Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to the starting point

Greetings good citizen,

The airwaves were alive with news of the global ‘sell-off’ in stocks with pundits fretting over a spread of the contagion that caused down days in both the Asian and European markets.

Considering the devastation these fuckwits have inflicted upon the global customer base (the source of all sales) I wouldn’t buy stock on a bet…although I might be tempted to buy shares in a company that produced nice strong rope…

As it turns out, the ‘fears’ of the pundits have yet to bear fruit…but the day is far from over. That said, we encounter another deeply disturbing article which suggests the ‘global race to the bottom' has returned to its point of origin.

Just over a quarter of the 11.7 million workers in manufacturing are women. But Gadget Camp, a workshop for girls in this suburb west of Chicago, is part of an effort to change that.

Although the economy is wobbling and nearly 14 million people are looking for work, some employers are still having a hard time finding skilled workers for certain positions. Manufacturers in particular complain that few applicants can operate computerized equipment, read blueprints and solve production problems. And with the baby boomers starting to retire, these and other employers worry there will be few young workers willing or able to replace them.

Gadget Camp, sponsored in part by a foundation affiliated with the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, which provided financing to nine other camps this summer, is intended to help over the long haul by exposing girls to an occupation they might previously have considered unappealing, if they considered it at all.

Small parts (in particular the solvents used to clean them) aren’t, er, ‘healthy’ for your reproductive system, but that’s not the employer’s problem, is it?

The ‘mis-information’ on this particular article is gigantic! Talk about ‘spin’, the perspective of this article is 180 degrees off!

Kids (male kids in particular) stopped entering the ‘trades’ when rampant off shoring took their father’s jobs.

Movies at the time like ‘Rocky’ urged young males to be ‘thinkers’ and not ‘stinkers’.

Like reeking of fry grease is a big improvement over the stench of cutting oil!

Because once those shop jobs dried up, flipping burgers became ‘as good as it gets’ for most kids stranded in the ‘rustbelt’ a.k.a. ‘economic desert’.

Worse is the ‘insinuation’ that these jobs A.) go begging B.) have a future and finally C.) pay well.

Manufacturing always paid better than burger flipping but ‘at a price’…you were expected to work sun up to sundown and then some. Your ‘good paycheck’ was based on heavy duty overtime and when the overtime dried up, you were shit out of luck!

I’d also question the wisdom of touting this as an effort to ‘open doors for women’ during this ‘man-cession’.

Pay equity still hasn’t been achieved so this reporter isn’t doing ‘women’ any favors…

But pointing this out only puts the corporate owned media in a negative light, doesn’t it?

Anyway, here’s the story that has already disappeared from the business section line-up.

The losses reflected an accumulation of bad news, including feeble economic data in the United States and Europe and signs that some banks were having trouble borrowing on the interbank market. Tension on money markets, which some analysts said was overblown, awoke unpleasant memories of the seizure in interbank lending that followed the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

The global rout “seemed to have its roots in free-floating anxiety about euroland’s economic and financial stability,” Carl B. Weinberg, chief economist at High Frequency Economics in Valhalla, N.Y., said in a note Friday.

Laurent Fransolet, head of European Fixed Income Strategy at Barclays Capital, said, “There’s a lot to worry about,” attributing market losses to fears that slowing growth means “we may be at a very bad turning point globally.”

Maybe they’ll ‘repeat’ this warning over the weekend (although the trading day is still young and the opening rally might still fizzle…)

Funny, 'Flipper' eventually ‘smartened up’ to the fact that the Real Estate market wasn’t ‘coming back’, why doesn’t the investor wake up to the difference between a ‘bargain’ and a White Elephant?

Oh yeah, ‘eyewash’…

Investors CAN’T ‘give up’ on the economy, investing is a ‘herd game’ and it only takes one animal to spook the rest.

Thus is it a good thing for the criminals among us that all ‘money’ is funny!

As the ‘illusion’ starts to ‘fade’ it takes more and more money to prop it up (thus the need for an ‘endless’ supply.)

Unfortunately, when financial engineering becomes indistinguishable from counterfeiting, the supply chain breaks down.

And we are ‘oh so dangerously close’ to that fateful event.

Ask yourself good citizen, just who is stupid enough to be buying stocks in a global market place full of insolvent consumers?

Who is THAT damn DUMB?

Yet we keep buying it!

The fact we are perilously close to insolvency is the part that is slowly being dragged into the sunlight.

When the ‘ruse’ is exposed a vast majority of you will still refuse to believe it! (Which will frustrated the engineers of our demise to no end. As I have stated repeatedly in the past, this IS NOT an accident! It is and was totally foreseeable!

Can we fix the damage? Yes we can BUT the ‘lag’ is going to be horrendous and shortages will be the rule rather than the exception for a real long time.

How long?

A year IF they don’t sabotage us…longer if they throw wrenches…

Worse, it will be a year STARTING from the adoption of A Simple Plan as nothing will move forward without a generally accepted organizational plan.

Understand, the capitalists will promise you they can fix things overnight (which you KNOW is bullshit!) Worse, when things continue to go downhill, YOU will be blamed for it!

Understand, these are the same people who got filthy rich by outsourcing YOUR job to the cheaper there and justified their doing so based on YOUR greed!

A house divided against itself cannot stand…

Before long the criminals will reap their comeuppance!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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