Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tip of the Spear

Greetings good citizen,

After yesterday’s sell off of a small percentage of Wall Street’s ‘imaginary value’ (stocks are still tremendously overpriced) the markets are ‘rallying’, taking advantage if all of the ‘bargains’ left lying on the table by yesterday’s, er, ‘panic’.

How much of today’s bargain hunting is being driven by the very same people whose personal fortune relies on stock prices?

Who do you think keeps buying up the shares of the Zombie banks? It is the Zombie banks themselves!

How fucking RIDICULOUS is it that the ENTIRE ‘economic recovery’ has been based on these greedy bastards buying back THEIR OWN STOCKS with TAXPAYER FUNDS?

While all of the attention is currently focused on chicanery in the financial sector, the tip of the spear remains to this day the badly broken ‘global economy’.

The broad consensus at the 2009 London G20 meeting has already been replaced by a much uglier tone of polarization and mutual recrimination at both domestic and international levels.

Where once they would have lobbied quietly, Russia and China now angrily criticize the United States, with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin describing it as an economic "parasite."

In the United States and Europe, far right groups including the Tea Party, euro skeptics and nationalist forces look to be rising, sometimes potentially blocking policy-making. On the left, calls grow for greater controls on unfettered markets and capital.

Over the past year, global currency valuations have become the source of new international tensions as major states accuse each other of "competitive devaluation" to boost exports.

Why do you suppose the leaders of other nations hold the US in such ‘low regard’?

Could their accusation be true?

Naturally, not if you’re a Republican…

Unfortunately, ignoring reality doesn’t make it ‘go away’.

Just as failure to prosecute the current criminals has led to a relapse (can it be a relapse if the alleged ‘recovery’ was fake?) into ‘recession’ (most indicators say we are already surpassing the original Depression.)

The real challenge for the average citizen will be reconciling the snow job they’ve been fed with the new reality.

Of course this won’t be challenging at all to the intellectually impaired.

Beware anyone who spouts the party line ‘chapter and verse’ but is incapable of defending their arguments on their own.

But I digress, at issue here is the ‘next step’ in the low intensity ‘class war’.

As I have stated previously, the mission objective is to replace our no longer ‘representative’ government with one that will put themselves ‘beyond prosecution’.

Laws are for ‘little people’, not for ‘rulers’.

Rulers ARE the law so they can break them with impunity (and in this case retroactively!)

As you would suspect, the ‘royal wannabes’ or the next generation of royalty (let us not underestimate the deviousness of their already considerably twisted minds! They may indeed have a ‘new twist’ to add to an already twisted model.)

Anyway, it would still be a ‘hard sell’ because a return to monarchy essentially ends anything smacking of ‘social mobility’.

Monarchy depends on ‘stasis’, that everyone be forever ‘satisfied’ with their lot in life, no matter how wretched.

So a direct transition is pretty much out of the question if they hope to avoid a civil war they will likely lose.

Better to use ‘economic blackmail’ to achieve their goals…and to disguise their plans under the ‘appearance’ (indistinguishable from ‘illusion’) of equity.

How will they do this?

As you might imagine, most of us would fail miserably if left to our own devices, specifically, the task of chasing down our next meal with a stick and killing it would find most of us desperately hungry in fairly short order.

And hunger is a good ‘tool’ to buy loyalty with…

No irony should be lost on the fact that the groceries they use to buy your loyalty (and by extension, obedience) with will be food paid for with taxpayer funds, if it was paid for at all…

Which is to say there isn’t a nickel’s worth of difference between an aristocrat and a thief.

Just like actors and politicians, ya know?

The script don’t have to make sense, it’s the execution that counts.

So, if you want to keep your head you’re going to need to be able to distinguish between the actors and the real people.

If you can’t then it’s game over…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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