Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Plan 'B'

Greetings good citizen,

Seems the ‘stupidity markets’ rallied strongly yesterday afternoon after The Fed promised to keep doing what it had been doing

Which is just a little bizarre…

Anyway, that was yesterday, as of the open this morning the markets have already handed back yesterday’s ‘gains’.

But back to the ‘bizarre’ bit.

Doesn’t it strike you as just a little bit telling that interest rates are ‘stuck’ at zero?

Naturally, the telling part here is not what banks charge YOU but in what banks will PAY you.

Does anyone find it curious that banks think nothing of charging YOU 30% interest but are only willing to PAY you a single percent?

And yes, the Fed’s ‘promise’ only applies to the rate banks can borrow at.

Where are the fucking Tea Partiers now? Or are they SO STUPID that they believe the Feds are responsible for the amount of interest they can be charged? (Bush ELIMINATED our usury laws…and Obama hasn’t done a thing to restore them!)

How telling is it that Obama has yet to succeed in rolling back a single Bush/Clinton/Reagan anti-people policy?


If YOU can’t make any money on your savings, what’s the point of having a ‘banking relationship? Like the ballot box provides ‘the illusion of participation’, the single percent interest rate provides the ‘illusion of profitability’.

Which is to point out that if you’re A FUCKING BILLIONAIRE you can make money at one fucking percent!

And for some bizarre reason, THIS IS NOT NEWS!

But then again the list of ‘unnewsworthy items’ continues to grow, the corporate owned media has to ignore a wide variety of topics so as not to piss off its advertisers.

How are you supposed to prosper in a world where if you weren’t ‘born to it’ your choices are dismal at best?

Look at what’s happening in London right now. When you ‘exclude’ people from society you are building an army of opponents in your midst.

Worse, you have created the most formidable kind of enemy, one with nothing to lose! These people don’t expect to ‘win’, their ONLY goal is to inflict as much loss as they can because that, perversely enough, IS JUSTICE.

Oh, and heaven forbid anyone gets the bright idea of playing ‘tit for tat’, these people have nothing to lose…or more succinctly a lot less to lose than YOU do.

Set their homes on fire and they won’t rest until YOU’RE homeless too!

One of the greatest mistakes the ‘self-important’ make is underestimating the enemy. The poor aren’t nearly as dumb as the advantaged think they are.

And London burning is a case of ‘just desserts’.

The question, good citizen, is how long it will be before the whole world is ablaze?

The ‘end result’ of globalization has been the ‘exclusion’ of large segments of the population from societies around the world.

How ironic is it that the ‘Army of the unemployed’ is the largest the planet has ever seen?

Can you say ‘mismanagement’ good citizen?

While the tendency has been to dismiss this as an unintended consequence of unbridled greed, it is more chilling to contemplate that this outcome was totally ‘foreseeable’.


Begging the question of ‘Does it really matter who has the most toys because dead is dead?’

Anyway, one thing is certain, the ‘weirdness’ continues tomorrow…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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