Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blind Faith

Greetings good citizen,

I was out of pocket for most of the day, then homework sidelined my computer access…oh well.

So I was somewhat puzzled when I checked today’s markets, the ticker showing the markets enjoyed an ‘up’ day for the most part but it closed ‘mixed’ with only the Dow finishing in positive territory.

Perhaps more disturbing is why the markets enjoyed a semi-up day.

On Wall Street, the major indexes were about 1 percent higher for most of the day, but closed mixed. The Dow Jones industrial average was up 7.65 points, or 0.1 percent, at 11,408.66, and the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index was down 2 points, or 0.2 percent, at 1,202.09. The Nasdaq composite index was down 22.59 points, or 0.9 percent, at 2,590.24. The Euro Stoxx 50 index was up 2.1 percent and the FTSE 100 in London rose 2 percent.

Analysts said investors could have reacted to discussions about aiding Greece, where talks with foreign creditors — the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission and the European Central Bank — described as productive on Monday continued on Tuesday. That buoyed some of the sentiment during the day, although uncertainty over the meeting seemed to take hold in the last hour of trading in the United States, said Stephen J. Carl, head equity trader at the Williams Capital Group.
After the market closed, the Greek Finance Ministry said the talks yielded “satisfactory progress.”

In addition, many investors have concluded that the Federal Reserve will announce new steps to promote economic growth after a two-day meeting of its policy-making group ends on Wednesday.

Um, I’m no economist but I’m pretty sure the economy shouldn’t be reliant on the government/central bank ’bailing it out’.

And naturally good citizen, what passes for our global economy is broken beyond all repair.

There is no ‘fix’ for all of the money in our society being permanently stuck in the bank accounts of the people who have more money than they can spend!

That is ‘malfeasance’ in the extreme!

Worse, it is malfeasance born of mismanagement and treasonous self-interest!

But hey, who’s keeping score?

As many of the other progressive pundits are repeating, four years later, they still don’t believe we can borrow our way to prosperity!

Why do our simple-minded political opponents think this is possible?

The bad news is, if the corporate owned media is to be believed, the vast majority of us agree with these simpletons!

Worse, the party of one in five still insists that the conservative/liberal divide remains at 50-50. (Probably because assholes like Breitbart think they are in the majority! Nuthin goes up top, this whacko bunch!)

True or not, we only have it on faith that MOST OF US are STUPID BEYOND BELIEF!

I tend to disagree with this conclusion and believe it is a fabrication of the manipulative corporate owned media.

You see, as long as you think it is ‘possible’ that 50% of us are ‘demented’ then you won’t question mathematically impossible election results.

But hey, you also don’t question the endless bailouts…

If we don’t hold their feet to the fire there is no, er, ‘incentive’ for the criminals to admit to the truth.

As CK Michaelson points out, the world is getting poorer and so are you, right along with it.

This won’t stop until YOU put a stop to it…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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