Friday, August 26, 2011

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Greetings good citizen,

It seems the much anticipated Jackson hole ‘retreat’ was briefer than anticipated, conversely, how long does it take to tell people what they already know?

That you’ve done all that could be done and the ‘problem’ is beyond your help.

Elephant in the room time good citizen.

What, precisely, is ‘wrong’ with the global economy?

Short answer: most of the money is ‘stuck’ at the top of the ladder.

With nothing to invest in the money just sits there while ‘cost containment’ measures squeeze the consumer into ‘death by’ decisions. Freeze to death or starve to death…pick one.

Sadly, even our Nobel prize winning economists fail to acknowledge the pachyderm that matters rather than the ‘elephant’ that is in our face.

As I write this, investors around the world are anxiously awaiting Ben Bernanke’s speech at the annual Fed gathering at Jackson Hole, Wyo. They want to know whether Mr. Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, will unveil new policies that might lift the U.S. economy out of what is looking more and more like a quasi-permanent state of depressed demand and high unemployment.

But I’ll be shocked if Mr. Bernanke proposes anything significant — that is, anything likely to make any serious dent in unemployment or offer any serious boost to growth.

Why don’t I expect much from Mr. Bernanke? In two words: Rick Perry.

O.K., I don’t mean that Mr. Perry, the governor of Texas, is personally standing in the way of effective monetary policy. Not yet, anyway. Instead, I’m using Mr. Perry — who has famously threatened Mr. Bernanke with dire personal consequences if he pursues expansionary monetary policy before the 2012 election — as a symbol of the political intimidation that is killing our last remaining hope for economic recovery.

Understand good citizen there is ZERO hope of an economic recovery if we fail to resolve the ‘liquidity crisis’ that is strangling the ‘non-essential and therefore non-existent’ lower classes’.

Mr. Krugman goes on to draw parallels between the US and Japan but fails to point to the ’true’ problem of why Japan’s economy remains ‘stalled’ after more than twenty years.

This post Jackson Hole article speaks to the flipside of ‘the Bernank’s’ address:

Mr. Bernanke was careful to note that the nation faces significant challenges, including high unemployment and an unsustainable federal debt. But the speech, delivered at a policy conference held each August in Grand Teton National Park, marked a return to the Fed’s position earlier this year that the Fed has done most of what it can, and that the rest of the government must do more.

Indeed, Mr. Bernanke devoted much of his speech to fiscal policy, rather than the monetary policy that is the Fed’s primary responsibility. And he offered an unusual critique of the government’s handling of those issues.

“The country would be well-served by a better process for making fiscal decisions,” he said, noting that the political battle over raising the debt-ceiling had disrupted the financial markets “and probably the economy as well.”

Mr. Bernanke suggested a different process, involving “clear and transparent budget goals, together with budget mechanisms to establish the credibility of these goals.”

Given the facts, is Mr. Krugman’s Princeton alumni correct in exonerating himself?

“It’s not my fault, Congress needs to get its act together!”

Let’s combine that with the White House running interference for the get out of jail free card for the banks and what do you get?

Naturally good citizen, we need to take a couple of giant steps backwards to get a look at the whole picture because it isn’t just the US economy that is in dire peril, it is the global economy!

Now what does that tell you?

It tells me that the ‘conspiracy’ is global although it is impossible to determine from this vantage point precisely who is going along with it and who has a gun to their heads…

But we can speculate…

I’d say, speaking in general terms, that NATO is ‘going along’ with this global coup, it is probably being sold to them as a ‘logical conclusion’ in their decades long battle against the forces of ‘Communism’.

(Considering how things have worked out, communism never really was a genuine threat. Scratch a communist and you’ll find an aristocrat underneath! Scratch a capitalist and you‘ll find a monarch, take your pick!)

So if we have the original NATO nations cooperating we could speculate the ‘emerging economies' are ‘going along to get along’ which is to say they are the ones with the gun to their heads.

They rely on the ‘approval’ of the global banking community to be able to participate in the global economy…rock the boat and you’ll find yourself standing next to Zimbabwe!

And make no mistake about it, the entire Zimbabwe debacle is merely the global banking system flexing its muscles!

No need to threaten military action, just cut off their credit and laugh as they twist in the wind!

The trick here good citizen is to recognize we have the exact same noose hanging around our collective necks…

And there is only one way to remove it.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Hurricane storm track info

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