Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just like that!

Greetings good citizen,

The destruction of our civilization proceeds apace, while I’d like to provide you with an exact day when civil order will collapse I’m just not that well connected.

What should frighten you all is that somebody does indeed know precisely when the excrement is destined to hit the rotational device.

As I have asserted repeatedly, NONE of this is an ‘accident’.

Worse, the ‘stupid’ we see on display is being accompanied by a hearty ‘fuck ‘em if they don’t like it’…something that never bodes well for the soon to be ‘victims’.

While we can take comfort from the notion that those responsible for the destruction of our society would like to see more ‘finesse’ employed.

Unfortunately, there is a distinct correlation between how low you have to sink before you find somebody (stupid enough) to whack the wasp’s nest with a short stick.

Thus is 'finesse' MIA.

And, for the record, I will once again protest that not only is there nothing the average schmuck can do about this (thus will nothing be done.)

It is because we are powerless to defend ourselves against the machinations of those who control information flow that our, er, ‘doom’ is sealed.

Understand, this is not without risk (to the perps) from people such as myself, which is why it is dangerous to draw attention to yourself by pointing to their crimes…

Oh well.

I’m not going to live forever and neither will the perps…the problem is their crimes WILL live longer than either of us.

If we don’t destroy the tools of malfesance and mis-administration then both will continue to flourish.

As we see in today’s Pappy’s day offering

Big business has a long history of “crying wolf” to protect its own narrow interests at the expense of the wider public. Name a progressive achievement that seems sacrosanct today—clean air regulations, the minimum wage, child labor laws—and you’ll find that almost every attempt to achieve those goals was met by a storm of inflammatory and misleading rhetoric.

Today industry stakeholders and their political allies still capture the rhetorical high ground by alleging that progressive change will kill jobs or curtail economic growth. Every injustice and inefficiency that scars America’s policy landscape is guarded by powerful interests who profit from the status quo. They will not hesitate to employ underhanded tactics to preserve their domains. Anyone even passingly acquainted with the recent debate around health care reform should be familiar with this concept.

Um, this sort of brings us full circle to the issue of ‘if we’re all in this together, then who the hell is the ‘opposition’?’

We CAN’T be on the same team if we can’t cooperate in devising fair and just solutions.

Worse, this, er, ‘uncooperative’ segement of our now crumbling society is relatively tiny.

What isn’t tiny is the power these criminal/parasites weild.

Worse is the mayhem they will unleash once it becomes clear that their power is weakening (which will be right around the same time their money becomes no good!)

AND if you think that ‘Ain’t gonna happen’ just try to buy something with Confederate money (or one of the other long extinct varieties of ‘representative wealth’.)

Our next Pappy’s Day piece reflects the economic reality faced by most older citizens

Frank Ballesteros, is a 62-year-old desperate for work. Mr. Ballesteros, who is on his 78th week of unemployment, is one of those workers. He receives $240 a week in benefits, or about $5 an hour for a full-time worker.

“These politicians just don’t realize how important that one $240 check is,” he said.

When he worked at a nonprofit managing a microloan program, Mr. Ballesteros earned $73,000 annually; now, he says, he is getting rejected — or worse, ignored — by employers who pay minimum wage.

This, good citizen, is ‘over fifty disease’ up close and personal. How much do you want to bet Mr. Ballesteros NEVER works (at a job capable of supporting him) again?

And don’t shit yourself, if he finds one job it is doubtful he’ll find two or three, there are just too many unemployed out there…

It’s still in excess of six candidates for EVERY open position (including part time gigs that wouldn’t feed a cat! So even the 6 to 1 ratio is ‘skewed’…)

Moving along here we have another peek at an alternative economic yardstick.

No. 373: May Inflation, Retail Sales, Production
Subscription required June 15th, 2011

• Economy Falters as Inflation Surges
• May’s Annual Consumer Inflation: 3.6% (CPI-U), 4.1% (CPI-W), 11.2% (SGS)
• Real Retail Sales Contracted in Both April and May
• Stalled Industrial Production Continued

Inflation is running at over 11%, how about that?

Um, don’t look now good citizen but ‘manufacturing’ was supposed to be the ‘bright spot’ driving this recovery.

It could be that Industrial Production is no longer related to manufacturing in quibbler’s world.

Do you remember when the Shrub was president and he wanted to lump burger flipping into manufacturing (to mask the massive bleeding!)

As a 30 year (and currently unemployed) manufacturing man, I’d like to know what they are calling ‘manufacturing’. (Putting a Made in USA sticker on parts imported from elsewhere is not ‘manufacturing’. Although it does qualify as ‘fabricating’ if we use the word the same why it is used to indicate lying!

I admit to being ‘biased’ in this area and likely ‘prejudiced’ in my opinions, which I feel rather strongly about.

Happy Pappy’s Day god citizen, be good to your Dad!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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