Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Irrational Exuberance

Greetings good citizen,

Once I frequently ran articles that showcased the stock markets performance…then it became obvious that there was no underlying ‘economic reality’ to the market’s performance.

Take today for example, the markets are up almost 200 points while gold fell $50 an ounce and oil rose to almost $90 a barrel. Yesterday the whole tableau was reversed, stocks dropped, oil fell while gold climbed.

What is today’s inexplicable rise in equity prices based on? Read and learn:

HSBC hammered home the point on Wednesday that global economic fundamentals were significantly weaker now than before.

The bank’s team of economists lowered their growth forecasts for this year and next, with particularly marked revisions for the developed world. They forecast that developed economies would expand just 1.3 percent this year, down from a previous projection of 1.8 percent. Growth in emerging economies is likely to hit 6.2 percent, rather than 6.3 percent, they said.

“The developed world has succumbed to economic permafrost,” the team, headed by the global economist Stephen King, wrote in its report. “The message is simple: despite massive policy stimulus, healthy economic recovery is now but a distant dream.”

But the German court ruling was bringing momentary relief to financial markets, said Carsten Brzeski, an analyst at ING in Brussels, “as a total chaos scenario has been avoided.”

But he warned against “euphoria” at the development. “A bigger say for the German Parliament in future bailouts could easily find copycats in other euro-zone countries, undermining the clout of the beefed-up” European bailout fund, he said.

“I wouldn’t overplay the German decision,” said Andrew Milligan, head of global strategy at Standard Life Investments in Edinburgh.

There was some relief in the markets because the announcement “removed one hurdle to an overhaul of the European problem,” he said, “but it is still extremely uncertain how the overall situation will play out.”

He added that it was unlikely that bonds of the noncore euro-zone members would pick up much momentum from the court decision.

“You might still want to hold German bonds,” he said, “but do you really want to hold other European bonds?”

Um, if you ask me the ‘investor crowd’ has always been a little mushy around the edges and wrapped none too tight. These people do shit for the weirdest reasons like diving in after the market ‘sells off’ snapping up so called ‘bargains’.

I seriously wonder if these same 'head cases' will go on a buying spree when they learn the markets are being closed (permanently?)

Actually, I suspect they will…one last ‘rush’ because money will ‘disappear’ along with stocks…and that isn’t confined to A Simple Plan, ‘money’ as we have come to know it is ‘toast’ and will be ‘obliterated’ in all its forms save one, the exceptionally rare metallic form.

The seeds for the return of a ‘gold standard’ are already germinating, too bad the fools behind it are TOO STUPID to understand that THEY WON’T control the price regardless of how much they think they own!

Once again good citizen I must re-direct your attention to the only ‘logical’ goal of this exercise and that is to ‘kill off’ as much of the ‘surplus population’ as possible, with money determining who is and isn’t ‘surplus’.

Now hold that up against the fact that ALL MONEY is ‘funny’…

Without an effective government, all money is worthless!

Put that in your Tea Party/Libertarian/Free Trade tri-corner hat and chew on it!

Which brings us full circle to something I have repeatedly stated since the beginning, NONE OF THIS IS NECESSARY! We could make it all STOP tomorrow!

But those who would name themselves as Kings won’t have it.

Which is to state if anyone thinks there will be a ‘void’ left when our current government collapses, think again!

At the end of the day good citizen it is a small circle of selfish jerks behind this with a larger group of ‘go along to get along’ morons backing them up.

History will reveal this to be one of the greatest blunders ever committed/perpetrated upon humanity.

IF we find our backbone in time…

But ‘reckoning’ will come regardless, eventually.

It took 5,000 years to extract religion from government, I suspect these fools will not take nearly as long to expose and bring to justice.

In fact, I predict the (social) backlash will give them whiplash!

Yes, I put a lot of faith in my fellow man…because that’s where it all starts, having faith in one another to do the right thing!

What most of us recognize as ‘evil’ has a firm grip on the reins of power right now, it won’t be until people we can trust seize those reins and place them beyond the reach of any individual that we can begin to restore civilization on a sustainable path into the future.

A path that belongs not to the self-interested but to all of us!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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