Sunday, September 4, 2011

Planned Obsolescence

Greetings good citizen,

As planned obsolescence continues to pour rain into my life we also persist in rbing mired in the land of make believe

While I have the utmost respect for the man behind Jesse’s American CafĂ©, he, like many others, clings to his ‘illusions’ of what money is and what it isn’t.

I have a very simple philosophy about what money ‘is’ as well as a rather unique system governing its use.

In my, er, ‘construct’ your money is for you (and no one else.) Only you can earn money and only you can spend it…and when you die, your money dies with you, EVERYONE makes their own way in the here and now.

That is why money, under my system, is ‘intangible’, You will never ‘find’ a heap of it hidden under a mattress or grab a bag full off of an armored car, it’s not there.

Besides all crime being ‘cash and carry’ a world where nobody can buy or sell is key to leveling the playing field. Remember, the first pillar of sustainability is equality, we’re all in this together and if we’re not then somebody is getting screwed!

Anyway, here is an excerpt from Jesse’s piece, lets see how ‘clearly’ he explains the current understanding of ‘money’:

Like gold or any other asset or liability, credit must be transformed into a utilitarian form of wealth, or money, in order to effect the exchange. You may HAVE a million dollars in credit somewhere, but at some point someone must agree to transform that credit into actual money for you to use it. If an unused million dollar credit line expires, we do not see ourselves as a million dollars poorer.

When organic credit expansion fails to create money, the Fed or the Treasury can step in and create money non-organically, that is, not as the result of economic activity. In the case of an external standard, the Treasury can formally devalue the currency, as the US had done in the first half of the 1930s. Monetary authorities do not like to do this, because it makes their activity more transparent, and therefore more controversial.

By the way, Roosevelt did not have to take the US off the gold standard, or disallow the holding of gold by US citizens, in order to devalue the dollar as he did. This was a more complex arrangement designed to recapitalize the banking system, which I covered in some detail in an earlier blog.

Oh, and by all means, click the link and read the entire article! I promise you the only thing it will make clear is that ‘SOMEBODY’ (not YOU) gets to decide what money is and for how long that will be the case, which is to say whatever you’re told is subject to change at any random point in the future if that is what suit’s the needs of the money power at that moment.

It should make you crazy when you read of people describing money as ‘a storehouse of value’ when it is obvious that ‘storehouse’ they speak of is wide open, offering zero protection from anything.

Quite literally the wind could diminish the value of your money…

Thus do we need significantly different ‘rules’ governing the ‘be-all, end-all’.

Do you think I exaggerate? Since the founding of the Federal Reserve in (ahem) 1913, the ‘value’ of a dollar has gone from 100 cents to just 3, and nobody can explain why…

Not that anyone needs to because we all know the answer, it is theft, plain and simple.

No one should be surprised that the degree of theft is directly proportional to the amount of breakdown in the justice system…and our justice system is almost transparent, which is to say ‘non-existent’.

Naturally, the overhaul of the monetary system dovetails with the necessary overhaul of the retail environment/employment situation.

You see, under the ‘your money is for you’ system, everybody has to ‘work’ for their money, the practice of ‘scalping’ your fellow citizen for ‘whatever the traffic will bear’ will cease (as it should have long ago.)

It is only by thinking outside the box that we will escape the consequences of unsustainable, self-serving systems.

Naturally, this WILL NOT HAPPEN if you are unwilling to fight for it…and if you don’t fight for it you kids will suffer the alternative, which WON’T be what you suffered, that much is certain.

You may not like the end of private buying and selling but again the key is the ban will be universal, nobody will ‘own’ an enterprise where they alone extract the profits for themselves.

Here’s an economic fact that should win me the Nobel Prize, COMMERCE DOESN’T NEED PROFIT TO OPERATE!

In fact, the ‘for profit’ model is bankrupt (and always leads to bankruptcy, just as it does in Monopoly!)

How bizarre is it good citizen that the object of a game intended to ‘teach’ youngsters the ins and out of our enterprise system is to bankrupt all of the other players!

Why no one makes the connection that the only thing left after somebody ‘wins’ is a smoking wasteland remains a mystery.

If you learn anything here good citizen it should hopefully be that we need to extensively overhaul our socio-economic model to accommodate our changing/evolving reality.

Evolve or die! How pathetic is it that the Libertarians firmly believe in stay the same or die? Worse, it is these champions of ’free markets’ that destroyed the global economy!

I have stated before that the ONLY way to solve the unemployment problem lies in restructuring the work week/day. What do you suppose the chances are that Mr. Obama’s ’jobs program’ even feints at reducing off-shoring, never mind work sharing?

Today, Maureen Dowd asks (rhetorically) is whether or not Mr. Obama will be a ’one term’ president.

As crazy as it sounds, I fear he WILL win re-election…and THAT will be ’against all odds.

Can you hear the ‘spin’ now, Obama re-elected DESPITE having the lowest popularity of any sitting president ever!

But enough of our current ‘insoluble’ problems…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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