Thursday, September 8, 2011

Double Dribble...

Greetings good citizen,

The markets opened in negative territory this morning but have already returned to positive ground, again for no particular reason.

I should add that investors (people who make their money investing) have nowhere else to, er, ‘invest’ their funds…

Which is sad, personally I think they’d be better off burning the funny money (because that is what’s going to happen to all fiat currency in the not too distant future.

Investing for profit will not be made illegal, it will simply become ‘impossible’.

So after a negative start, the markets return to positive territory and what do you suppose is the top headline in ‘business' is today? A ‘double-dip’ recession looms on the horizon

Naturally, it will only be a double dip if you believe the economy actually recovered at all after the ‘crash’ of 2008.

I think I have amply demonstrated here that the performance of the stock market is totally unrelated to the state of the ‘real economy’.

Economies have a strong self-reinforcing nature. When people are optimistic, they spend, which begets hiring and then more spending. When people are anxious, they pull back, which leads to a cycle of hiring freezes and further anxiety that often lasts for months.

The United States appears to have entered some version of the vicious cycle. Most ominously, job growth has slowed to a pace that typically signals the start of a recession.

Over the last 50 years, every time that job growth has been as meager as it has been over the last four months, the economy has been headed toward recession, in a recession or in the immediate aftermath of one. From early 2010 through this spring, by contrast, employment was growing fast enough to make the economy look as if it were in a recovery, albeit a modest one.

Understand good citizen that the ‘economy needs to add 150,000 jobs a MONTH just to keep pace with new entries into the workforce.

Economist’s know this but seem quite capable of ignoring this simple fact since the US economy has yet to post gains in excess of this number for the past four years!

So how can these Bozoes even imply that anything resembling an economic recovery is underway?

Short answer, because that’s what they’re paid to do (which has nothing to do with the truth.)

Republicans are unable to get over the deficits that they themselves created, the rest of us are having a serious problem with the ‘truth deficit’…not that anybody owning up to their misdeeds will make matters any better (although it might go a long way towards ‘defusing’ the anger and resentment felt by the general public.)

But confession is only ‘half a loaf, justice is the salve best capable of resolving and restoring the injured body politic.

But the perps are none to interested in turning themselves in…or the greater good for that matter.

So, dependent on your ‘point of view’, we are either ‘on the verge’ of a double dipper OR we are still mired in mess that can be traced back to the 1980’s, the earliest days of ‘globalization’ (which is in fact shorthand for turning the rest of us into a ‘captive audience’.)

How sad is it good citizen that the only way to rid ourselves of the ‘more for me’ crowd is by force?

How ironic that ‘justice’ in this case is providing them with ‘exactly’ what they want, complete freedom to be as selfish as they want…albeit in a place where there is nothing.

I keep returning to the ‘Stupid is permanent, ignorance can be fixed’ puzzle. Many otherwise intelligent people are regularly played for stupid by the corporate owned media that consistently pedals its own agenda (like the ‘economic recovery’ fantasy, for example.)

People KNOW they are being played for chumps but they also know there isn’t much they can do about it…yet.

So yes, good citizen, it is my ‘opinion’ that a majority of the people have the necessary awareness to comprehend what is going on and who is behind it.

Which is to point out that the ‘disinformation campaign’ on the right isn’t nearly as successful as they would have you believe it is.

Sadly, it is they who hold the reins of power and they won’t relinquish them until they are taken from their cold, dead fingers.

Which at this point in the game many of us would volunteer to do, gladly (since it means getting our future back!)

It strikes me as strange that after four years of economic hardship the ‘fucking assholes' have the balls to say the non-existent recovery is over…

It will be interesting indeed to see how the general public reacts to his unlikely turn of events…

Perhaps it is me who is forgetting the ultimate goal of this charade is to kill off as much of the 'surplus population' as possible.

Maximizing anger works towards that end...

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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