Monday, June 20, 2011

What do you suppose they're trying to tell us?

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In a world literally falling apart due to diminished tax revenue What do you suppose they’re trying to tell us?

Some of the nation’s largest corporations have amassed vast profits outside the country and are pressing Congress and the Obama administration for a tax break to bring the money home.

Apple has $12 billion waiting offshore, Google has $17 billion and Microsoft, $29 billion.

Under the proposal, known as a repatriation holiday, the federal income tax owed on such profits returned to the United States would fall to 5.25 percent for one year, from 35 percent. In the short term, the measure could generate tens of billions in tax revenues as companies transfer money that would otherwise remain abroad, and it could help ease the huge budget deficit.

Are our politicians MORONS or (and more likely) SELLOUTS?

(A ‘rhetorical question’ indeed; since our politicians feel obliged to support capitalism and the subsequent global conquest [of markets] that result.)

Like these chiseling law firms on TV that offer to ‘help’ with your ‘tax difficulties’. Given that the income tax rate is 35% WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO WITH THE OTHER 65% OF THE MONEY?


Read the end of the first page if you want a refresher on what you already know; that these ardent supporters of the 35,000 member ‘Tea Party’ are in fact greedy pricks!

Lower taxes for them and UNEMPLOYMENT for YOU!

There are those who count themselves as lucky we don’t live in the Eurozone, not that this will spare us…

Ilargi: First, any Greek bailout plan that will (may?!) be agreed on doesn't change anything about the country's financial reality. Greece is unable to pay down its debt. If an IMF/ECB/EU package deal is found, that debt will simply now be owed to the "Troika". And Greece will still not be able to pay it back.

You can find comments from those involved in the negotiations that suggest Athens will be "safe“ until 2014, or even for the next 5 years, but this is nonsense. The first aid package hasn't even been paid in full, and the deparate need for a second one has already led to the emergency talks we see now. The only thing that changes is that -much of- the debt is shifted from private investors to the public at large. An all too familiar pattern, and one that is really due for a change.

The situation at the talks, meanwhile, is becoming so opaque it's getting harder to belive there's not at least to some intent intentional. If Germany and France think they can get away with more procrastination, why wouldn't they go that route? They need the euro to weaken vs the UD dollar. These are not good times to have a string currency. But again, they fail to see what the overall perception is in the marketplace. Which is that no matter what they do from here on in, their credibility is shot. For good.

We here in the US are already throwing police and firefighters out the door wholesale because municipalities are cash strapped due largely to the decimation of their industrial base (which, naturally, provided [note the past tense] the bulk of their tax revenue [that goof-ball capitalism requires them to collect!])

Under A Simple Plan there are NO taxes, absolutely none and do you know why?

There are no taxes because nobody is sticking their hand out screaming ‘fuck you, pay me’.

Things that are ‘free from nature’ stay that way! Some asshole who never lifts a finger doesn’t make more on the first half day of work than you’ll make working for same said asshole all year long!

Because said asshole can’t sell anything to anybody…and that’s how it should be!

It is a violation of the human anti-exploitation law, which is an exile offense.

But we digress…

Taxes are often referrred to as ‘the price of civilization’ but the important caveat that is missing from that noble exclamation is that taxes are the curse of predatory capitalist civilization!

Taxes don’t exist to make life better, they exist as an additional revenue stream for the owners to exploit.

Literally, taxes exist so shit head can get paid for what is free to him.

Which is why this ‘bailout bullshit’ is so illogical!

Isn’t it time the victimized nations stand up and tell the bankers to go pound sand?

This is mismanagement AND fraud (nor do we have to go too far to find treason in there as well!)

As I have stated before (and I’m getting as sick of pointing it out as you are of hearing it) we are living under a scenario of how things would operate if organized crime took over the government!

Worse, we are looking at a more or less ‘global’ take over that will eventually devolve into planetary civil war.

Sooner rather than later.

In fact, the stage is set for the, er, abandonment of government pretty much around the globe…except for where the Western lifestyle was exported to [formerly communist China. Which is NOT to say things will remain stable for very long over there once their customer base has totally dried up.]

As I pointed out in yesterday’s post, there are certain ‘sacrifices’ associated with resorting to ‘LCD’ tactics, finesse is only a minor casualty in a much larger battle.

What we are headed for is indeed an example of ‘failure to plan becoming planning to fail.’

There’s a reason why the class war has been turned over to the ‘cruder’ elements of society.

What better way to insure the failure of civilization than by putting the clueless in charge?

And if you don’t think the current bunch is totally clueless then you aren’t paying attention!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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