Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Greetings good citizen,

Today’s top headline is Mr. Jobs is stepping down from the helm of Apple…and it appears the stock market is, er, ‘tanking’ in his honor.

Like all things stock market related, the gesture is purely symbolic.

Listening to the broadcast news, it seem the progress of hurricane Irene is dominating center stage and we can only wonder why?

Could it be because the vast majority of you are ‘ignorant’ regarding what money is and how it works? (Although those who get to say what money is at any given moment have fucked it up hopelessly, so now there’s nothing anyone can do!)

Which is a truly sorry state of affairs considering money is a ‘simple’ legal construct that has morphed into an incredibly ‘elastic’ substance that defies both logic and reason.

What am I getting at?

The headlines SHOULD read (in any rational civilization) that the ‘faith based’ medium of exchange that we ‘used to use’ has lost all public support so we will be reverting to the back-up system of ‘barter’ for tangibles.

Of course, that would go over like the proverbial ‘lead balloon’.

So we arrive at yet another ‘conundrum’ for those who profess to ‘hate’ government. If you don’t have a government to issue/back your currency, what do you use?

But Rope-a-dope is ready for us, they’ll reply (without thinking) gold!

Why is it every yahoo that desires to rid us of government thinks gold is worth ANYTHING?

It really is a ‘useless’ metal. The only thing it has going for is it’s fairly rare, which with 7 BILLION people to divvy it up between, is sort of a net negative.

Gold stopped working as money once the population got too large.

Funny how the ’Goldbugs’ are all excited about $5,000 an ounce gold but it will really need to hit a half MILLION dollars an ounce to cover the hundred trillion dollar ’global economy’. (Understand this figure does NOT include the Quadrillion dollar ‘derivatives’ market.)

And for those of you who are ‘uncertain’ a quadrillion = one thousand trillion.

Oh wait, we can ‘revalue’….oh no we can’t, not without returning to where we are right now.

A Simple Plan works because many things are ‘devalued’ and money itself is totally ‘reformed’ in both substance and function.

Accumulating ‘tons’ of money will not reap you an advantage as most of what you need to function as a member of society is yours by right.

Starving yourself to accumulate a pile of cash will be an exercise in futility because you can’t ‘trade’ cash between individuals. Lose a bet you had better of bet something other than money because your counter-party has no way to make good, there is no cash! (and no way to transfer funds between individuals.)

I really shouldn’t get too carried away with the ‘your money is for you’ concept as most of you have enough on your hands pretending the scrip we use now is worth something!

Most of you reject ‘cashless’ society out of hand. The idea is too foreign to you. Like Plato trying to wrap his head around a society without slaves…

Weirder still is how most of you don’t have a problem with slavery as long as it ain’t YOU in shackles!

Right now most of you would, er, ‘rebel’ if they tried to put shackles on anybody…and the slavers among us know that…so they’d make their victims ‘criminals’ first.

What ‘crime’ do you suppose would earn you a set of shackles? Chances are the crime of being ‘poor’ will be enough to deprive you of your freedom.

But they’ll start with murderers (not a particularly ‘safe’ choice but you need to get the ball rolling somehow.) We aren’t talking serial killers or other class ‘A’ psychos, we’re talking the bulk of murderers, the ones who commit ‘crimes of passion’.

Then it will be thieves…from there it is only a short hop to ’debtors’ and our brave new third world hell hole will be complete!

So, as you see, there is another ‘up’ side to altering the form/functionality of money, under A Simple Plan the poor/debtor class vanishes!

Unemployment becomes a relic of the past, thrown on the scrap heap of history.

In fact it behooves us to observe that unemployment was CREATED BY capitalism!

Before capitalism, unemployment didn’t exist!

I’m quietly chuckling to myself as this particular post has taken some mighty bizarre turns over a few scant pages!

I’ve ’hopped’ from global bankruptcy to the ‘impossibility’ of returning to the gold standard (which by no means is to say that they won’t TRY it, I’m just pointing out it is doomed to fail because getting THAT many people to AGREE on anything is highly improbable.)

Conversely, I anticipate universal adoption of A Simple Plan partly because of its leveling effect on society and mostly due to the ‘embargo’ feature built into it.

(If you want to trade with Division Society you have to adopt A Simple Plan!)

Returning to my ‘summary’, from the gold standard we jumped to ‘cashless society’ which lead us to slavery and how the infamous ‘they’ would go about re-instituting it.

So I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that the destruction of our current civilization is proceeding apace.

I’m just trying to avoid mentioning it in EVERY post.

Maybe I’ll title today’s piece as Hurricane Irene! (that should generate some traffic!)

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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