Monday, September 19, 2011

Crash and Burn time!

Greetings good citizen,

Another Monday, another stock market, er, ‘slide’…although the markets closed up more than 500 points for the week last Friday…for no discernable reason.

So this morning’s 200 point decline could be viewed as a ‘correction.’

Investors shed risky assets in the United States and Europe on Monday in a sign of increasing pessimism over the lack of a resolution to the Greek debt crisis.

In Europe, market indexes fell 3 percent, the euro declined and the price of safe assets like German bonds rose as investors continued to fret about the possibility of a Greek default.

It is pointless to mention that trading, pretty much since 2007, has been A.) largely automated and B.) on ‘light’ volume.

I would also belabor the obvious by pointing out that these two tools combined to ‘manufacture’ what has been called an ‘economic recovery’ when there wasn’t one anywhere to be found.

Anyway, the ‘scuttlebutt’ is that Greece is going to default (some say it already has) ‘any day now’.

Attesting to the omnipotent power of the corporate owned media, we won’t know anything for sure until they ‘confirm’ such an event.

Why did the economy decide to hold off until ‘harvest time’ here in the northern hemisphere to collapse is as mystery…

But anyway here we are, on the cusp of winter and the global financial system is about to rain a world of hurt upon those of us who don’t happen to be already wealthy.

And WHY is this going to happen?

One word, good citizen and I think most of you know what that word is.


Of course, we can’t hang anybody for making an error in judgment…but behind that tangled pile of mismanagement is a goodly amount of treason and a heaping helping of fraud, both of which are highly prosecutable…

Naturally, the guilty are going to claim they were the ‘victims’ of bad information (but that didn’t stop them from lining their own pockets when the opportunity presented itself…)

But that isn’t the half of it good citizen, the part that is really going to suck is waiting for these bastards to get their fingers out of their ass to repair the damage they’ve done when they had no problem at all figuring out what to do when it came time to screw the rest of us!

Which is to say we ‘shouldn’t’ wait. The solutions they offer (at least initially) will be prohibitively expensive (on top of being unworkable.)

Don’t be taken in by the sudden appearance of something that looks suspiciously like A Simple Plan (without the reforms to money or the legal system.)

These two features, combined with the Human Anti-Exploitation Law are the crucial elements necessary to meet the fundamental requirements of equality, justice and peace.

Given the current ‘political climate’ it is likely we will see all manner of ‘crazy proposals’ flying around out there…with most of them advocating the total elimination of taxes.

It is interesting to note that A Simple Plan ‘eliminates’ taxes, but it does so eliminating the reason taxes were, er, ‘necessary’.

It returns the resources purchased with taxes to their natural ‘free’ state.

Beware proposals that do not CLEARLY IDENTIFY the mechanics of how the elimination of taxation will be dealt with.

I use the more than a little unpopular ‘elimination of ownership’ method but you, in reality, don’t need to ‘own’ jack, you just need to use it while you’re here.

And if you’re only ‘borrowing it’ there’s no need to pay for it.

Central to A Simple Plan is the elimination of ‘income streams’ across the spectrum.

Funny I seem to be bringing up the topic of alternatives to the current broken model quite frequently lately…and it is no coincidence either as the collapse of the current system is at hand.

It will be on us before the snow flies…how the winter goes will be governed by how, er, ‘humanely’ we handle the crisis.

In the beginning the unthinking minions of conservatism will be ‘actively preventing’ crisis relief.

This ‘active prevention’ will be short-lived as it will be met with some serious and extremely violent ‘backlash’, especially when it becomes apparent how few the ‘dissenters’ are in number.

For all of their press coverage there are only 30,000 ‘official’ Tea Partiers.

There may be as many ‘sympathizers’ but it doesn’t go much beyond that.

Now, if we figure in the psychopath/dementia factor, it isn’t going to be easy, the demented are incapable of recognizing defeat…nor are they inclined to surrender or listen to reason.

So, what am I saying?

Well, the MSM continues to send mixed signals, one day everything is peachy and the next it’s game over…but the blogosphere, even the ‘serious people’ are, er, ‘visibly worried’.

Understand, I count myself as a member of the truly ‘serious people’ which means I don’t shy away from socially unpopular ideas…like our financial system is going to collapse before winter.

In reality good citizen, IT ALREADY HAS COLLAPSED! What we’re seeing now is the world’s ‘safety nets’ being stretched to the breaking point.

Left to your imagination is whether or not they’ll admit there’s no way to repair the old system using that system’s tools.

As I said before, even a ‘jubilee’ won’t work when all of the cash is, er, ‘trapped’ in the upper stratums of the economy.

Where does this leave you, good citizen?

In my opinion, doing your best imitation of an ostrich…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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