyptic tornado. And this time, the federal government was his friend.
"FEMA called as soon as I got there and said, 'Congressman Long, we're on the way.

We'll have boots on the ground in an hour or two,' " he says. "And I said, 'No you won't; they're already here.' "

What followed, Long says, has been a superb relief effort. (This, from a don’t tread on [or tax] me Tea Party conservative!)

"The president came in, he was great. [Homeland Security Secretary] Janet Napolitano came in, she's been great," he says. "[House Minority] Leader Pelosi came up to me on the floor, hugged me and said, 'Billy, anything the people of Joplin need they'll have.' "

And that's just what they've gotten: FEMA has spent close to $100 million on the cleanup, and an additional $19 million plus on rent and home repairs. Napolitano was back in Joplin on Thursday, praising Joplin's "can-do attitude" and Long.

Is this a simple case of schizophrenia or are we witnessing how members of the same team interact?

BY their deeds shall they be known. A quick examination of what the Obama administration has (failed) to accomplish puts their goals on an identical path with the hijackers of the Republican Party.

While I routinely report that the destruction of our civilization is proceeding perhaps a bit too smoothly, I have been remiss in failing to point out the glaring omission, that which is conspicuous by its absence…


True, it’s difficult to work up much sympathy for a cruel, exploitative system that has put us all behind the eight-ball but we are indeed throwing out the baby with the rancid bathwater!

Being a ‘concern troll’ is not by any stretch of the imagination equal being compassionate. It has a lot more to do with perception management than it does free will or the free exchange of ideas.

And if something is missing from this picture it is precisely that, there is no middle ground, something proven repeatedly by the now famous ‘triangulators’!

There idea of the middle is everybody else’s far right field!

It is like being sucked in by the reasonable sounding phrase “I’m socially liberal but I’m a fiscal conservative…”

Neither ‘label’ is particularly well-defined; hell a Nazi could claim to be both and you’d have a hard time disagreeing with them.

And Bubba, there ain’t a nickel’s worth of difference between a Libertarian and a Nazi.

I do not share this observation to be ‘contrary’ despite long being of the opinion that there is today no ’real’ difference between the two political parties.

Nor do I say this because political parties would be outlawed under A Simple Plan…we’re either all in this together or we’re not…and if you’re not part of Team Humanity, first and foremost, you’re ‘on your own’…literally.

Election cycle after election cycle we cast our ballots hoping to see at least some small change but we only witness changes for the worse.

And now they’re telling us not to get our hopes up, you’re either one of the ‘fortunate few’ or you’re out of luck…and soon to be out of options as well.

Well good citizen, soon you’re going to be forced to ‘pick a side’…

Choose wisely, which is to point out that the current two, er, ‘entities’ that supposedly represent the two main political parties are NOT the, er, ‘opposing forces’ of the past.

Perhaps more disturbing is the fact that we are entering yet another presidential election cycle and the largest segment of our society is still M.I.A. from the rhetoric of either side…and you have to wonder about that!

Once again we hear 'middle class this and middle class that' when the vast majority of us are WORKING CLASS! We weren’t all raised by school teachers and DPW workers!

The undiscussed difference between ‘working class and ‘middle class’ is members of the middle class make their living from their college degrees…working class people learned what they do the only way they could, on the damn job!

Ever wonder why the very root of all of our troubles remains outside the public forum? Your average ‘middle class’ employee was unaffected by globalization until recently…

By supporting the progressive movement you are asking for ‘more of the same’…

Is THAT what YOU want?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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