Friday, September 2, 2011

Deviant Behavior

Greetings good citizen,

The ‘stupidity markets’ are diving for the bottom as the unemployment report made its first negative showing in over eleven months.

Understand that many of the ‘positive’ numbers posted over this dubious interim have been nothing more than slight of hand. many have been adjusted downward later.

Add this to the insoluble ‘living free’ mess and you’ve got a true ‘crisis of faith’ on your hands.

Why bother to make ‘timely payments’ if there are no consequences?

The number of long-term unemployed — people out of work for 27 weeks or more — remained about the same as in July, at 6 million, as did the median duration of unemployment, at 19.6 weeks compared with 19.7 weeks in July.

The general unemployment rate, which counts only people who looked for work in the previous four weeks, held steady at 9.1 percent. But a broader measure that includes people who have looked for work in the last year and people who were involuntarily working part-time instead of full-time, fell to 16.1 percent from 16.3 percent. The percent of working-age adults who were employed, already at its lowest rate since 1983, ticked down from 58.6 percent to 58.5 percent.

While there is still a chance that the United States can slip into a double-dip recession, many economists believe that the economy will stay in growth mode, albeit at levels barely perceptible, much less comforting, to Americans without jobs.

“We’ve got at least another 12 months of difficulty to go through,” said Steven Ricchiuto, United States economist for Mizuho Securities USA. “I know that doesn’t help politicians who are worried about the elections.”

Double dip my ass! The whole ‘recovery’ only existed on paper! How sad is it good citizen that flashing your economist ‘creds’ has become an excuse for being both ignorant and out of touch?

I just exhausted my unemployment claim while my ‘99’er’ friend just got handed his walking papers (again!) I think he got two quarters in, enough to ‘recharge’ his unemployment account for another six months.

But what does it say about our ‘social model’ if ‘a majority’ of working aged citizens CAN’T hold onto a job for more than 6 months at a time?

It is through ‘churn’ that wages are driven down. How long do we let them continue to ‘pauperize’ the nation’s customer base?

Our elected representatives, FOR THE PAST FORTY YEARS, are all GUILTY of TREASON, they have placed their personal interests ahead of the interests of society and for that they must pay the ultimate price.

There is no difference between ‘failing to prosecute’ and aiding and abetting criminal activity.

Our ‘justice system’ sucks!

We will not enjoy peace OR prosperity as long as there is no Justice!

We won’t have Justice until there is Equality, yet another piece of the puzzle the truly arrogant choose to ignore.

Although it is more correct to point out that they ignore this ‘at their own peril’…

Want to save the future for your children and theirs? We’ve got to start rounding' em up followed by stringing 'em up!

It all starts with ‘justice’, real justice not the bullshit selective kind the too powerful regularly ‘buy’!

Live on your knees or die on your feet?

The real question, good citizen, is ‘aren’t your knees getting sore?’

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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