Friday, June 3, 2011

Food for thought

Greetings good citizen,

By this point in the game I am reasonably confident that nobody is paying much attention to the irrationally priced, plunging stock markets.

The game of ‘pocket pool’ intended to enrich the already wealthy no longer holds the unwashed masses in thrall.

The stock market never made sense to them and the closer they watched the more the ‘hocus-pocus’ aspect became clear.

Which is to point out that the markets AREN’T real, they ARE ‘theater’, an act put on to beguile the gullible while their pockets are being picked.

A ‘godlike’ (think imaginary, all powerful and therefore, irrational) structure used to hide criminal wrongdoing, which brings us to the topic of today’s first offering

This modern Corporate Police State differs from what we call "corporatism" in that it is not merely about funneling public dollars to private interests à la the Wall Street bailout. Indeed, this new monster has bigger goals than the occasional bailout. It is all about using the government's position as society's supreme rule maker and law enforcer to create a fully- functioning corporate state -- one that doesn't just channel police power into crushing the occasional protest, but constructs an entire legal and military framework around preserving and expanding private profit. And, as we're now seeing, that includes a radical reimagining of the U.S. Constitution.

Yes, good citizen, the ‘difference’ between the Hollywood version of a police state and the real deal is we don’t see jack-booted thugs goose-stepping down Main Street like you see in the movies.

The ‘goons’ dress discretely and seldom draw attention to themselves while they keep them close, they seldom ‘flash’ their ‘get out of Jail free’ cards (otherwise known as ‘badges’) if they don’t have to.

Whilst Mr. Sirota speculates that the Police State veneer is simply becoming more obvious, I suspect the more prominent presence is proportionately related to the measurable increase in public anger. (The criminals fear retribution)

By this point in the game it has become apparent we are no longer dealing with a ‘few bad apples’ or a ‘whoopsie’ how did that slip past us situation.

Whether you believe it or not, our ‘betters’ have taken it into their heads that it is time to ‘cull the herd’ and this time they’re going to do it without a ‘world war’.

They’ve already deployed mass sterilization techniques but given the way things are headed they see no reason to stop there.

You can bet there is a hotly contested debate going on as to whether or not to deploy nukes against the ‘surplus population’ (their term, not mine!) and so far the ‘no nuke’ crowd is winning…but we don’t know for how long.)

Understand good citizen, we will mourn the passing of democracy when it finally occurs, not that most of us would notice the difference, considering the farce democracy has become.

We can use all the statistics in the world, appeal to every historical parallel, bring out every expert, cite every non-partisan study, and it isn't going to matter. We will not convince them that their way lies destruction.

And there is no stopping them. When Reagan's tax cuts ballooned the deficit, they forgot it happened. When Poppy's tax hike fixed the problem, they were happy to see him go. The success of Bill Clinton's economic recovery act did not impress them. They learned nothing from Dubya's destruction of the global economy. They didn't change their beliefs or behavior after getting drubbed two straight times in 2006 and 2008. They just doubled-down on the obstruction and the propaganda and the poison, and repeated a now well-worn pattern of exploding the debt only to turn around and blame the Democrats and social programs for the deficit.

Until ‘direct democracy’ is enacted, we will not be free to control our destiny, nor will we enjoy anything even remotely resembling 'justice'.

Understand that the ‘centerpiece’ of A Simple Plan is ‘direct democracy’, there are no ‘legislators’, the laws will be made and passed by the same people who must live under them.

It is only right and just.

As I have asked repeatedly in the past, since we are all in this together, just who the hell is this ‘opposition’ we keep seeing in our political affairs?

Well, guess who it is? It’s the mo-fo’s who are ripping our asses off blind!

Worse, they have placed themselves ‘above the law’.

Just one more ‘common practice’ to be guarded against…which is to point out that the choice to go with ‘representative democracy’ wasn’t ‘accidental’.

So as we speak of our collapsing civilization
We are once again ‘treated’ to a display of Corporate Capitalism at work:

Foreigners and the wealthy have moved their dollars offshore, forcing Yemen’s Central Bank to hold onto its declining foreign reserves. [Sound familiar?] That in turn is causing the Yemeni riyal to slide in value. On the black market, the price of a dollar rose to 250 riyals from 217 in just a few weeks. [Did I mention the ‘irrational, nonsensical aspect of modern monetary management/valuation?]

Economists say that if the riyal reaches 300 to the dollar, an additional 15 percent of Yemen’s 23 million people will be under the poverty line, living on less than $2 a day. Already, an estimated 40 to 50 percent of Yemen’s people are under that line, though reliable statistics are difficult to obtain in Yemen and some economists put the figure even higher. [And these people are NOT groaning under the yoke of Communism, or Islamism (which is a religion and not an economic system.) what is the source of Yemen’s pain? Why International Capitalism, of course!]

Since mid-March, when tribesmen allied with the opposition blew up a pipeline and disabled one of Yemen’s two main oil-production facilities, the government has been forced to import almost all of its fuel. (The other main complex is used for exports.) That has further strained the government, which depends almost entirely on dwindling oil reserves for its revenues.

Let’s see, gas lines at home while the ‘other’ port exports domestic oil to the Western world and their economy is in chaos?

Can you say ‘mismanagement’?

It boggles the mind to see criminal acts like this go unpunished…but that’s ‘capitalism’ for you!

In case you have ‘forgotten’ (considering how the media has long since ignored the ongoing unrest in Yemen) neighboring Arab states have intervened militarily to keep the (US centric) monarchy in power.

These are, as I’m sure patriotic Republicans would urgently downplay, your tax dollars at work!

‘You’d be paying $5 a tomato if we didn’t have migrants willing to pick ‘em for nothin’!’

Fuck heads!

Which, naturally, segues nicely into our next story of financial ‘hocus pocus’.

Back when the original 2009 Obama stimulus was enacted, some of us warned that it was both too small and too short-lived. In particular, the effects of the stimulus would start fading out in 2010 — and given the fact that financial crises are usually followed by prolonged slumps, it was unlikely that the economy would have a vigorous self-sustaining recovery under way by then.

By the beginning of 2010, it was already obvious that these concerns had been justified. Yet somehow an overwhelming consensus emerged among policy makers and pundits that nothing more should be done to create jobs, that, on the contrary, there should be a turn toward fiscal austerity.

Um, I’m hellbent to inject relevant portions of ASP into my essays to illustrate what a holistic, workable system looks like.

As I have criticized many times, money is only useful to the individual.

Sit back and think about that one for a moment. Neither the state nor the commercial sector needs ‘profits’ to operate!

This is contrary to what you’ve been taught but money has been ‘abused’ (by the self-serving) for a mighty long time.

Understand that removing the requirement for both the state and commerce to generate profits eliminates the need for ALL taxation!

Taxes exist to enrich the owners of resources at the public’s expense!

It’s a ‘scam’ and all taxing bodies should be exiled…oh and P.S. by the way, Libertarians and Randites right along with them!

This ‘scam’ was dreamed up by the ‘owners’ of the world (quite literally the kings started this tax bullshit…and Pharoah was nothing more than a king pretending to be god!)

Where has the practice of paying for civilization gotten us?

The Labor Department reported on Friday that the United States added 54,000 nonfarm payroll jobs last month, following an increase of 232,000 jobs in April. May’s job gain was about a third of what economists had been forecasting.

The unemployment rate ticked up to 9.1 percent from 9.0 percent in April.

“The economy clearly just hit a brick wall,” said Paul Ashworth, chief United States economist at Capital Economics. “It’s almost as if it came to a complete standstill.”

Did I mention ‘mismanagement’?

Do you have ANY idea on how grand a scale our collapsing civilization is being mismanaged?

You already know this but these people have a lot of nerve calling themselves our ‘betters’!

They are the scum of our society, the worst of the worst who somehow manage to claw their way to the top…mostly because we are too nice to stop them!

And THAT good citizen, is the hell of it!

I don’t know about you but from here on out it’s ‘no more Mr. Nice Guy!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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