Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dunderheaded...but you knew that!

Greetings good citizen,

Nobody, at this late stage of the game, should be roped in by the Fed’s latest attempt to ‘cook the books’ and manufacture demand where there is none. Even conservatives aren’t that stupid.

(Most of ‘em anyway.)

How sad is it that the the corporate owned media has to make hay with whatever they’re given?

The only thing sadder is the drivel we get fed as a result…

The Fed’s policy-making committee said in a statement that it was acting because it saw little prospect that the economy would expand fast enough and soon enough to help the 25 million Americans unable to find full-time work. It also said there was a significant risk that “strains in global financial markets” could further damage prospects for recovery.

“Growth remains slow. Recent indicators point to continuing weakness in overall labor market conditions and the unemployment rate remains elevated,” the Fed said in the statement, which listed its reasons for worrying about the anemic condition of the American economy. “Household spending has been increasing at only a modest pace in recent months.”

The markets responded with mixed signals. Bond investors already had driven down interest rates in expectation of the Fed’s announcement, but rates fell further on Wednesday, reflecting a measure of surprise about the size of the plan. Investors in the stock markets appeared more concerned about the bleak outlook for the economy and Europe’s, as the major domestic indexes fell sharply.

How STUPID do you have to be?

Business, the big, interconnected players with income streams from across the commercial spectrum are sitting on tons of cash that they don’t know what to do with

There’s no need to expand capacity nor is there any need to develop new products, the customer base is flat broke so why would business ‘borrow and expand’ (much less hire?)

And THAT good citizen is the ‘economic disconnect’ we are expected to swallow.

Which is to say they really do think we’re stupid.

Why is the average consumer broke? Could this be related to the slashing of our purchasing power, our suddenly revealed ‘Lost Decade’ like the Japanese have suffered since 1990?

And there’s the rub, good citizen, we followed the (badly broken) Japanese economy with the stolen 2000 election.

But let’s not go there, when you start pointing fingers you tend to lose credibility…and I need all the credibility I can muster!

Time is drawing short.

I will once again admonish you to ‘prepare’ for the , er, ‘long emergency’.

As already proven by the media, the current ‘disconnect’ (from reality) will only become, er, ‘bigger’ (along with making less sense.) What you WON’T BE able to argue with is the ‘men with guns’ who ‘have orders’ to…well, use your imagination, it’s an ‘unidentified emergency’ after all!

If they start pulling people out of line and shooting them, what are you going to say…especially after you see the first three guys to object being the next three who get shot!

Welcome to the ‘reign of fear’ good citizen. We aren’t there yet but we’re most certainly on our way!

You see, most of you THINK you will be ‘informed’ when things turn ugly…but what if you’re not?

The most powerful tool the criminals have is ignorance…you don’t know and that’s how they want it to stay.

When you finally figure out they aren’t playing by the rules we were all raised to follow it will be too late!

So my next ‘admonition’ is to use your head and stay out of harm’s way!

Third admonition is the ever so logical tactic of it is always easier to attack than defend; if you love your freedom, force them to protect their resources!

If they’re tied up protecting their supply chain, they are too busy/wary to attack you.

But I belabor the obvious, don’t I?

The ‘game’ is about to get far more ‘diabolical’ than you ever imagined it would…and the bad news is that’s exactly how the ‘perps’ think about this bullshit, to them it is a game…but in your typical capitalist bloodlust, it is a game they intend to ‘win’…

What you need to understand is that unlike your average board game, you aren’t expected to survive in the end.

What is coming is your worst ‘B’ horror movie made real…

Because those behind this little train wreck really are ‘socio-paths/psychopaths!’

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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