Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Corporate Media Bias

Greetings good citizen,

Every once in a while I run into articles such as this one that cause my teeth to set on edge before making my head explode.

The article dutifully explains how, Once upon a time, the US was the global leader in manufacturing and innovation.

Then we get this drivel:

Like the jet aircraft made by Boeing, one of the country’s largest exporters, products like these require sophisticated manufacturing equipment, operated by skilled workers, and benefit from the tight integration of design and production. With goods like these, the United States can reassert an economic advantage. If we can find ways for companies of every size to exploit the possibilities of nanofabrication, advanced materials, robotics and energy efficiency, we can create networks of innovation, joining lab research to new production processes and business models.

The United States remains a top producer of advanced technology products. But our dominance has eroded. Ten years ago, we enjoyed a trade surplus in advanced technology manufactured goods; today, that category accounts for an $81 billion annual trade deficit. Countries that used to make inexpensive goods at low cost have developed the capacity to produce high-value goods, making it ever more tempting for American companies to design at home but manufacture abroad.

This not only destroys manufacturing jobs, but also saps our inventive advantage. Manufacturers conduct 70 percent of private-sector research and development and employ 64 percent of the nation’s scientists and engineers. But factories abroad attract design and engineering talent; over time, manufacturing off shore leads to innovation off shore. To make matters worse, as the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology recently reported, other nations are investing heavily in manufacturing, while our investments lag.

What numbnuts FAILS TO MENTION is that the customer base for these supposedly ‘advanced technology products’ wouldn’t fill a thimble! (especially in a world gone broke!)

Is this kind of, er, ‘stupidity’ (championing MORE automation!) an indication of the failed intellectual capital of this nation?

Sadly, these fools are paid to think in terms that are not sustainable.

No irony should be lost on the fact that true productive workers will lose their job before these idiots get what’s coming to them!

Do these people have a clue?

Apparently not!

Sadly good citizen we will not see anything that makes sense until this old guard is swept away and a new, sustainable social model is implemented.

I apologize for ‘losing it’ but to see such stupidity coming down from on high makes my blood boil!

I’d like to pin this one on the media too but that is not the case, ‘sellouts’ are everywhere, especially in positions of authority!

Like many things I address, I cannot (single-handedly) ‘cure’ the problems confronting society, I can only shine a spotlight on them so people will know it’s not them, things really are ‘fucked up’ .

I started this piece last night so I came across this little bit of corporate propaganda during this morning’s browsing.

The Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index rose 1.1 percent in morning trading. The Dow Jones industrial average traded in positive territory for the year, up 1.0 percent. The Nasdaq composite index gained 1.0 percent percent.

In Europe, shares rose in midday trading. Britain’s FTSE 100 was 2.2 percent higher, and Germany’s DAX gained 2.9 percent. In Paris, the CAC 40 rose 2.7 percent. Asia closed broadly higher.

Economic reports have been largely negative in recent weeks, with consumer and business confidence slumping sharply in developed economies.

Although the chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben S. Bernanke, last week did not signal any new help from the central bank — but rather asked the government to help growth — - he left the door open to more stimulus if needed.

"Economic news continues to head downhill yet markets are taking evidence of slowing growth as a likely trigger for more Fed stimulus ," said Mitul Kotecha, analyst at Credit Agricole.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am more than a little disturbed by the current ‘fake’ economy the media keeps hawking.

We all know that the elite have their, er, ‘worth’ tied to the stock market (to protect it from inflation, in case you haven’t noticed, when the dollar tanks, stocks rise) so this largely ‘imaginary’ run up in stock prices has nothing to do with economic health and everything to do with FUCKING COUNTERFEITING!

Which is to point out things are a lot worse than you thought they were…

And there ain’t a fucking thing you can do about it…legally.

BUT, if you’ve got the blazing brass balls of Christ between your legs and a ‘They can only kill me once’ attitude, there is literally no stopping you!

Going it alone is suicide BUT it is safer, you don’t have to worry about your back when the only one who knows what you’re up to is you.

If we take the ‘can only kill me once’ part to heart, the objective would be sufficient planning so your first mission isn’t also your last one although there is little difference between being killed and being captured and, er, ‘rendered’ for committing an act of ‘terror’, in which case you’ll wish you were dead long before it actually happens.

Can I name the biggest purveyors of ‘propaganda’ here in an article discussing, er, civil disobedience ?

No…but I think you’re smart enough to figure that one out for yourself.

It’s no coincidence that the world’s largest NEWS organization gears its presentation to that of the average sixth grader…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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