Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'Free' Trade?

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The markets continue to ‘hover’ (temporarily preserving the wealth of the soon to be destitute.) It will be the day that the markets drop 3000 points in a single session (and you know that isn’t supposed to be possible but give the crooked bastards a chance!) that the ‘journey to collapse’ will be complete.

Let’s suppose the ‘safeguards’ are, er, respected. A blow out is still possible (if not inevitable, considering financial innovation has become indistinguishable from counterfeiting.) and dropping 3,000 in consecutive sessions, even over multiple sessions would still result in the same net effect.

Supply chains around the globe would collapse…

While hundreds of thousands of ‘millionaires on paper’ would be pauperized.

Ironically, sparking a revolt.

You won’t fight to save your own children but you will fight to save some asshole’s divine privilege to screw the rest of us by paying sub-sustenance wages!

I guess we shouldn’t be to concerned where the ‘spark’ comes from, in the end it will be the actions of the greedy that will spur the righteous to action…

Then you won’t find anyone preaching nonsense like this moron!

US Trade Representative Ron Kirk was in San Francisco Wednesday promoting pending Free Trade Agreements with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama, a key aspect of the president's "jobs plan." I managed to catch up to him in the spacious lobby of a downtown high tech firm and he was nice enough to engage in a brief interview with no advance notice. My disagreement with many of his trade goals was clear from my opening question, yet he stuck around long enough for a few follow-ups, a full five minutes until his staff pulled him away.

In that time, he managed to spit out just about every pro-free trade boilerplate talking point ever spoken, but displayed an alarming disregard for some of the consequences to American workers if the FTAs were to pass.

Kirk doesn't believe that many middle-class manufacturing jobs will be a part of America's future. Like many free trade proponents, he views the loss of these jobs as inevitable, and he opined that Americans don't want them anyway, despite the 16% of Americans looking for full-time work right now. With unemployment what it is, and ever-widening income inequality, some of Kirk's remarks were shocking. If Kirk is truly representing the Obama jobs plan, we're in for a long, ugly ride.

We are not going to ‘fix’ the economy if we fail to stop the idiots from directing trade policy.

The ‘nothing go up top’ crowd thinks it is perfectly acceptable to ship jobs (and the related infrastructure) overseas, ‘Americans didn’t want those jobs anyway!’

But only a nitwit continues to miss the connection, your workers are also your customers!

People who don’t work can’t buy your products…so why is comrade stupid our ‘trade representative?’

Could it be because ‘puppet-boy’ isn’t smart enough to fire him? Or would his ‘handlers give him a spanking for so much as rebuking Mr. Kirk for ‘doing his job/playing his part?

It is precisely this sort of nonsense that provokes outrage against Washington…but for some unknown reason it doesn’t ‘hammer home’ the futility of trying to use the ballot box to correct this issue.

It will be exactly this that is cited as evidence that our government ‘doesn’t work’ while most of the nation remains ignorant of the ‘purpose of government’, just as they remain ignorant of the purpose of commerce!

Understand good citizen ignorance can be downright dangerous, A world full of stupid people is a world full of slaves…whether you’re stupid or not.

I just checked the markets and they are UP (allegedly in anticipation of more ‘government intervention’ in the markets.

I guess it is like being tied to the railroad tracks out in the middle of the ocean, even if somebody does cut you loose, there’s no place to go!

Which is to say it is incomprehensible that anyone would be ‘happy’ about an economic system that is being propped up with public money.

It is, like the illustration above, a ‘no win’ situation.

If we are going to turn this train wreck around we must first jump off and return to ‘solid ground’.

Ironically, this situation will ‘resolve itself’ even if we do nothing. The only factor we have any control over is how much bloodshed there will be.

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