Thursday, August 11, 2011

Follow the yellow brick road...

Greetings good citizen,

The stupidity markets (and you’d have to be stupid to believe they have anything to do with measuring economic performance) are rallying (for NO discernable reason, as usual) just to keep the ‘Roller Coaster Ride from Hell’ on track.

How’s it go, oh yeah, ‘one step up and two steps back!’

As annoying as some of you might find this, I’m going to dredge up the past to remind you of one of my predictions.

What will cause the world’s supply chain to collapse?

‘Doubt’ regarding the value of currency/money.

We don’t realize how lucky we are that S&P had its credibility destroyed by the ‘cash for trash’ debacle (selling AAA ratings for mortgage backed securities, TAARP was merely ‘cash for trash, part two’.)

Because of this many observers were inclined to pass off S & P’s ‘one step’ downgrade as an ‘uninformed opinion’. What does S & P know? The answer came back as ‘nuthin’ considering their participation (and non-prosecution) in aforementioned securities fraud.

But wait, isn’t this the tip of the dreaded iceberg I have warned about?

If we can’t/refuse to believe the ratings agencies, then just who do we believe?

All hell is gonna break loose when that answer shrivels down to ‘nobody’.

The Gold-nuts are convinced gold is money but the ding-dongs have driven the price of gold over $1,700 an OUNCE (let that one sink in for a minute.) What insane number will it be when they decide nothing else is ‘trustworthy’?

Do we roll it back to $20 an ounce or do we kick it up to $5,000?

How sad is it that there just isn’t a good answer to this puzzle?

Let’s have a look at just how far this insanity is spreading

There is no provision in European Union law for a member to be ejected, according to legal experts. Greece would have to withdraw voluntarily. But if the other countries cut off aid, it may have little choice.

Among European economists outside Germany, the idea that a country should be put under pressure to leave the euro zone is regarded generally as reckless and cruel. Greek banks would fail, the country would default on its debt and would lack a credible currency with which to buy essential imported goods like oil or food. The whole euro area, their thinking goes, would suffer as investors feared the disintegration of the currency union and perhaps the European Union itself.

“It’s very risky,” said Silvio Peruzzo, an economist in London for Royal Bank of Scotland. “It would set a precedent for other countries leaving the region. And the market would start to flirt with the idea that the euro as a whole doesn’t make sense.” But in Germany, with its embedded fear of inflation and insistence that individuals should suffer the consequences of their actions, the idea that Greece should just leave is gaining wider currency, even in elite circles.

It defies logic (but is perfectly understandable from a ‘what else are you going to do?’ perspective) to abandon US equities and invest in US treasuries. The CAN’T invest in China, it will spread the ‘contagion’! Something they are studiously trying to avoid!

Unsurprisingly, the corporate owned media has turned a ‘blind eye’ to this ‘avoidance’ of the only other viable alternative while they also ignore the decay that is sweeping the land.

But hey, didn’t you get the memo? The ‘world’ has ‘moved on’.

You can’t stand in the way of ‘progress’…but progress for a few at the expense of the many has another name and that name is Treason…

But I digress!

The topic at hand is ‘faith’ in human constructs…and money is a decidedly human construct. (Even if the quibbling quibblers insist that money is a LEGAL construct FABRICATED by humans…)

Although one should be careful of coming across as ‘intentionally obtuse’ because it is the pretense essential to committing fraud, and people will have little tolerance for it in the ‘I don’t think it’s funny no more’ future.

If I may, I will revert to what is, by now, a true ‘moldy oldie’.

If a pig is a pig and a duck is a duck, why isn’t a buck a buck?

Does the answer lie in the fact that money is a ‘legal construct’ and so is ‘the cheaper there’.

If you’re digging the lower prices don’t bitch about the fucked up exchange rate!

If only it stopped there.

With a full HALF of the working aged population unemployed (and a big swath of them due to retire) don’t you think the ‘cheaper there’ carries a rather insidious price?

The ‘cheap shit’ is fo Massa, nuthin’ fo YOU!’

And in the infamous words of Goldfinger, they don’t expect you to talk (they honestly don’t give a shit what you have to say) they expect you to DIE!

So I respectfully submit for your consideration that the first ‘shot’ in ‘the unraveling of the world’s currency markets’ has been fired.

Once the Euro ‘collapses’, the remaining Western currencies will fall right behind it.

An important part of this discussion is just how ‘ingrained’ money is in our everyday lives. Money itself is worthless, we’d be far better off and in a lot less trouble stealing precisely what we needed (but most thieves are too stupid to realize that.)

When money stops ‘behaving’ the way we have been trained that it should, there’s gonna be hell to pay…

And the ‘weasels’ will skulk off to join their billions in the ‘cheaper there’.

The wild card here is preventing ‘the cheaper there’ from being turned into a radioactive crater. I don’t think they’ve cracked that nut yet but you can bet they’re working on it.

They already effectively control the military but they can’t figure out how to eliminate the danger without taking the nukes with them…the only other solution lies in rendering them useless, screwing up the guidance systems so they go wide of the target.

Left to our imagination is how long the Chinese can ‘hold back’ their people once the West collapses?

That’s a wildcard I doubt the sneaky bastards have accounted for, much less prepared.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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