Monday, September 5, 2011

What's Next?

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While the ‘nothing go up top’ right has long called for ‘ending’ the postal service thereby exposing those of us who can’t afford to pay personal couriers to whatever an ‘unregulated’ and ‘private’ carrier would charge.

Ironically, privatizing the postal service would be like privatizing schools, only those who could afford it would receive an education and nuts to the rest!

“Our situation is extremely serious,” the postmaster general, Patrick R. Donahoe, said in an interview. “If Congress doesn’t act, we will default.”

In recent weeks, Mr. Donahoe has been pushing a series of painful cost-cutting measures to erase the agency’s deficit, which will reach $9.2 billion this fiscal year. They include eliminating Saturday mail delivery, closing up to 3,700 postal locations and laying off 120,000 workers — nearly one-fifth of the agency’s work force — despite a no-layoffs clause in the unions’ contracts.

The post office’s problems stem from one hard reality: it is being squeezed on both revenue and costs.

How ironic would it be to see ‘private’ letter carriers ‘competing’ on the basis of the ‘security’ of their service!

Remove the heavy hand of the State from the Postal Service and I wouldn’t trust it to carry dirty diapers, much less my payments!

You know where there isn’t a government run postal service? They don’t have government run postal services in Banana Republics!

For the price, the US PS is one hell of a bargain. No other shipper (worldwide) does what they do on a daily basis.

And why is our efficient postal service in trouble?

Could it have something to do with the anti-tax Tea Baggers?

I don’t mean to dismiss concerns about the long-run U.S. budget picture. If you look at fiscal prospects over, say, the next 20 years, they are indeed deeply worrying, largely because of rising health-care costs. But the experience of the past two years has overwhelmingly confirmed what some of us tried to argue from the beginning: The deficits we’re running right now — deficits we should be running, because deficit spending helps support a depressed economy — are no threat at all.

And by obsessing over a nonexistent threat, Washington has been making the real problem — mass unemployment, which is eating away at the foundations of our nation — much worse.

Although you’d never know it listening to the ranters, the past year has actually been a pretty good test of the theory that slashing government spending actually creates jobs. The deficit obsession has blocked a much-needed second round of federal stimulus, and with stimulus spending, such as it was, fading out, we’re experiencing de facto fiscal austerity. State and local governments, in particular, faced with the loss of federal aid, have been sharply cutting many programs and have been laying off a lot of workers, mostly schoolteachers.

Given the criminal nature of the, er, elite, I find myself suspicious of most ‘trendsetters and opinion makers’ (such as the so called ‘reality based’ community) which seems to quickly be overrun by toxic Libertarian philosophy/principles.

While it has become fashionable to call out the ‘corporate owned media’ you’d be a fool not to suspect the ‘reality based community’ (which offers only the lamest advice/opinions) is the Internet based branch of the corporate owned sell-outs.

While I admire and respect Mr. Sirota’s work, I damn him for not having the gonads to follow through and lay this horrendous situation at the feet of those who deserve our anger, not to mention hostility.

The public excuse from our corrupt politicians is that Americans don't really want the jobs that could be created if lawmakers prioritized domestic investment. Last week, for instance, the White House's U.S. trade representative, Ron Kirk, said we shouldn't be concerned with jobs that are about "making things that, frankly, we don't want to make in America — you know, cheaper products, low-skill jobs." It was a reprise of 2006, when Sen. John McCain told union members the same thing.

The truth, of course, is the opposite — millions of jobless Americans are desperate for some shred of economic patriotism that would put them back to work. But our political system isn't about patriotism anymore. It's about the deception embodied in Kirk's talking points.

Thanks to that, the idea of successfully legislating a domestic investment agenda seems not like mere wishful thinking. It seems as wholly inconceivable as walking into a big-box store and finding lots of products that are still made in the USA.

As you know our politicians only do what they’re PAID to do so WHO do you think is responsible for this mess?

Jesus, do you think it could be the OWNERS of PRIVATE ENTERPRISE?

What is the solution to these disturbing trends? Repeat after me: ALL ECONOMIES ARE LOCAL!

Now, the only people who don’t subscribe to the notion of the importance of the local economy are the ones who want YOU as a ‘captive audience’, you HAVE TO BUY their shit because there isn’t a ‘local alternative’.

As I sit here on ‘Labor Day’ with my own labor counted as ‘superfluous’ it irritate me to consider that because of some greedy asshole my entire civilization is about to be wiped out…

And you know what the asshole responsible for it is gonna say?

You should have moved sooner! (Because your destitution isn’t His problem, it’s yours!)

Worse, as long as his (new) labor force can afford his product, he doesn’t NEED your business so you can go screw yourself!

And that’s what frosts my ass on Labor Day…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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