Saturday, September 17, 2011

Let's talk about DEATH...

Greetings good citizen,

In an effort to divert attention from their bloodthirsty (and obviously mindless) sycophants, the corporate owned media has engaged in a campaign to, er, ‘clarify’ who precisely ‘deserves to die’.

What quickly bit Libertarian leaning politicians in the backside is the ‘lack of choice’ that often accompanies these self-imposed death sentences…

When asked if an ‘otherwise healthy’ individual who ‘elected’ to forego the expense of health insurance and then suddenly learns he needs ‘extensive (and expensive) medical treatment’.

The crowd ‘cheered’ the Republican candidate’s spirited defense of the individual’s ‘right to choose’ (even when he chooses poorly, because that’s what ‘freedom’ is all about boys and girls!)

Well, Bubba, the politician was telling the audience that our ‘liberty-minded’ young man should be made to live with the consequences of his decision. If he dies as a result then that’s his tough titty!

Besides being awkwardly insensitive, the response opened the door to issue of the tens of millions of US citizens who have no health insurance through no fault of their own.

These people didn’t get to ‘elect death’, that choice was made for them by a predatory economic system that has no use for them.

Where’s the ‘freedom’ in that?

How bizarre that we find ourselves once again faced with the question none of us ask…

Do you wonder what that question is?

Naturally, I’m going to tell you…and depending on which way you’re ‘bent’ will govern your reaction.

The question is ‘what is the purpose of society?’

According to our Libertarian friends (an oxymoron if there ever was one, rugged individuals don’t need ‘friends’!) society is an accident of proximity. People ‘band together’ for the simple reason of being close to stuff.

Under the ‘fuck you, pay me system’, people congregate where the jobs are because that’s where the money is.

But why did people band together BEFORE there was any money?

Here the ‘rugged individual’ likes to pretend there wasn’t a time when people needed one another…because originally forming ‘tribes’ was a survival tactic.

And, ironically, what was true then is still true today. We live ‘better’ together than we do on our own.

So how does an entire political movement spring up around the concept of ‘rugged individualism?

Ask yourself just where all of those ‘rugged individuals’ would be without their customers?

Verily, it is the utmost of conceit for anyone to boast they have succeeded on their own.

NOBODY does it alone…which is a bit of a misstatement, there are many things we do alone, it’s just that few of those things are worthwhile…and almost all of them are improved by sharing.

So where do we get this cheering for what boils down to be utter heartlessness?

Wasn’t the ‘purpose of civilization’ to improve our chances at survival? And now in our modern times only those who can ‘afford it’ are worthy of surviving?

I ask, what kind of beasts are these animals? First they block raising taxes on people with more money than they can spend and then they advocate letting the destitute die because adequate healthcare is beyond their means?

Worse, it is these same animals who are responsible for the poor’s sorry state!

But this is not ‘new’ by any stretch of the imagination. The privileged have always resented their obligation toward helping the less fortunate…and sometimes this resentment appears in public disguised as a political movement!

Which brings us full circle to another concept that has fallen by the wayside and that is the concept of ‘membership’ in a society.

Most of us take it for granted we are members of society at large.

Many of us are active in local affairs, this is, in a sense, ‘citizenship’.

So how is it that your citizenship can be unilaterally revoked for not sharing the same political viewpoint as…well, the powerful?

Are the powerful also the majority?

Not by a long shot…so why should THEY dictate who is and who isn’t ‘worthwhile’?

WHO among us has the ‘right’ to decide who lives and who dies?

And before you say it is up to the individual I tell you assuredly IT IS NOT!

Let me remind you that if you can’t live on your paycheck it’s not your employer’s problem, it’s YOURS!

Worse good citizen, your problems often become someone else’s profits!

Thus do they have no stake in lessening YOUR burden.

Ironically, you don’t NEED to become ‘thy brother’s keeper’, you merely need to let him up off the mat and he will care for himself!

The human anti-exploitation law, an idea whose time is long overdue!

Thank you for letting me inside your head,


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