Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goodbye Ballot Box!

Greetings good citizen,

Finally we are confronted with the issue that has plagued the Western World, that of the ‘broken’ ballot box.

As we can see it is the youth of Western Civilization that HAS BEEN ‘abandoned’ by the now almost universally reviled ‘trade neo-liberalism’…which is, ironically, chiefly championed by conservatives…

Now the people left high and dry by globalization are frustrated by, you guessed it, the ballot box!

Frustrated voters are not agitating for a dictator to take over. But they say they do not know where to turn at a time when political choices of the cold war era seem hollow. “Even when capitalism fell into its worst crisis since the 1920s there was no viable alternative vision,” said the British left-wing author Owen Jones.

Protests in Britain exploded into lawlessness last month. Rampaging youths smashed store windows and set fires in London and beyond, using communication systems like BlackBerry Messenger to evade the police. They had savvy and technology, Mr. Jones said, but lacked a belief that the political system represented their interests. They also lacked hope.

“The young people who took part in the riots didn’t feel they had a future to risk,” he said.

In Spain, walloped by the developed world’s highest official rate of unemployment, at 21 percent, many have lost the confidence that politicians of any party can find a solution. Their demands are vague, but their cry for help is plaintive and determined. Known as indignados or the outraged, they block traffic, occupy squares and gather for teach-ins.

Contrary to the opinion of the British author, there are indeed ‘alternatives’, the problem is there isn’t an alternative that 'more for me' capitalists would find ‘acceptable’.

In fact good citizen, the ‘more for me' crowd won’t get behind ANY ‘viable alternative’ until the choice is put to them in much the same manner capitalism was, er, ‘sold’ to the majority of us, “this is how it is and if you don’t like it, tough!”

Although it would probably be worded a little stronger

Just a touch, ya know…

Naturally this by itself requires that whatever we come up with has to be bullet-proof.

But, as usual, you aren’t likely to be involved in the decision-making process.

Worse, as you can see, this form of protest is opening the door for some mighty scary, er, ‘alternatives’.

Which is to point out that the fucking capitalists have applied their typical ‘pat answer’ to the plight of the ‘futureless’

It’s not their problem, it’s the kids!

Remember, under capitalism it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ‘make yourself useful’, which, considering our increasing population, has become a mighty tall order.

What does it say about our social model that they have been complaining about the ‘surplus population’ for over a hundred years?

Which is to point out that you can’t have it both ways…

But that is precisely what conservatives want, anything but to admit that their warped and twisted values are worthless, never mind hypocritical!

But I digress, the ‘danger’ presented by this variety of political dissent is that of embracing a more ‘streamlined’ decision-making process, one that excludes the public.

Imagine if you will a ‘technological’ solution our crisis of capitalism?

Suppose the infamous ‘they’ decided we’d be better off with computers telling us what to do…yet actually holding one of these computer printouts would be a crime!

Or worse, questioning where the printout originated from…

What better job to have than he who speaks for the computer?

It would be like being a priest and, er, ‘pretending’ to speak for god…

I mean, take your garden variety computer, rig up a remote display so nobody could see you typing in what ’the boys’ agreed to in the back room and you could get away with whatever you wanted!

But, naturally, the ’real money’ would be in selling the computer’s pronouncements!

Naturally, in order to ’sell’ this idea they’d have to come out with a computer that was ’smarter’ than the average individual.

But it would still leave us with the problem of a computer, like a psychopath, has absolutely zero ’empathy’, it is impossible for a computer to ’feel’ any particular way about anything.

And once you’ve thought about this for more than a few seconds you would agree it doesn’t work out to be a net positive, quite the contrary in fact…

But that said, we are in little danger of being dominated by a heartless box, the heartless psychopaths wouldn’t stand the competition!

No, we are in danger of precisely what the English Author denies…that of a despot seizing the day…and naming themselves king!

Pretty funny until he uses his ’royal authority’ to nuke his detractors!

But there are ten thousand comedians out of work and here I am, wasting your time with comedy…or am I?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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