Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Greetings good citizen,

You know as well as I do that nothing has been done to address our badly broken economy.

The current ‘kabuki dance’ over the inevitable Greek default makes you wonder just how far these manipulating assholes are willing to push things.

As it stands the ‘adjustments’ to the economy (they’re shrinking it a far below the current population level) promises there won’t be anything resembling a recovery now or ever.

But the rich won’t care, they’ll have theirs…for a while.

Which is to say nobody can deny that this nonsense is deliberate

As usual, the investors are ‘made whole’ while nothing is done for the people that got stuck with exploding mortgages

Bank of America is completing an agreement to pay $8.5 billion to settle claims by investors that purchased mortgage securities that soured when the housing bubble burst, according to people briefed on the deal. It represents what is likely to be the single biggest settlement tied to the subprime mortgage boom and the subsequent financial crisis of 2008.

The settlement would wipe out all of the company’s earnings in the first half of this year, and it could also provide a template for deals with other big banks that face tens of billions in similar claims.

How much do you want to bet the amount in the ‘bonus pool’ will be mysteriously ‘unavailable’ come the end of the year?

On a related note the stupidity market is on the rise again due to ‘irrational exuberance’ over the (they still can’t pay it) Greek debt.

PARIS — Stock prices were broadly higher in Europe but mixed in the United States on Wednesday as the Greek Parliament passed a vote on an austerity plan demanded by international lenders as a condition for providing more funds and preventing a default.

Concerns over the euro zone debt problems have been a focus of the financial markets for weeks. Investors had been bracing for the outcome of the Greek Parliament’s decision on Wednesday on the package, a set of unpopular measures that include wage cuts, tax increases and privatizations.

European shares were up about 2 percent as the voting was underway.

It’s a truly frightening thing to witness, the lockstep movements of the ‘stupidity markets’.

It is proof that the global economy is now one…so when it crashes it ALL goes down.

While I call this the ‘collapse of civilization’ I mean specifically it is Western civilization that is facing extinction.

More than a few twisted capitalists would say ‘good riddance’, which should really worry you.

Understand, these are the same assholes who think Americans would make good slaves!

(First thing to do with anybody who is ‘cool’ with slavery is to castrate ‘em because you definitely don’t want ‘em breeding!)

The only thing worse than a slaver is a preacher…and absolutely no irony should be lost on the fact that the preacher will not only tolerate but endorse slavery if it suits him!

But, and you know it will go this way, the fuckers who think the collapse of the USA is a good thing will be brought low not by a populace thirsting for justice but by the desperate who will seize the upper hand in a rapidly deteriorating situation.

Just like the ‘hard money’ nitwits, gold will be more dangerous than dynamite once the government collapses.

Did I mention that the collapse of the government is only a few months away?

Understand the Plan is for our democracy to fizzle, the right wing is standing ready to provide us with a new government, one that only a few will be offered the protection of.

Worse, one of the first things the ‘new government’ will do is start demonizing the, er, ‘surplus population.’

And that will be when the trouble will start…and a formerly disorganized populace starts to organize for its own defense.

Which is to ask how ‘surprised’ will you be to learn that the government no longer ‘has your back’?

Most will be shocked!

We already know ‘intellectually’ that the courts are beyond our reach. If you aren’t a millionaire then you can’t afford to seek justice.

But most of us ‘assume’ that we still enjoy ‘equal treatment under the law’ which is a big mistake!

This land is not ‘your’ land by any stretch of the imagination…and now that resources are running low, your presence is no longer welcome.

The landlords appreciate you are a ‘native’ without anywhere else to go and they regret they don’t have anything useful for you to do (something that is still put on YOU to fix…if only you had continued your education!)

Yup, they’ve got big things in store for us, their mismanagement of the economy and their manipulation of the data were just opening features…

The main show is about to begin!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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