Friday, August 12, 2011

Widespread and rampant corruption

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Those whose wealth relies on stock prices seem to have gained the upper hand for the moment (I say ‘for the moment’ because the Dow looks like it is dropping like a rock, which will cause the other indexes to turn negative.)

Given the givens, I can no longer say if ‘plausibility’ is a factor any longer.

In an authoritarian world ‘reasonable’ is counterbalanced by ‘whatcha gonna do about it?’

If the answer is ‘nothing’ then ‘reasonable’ is whatever they tell you it is.

Our economy doesn’t make sense so it stands to reason that the markets are bound by the same constraints…or lack thereof, take your pick!

The ‘systemic flaw’ in our system of government is identical to the systemic flaw in our system of commerce, both are totally dependent on ‘Men, both good and true’.

Slip a single ‘bad actor’ into the mix and all bets are off!

To put a finer point on that statement, what do you suppose the odds are that more than 50% of the founders themselves failed the ‘good and true’ test?

Even those odds are ‘wildly optimistic’ (considering how many were ‘ruined’ by land swindles after they left public office…)

Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are unfit to decide what comes next (and believe me when I tell ya, there are a lot of people who learned the wrong lessons from history that continue to make the decisions around here!)

Speaking of ‘history lessons’ here’s one the voting public would do well to commit to memory

So for example, a nation such as China can devalue its currency substantially in the 1990's against the world's reserve currency, and thereby set up a set of artificial import barriers and export subsidies, simply by manipulating their currency.

By the way, this is basic math. There are plenty of people who were denying it, and most of them stood to benefit from this charade. But it is true. Anyone who travels internationally and changes money understands it.

The underlying basis of the currency wars is the ability to artificially manipulate one's currency, or even establish a pseudo-monopoly, for the advantage of one to the disadvantage of the others.

There are other methods to accomplish this and they are usually lumped under the title of industrial policy or mercantilism. A country has a set of laws and regulations that foster a certain stance towards issues such as worker's rights, environmentalism, savings and consumption, wealth distribution and even human rights.

The more trade becomes independent of public policy and regulation, the greater the movement of all countries to the least common denominator of the broader policy stances of the mercantilist nations.

In a very real sense, if you control the issuance and terms of money, you care not who makes the laws locally. And the exchange of trade mechanism is a subset of the control of a medium of exchange, which is the trade system, both international and domestic, the who and how people can buy or sell.

Now take the lesson here and add the fact that the only thing keeping this from turning into a huge screw job WAS ‘men, both good and true’.

The ‘theory’ was that you couldn’t corrupt that many men…but if you restrict the men so they ALL come from the ‘privileged class’ then the task is considerably less daunting.

These are men raised with the keen awareness that life ISN’T fair (and it is that unfairness that has ‘benefited’ them.)

But let us not get carried away with the ‘details’. The mess that is the global economy is in fact a ‘conspiracy’ and the conspirators need to be ferreted out and dealt with.

Understand good citizen that it is safe to say we can confine our search to the ‘upper stratum’ of society, those born with the proverbial ‘silver spoon’ hanging out of their mewling maws.

Look at how widespread the corruption is and marvel that NO ONE has been prosecuted!

A malaise that persists unto this very day!

Worse is the disappearance of anything resembling Justice and the return (as well as the defense of) torture!

Why would a government need to torture , good citizen?

Would it be to strike fear into the populous?

Seems to be doing the trick, don’t you think?

This, naturally, brings us back to the issue of mercenaries, something that was made obsolete by the advent of the ‘free republic’…where armies served to protect their collective ‘freedoms’ and not the privileges of the elite.

Yes, good citizen, today’s Merc exists mainly to protect those who put themselves ‘above the law’ from being prosecuted.

Which leads to the question the last three posts have been leading up to…

What are we gonna do about this corrupt mess?

The current system can’t be ‘fixed’, the system itself is too vulnerable!

Better to start over with a totally new deal!

A Simple Plan is ‘airtight’ as well as ‘bullet-proof’ (the only ‘weak links’ are in administration, it COULD potentially suffer from the same ‘failure to prosecute’ problem that plagues the existing system.)

There isn’t a proposal out there that doesn’t have ‘the human factor’ as its weakest link, it is therefore best to go with the strongest integrated system!

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