Saturday, August 27, 2011

Huricane Irene, accident or tool?

Greetings good citizen,

Aren’t ‘bandwagons’ fun? The last true hurricane that made it north of Carolina was in 1938 yet our flip out over anything media is warning the public to take cover…again.

But wasn’t this how Katrina started out? A hurricane had never bulls-eyed New Orleans before so why was Katrina different?

Could it be because before 2005 the technology to both enhance and steer a major force of nature didn’t exist?

And what of the aftermath that shone a spotlight on the US’s new ‘third world’ status?

Is it me who is missing the significance of ‘warnings about the flooding of the ‘Swindle City’?

Many of New York’s largest investment banks have their headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, and thus fall outside the city’s designated flood zones. Citigroup’s 399 Park Avenue building, Morgan Stanley’s 1585 Broadway bureau, and JPMorgan Chase’s 270 Park Avenue offices are all outside the zones. Credit Suisse’s tower, located a little further south at 11 Madison Avenue, also carries a “no zone” designation.

But the headquarters of Goldman Sachs, located at 200 West Street in Battery Park City, is located in Zone A, the low-lying area that the mayor has ordered to be evacuated. So is American Express’s office in the World Financial Center. Deutsche Bank’s 60 Wall Street headquarters, several blocks away from Goldman, is in Zone B.
A Goldman spokesman declined to detail the bank’s hurricane preparations, but said that the bank had “plans in place to ensure the safety of our people and the ongoing operation of our business.”

A Deutsche Bank spokesman said in a statement: “We are monitoring the storm closely and keeping employees informed with regular updates. We have already taken steps to ensure that we can conduct business as usual while maintaining the safety of all our employees, which is of utmost importance.”

Will we all be scratching our heads come Monday morning wondering why all of these calamities seem to occur on the last weekend in August?

Will we be cursing our foul luck when all of the ‘evidence’ of financial mismanagement ‘accidentally Greetings good citizen,

Talk about your ‘windfalls’, how much ‘luckier’ could you get?

Even more stupefying will be how all of the corroborating evidence will also miraculously disappear!

Should we be thanking our lucky stars it wasn’t a tsunami, considering the recent earthquake that shook the seismically quiet East Coast?

Because the same technology that can steer storms can also trigger earthquakes…

Naturally, this begs a different question: How far will the guilty go to avoid prosecution?

One thing is certain, when the global financial system collapses, ‘the executions’ will begin.

How high up the ladder will you have to be to earn ‘protection’ from your misdeeds?

Many of the ‘rabbits’ know there is no escape, they went along with it purely for the ‘short-term’ gains. What of those for whom the gains were ‘too brief’?

Will they trade what they know in exchange for their lives?

And who would accept a deal like that?

Wouldn’t an act like that set us back down the same path we are trying to escape from?

Of course it would, meaning some of the ‘executioners’ will find the tables turned upon themselves after they wrongly execute the innocent on the word of the guilty.

Then there will be those who will be, er, tempted to ‘help themselves’ to some of the newly ‘liberated’ assets.

They too will find the harsh judgment of society upon them.

But enough of this grim talk.

It should come as little comfort to you that this ‘talk’ of retribution is trivial compared to the crimes that have already been committed and the body counts yet to come.

I suspect it is no coincidence that the ruthless capitalists have been ‘scheduling’ disasters to coincide with the ‘Labor Day’ weekend.

Now that they are moving to wipe Labor Day from the calendar…

It will be interesting to see how that works out considering the only ‘unions’ left are in the public sector.

It’s going to be nightmarish to see just how far the elite will go to ‘starve the beast’.

And perhaps that’s a good place to end today’s speculative piece…imagining what a world without unions would look like.

I suspect it would look very much like what Capitalist Utopia would…only without the buildings.

It’s the no cops and no firefighters thing…or how many hats will the Mercs be willing to wear?

Or would YOU be willing to fight off the world for a spot in the barracks and a plate full (or not) of unidentified mush?

How’s that for ‘short and brutish’?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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