Monday, June 13, 2011

One step closer...

Greetings good citizen,

Can you say ‘Police State’?

It was bad enough that we had cops that seemed indifferent to crime or couldn’t recognize criminal activity, but now they are being granted ‘expanded authority’!

Well, guess what’s being ‘sacrificed’ so they can exercise their expanded authority? YOUR civil rights!

WASHINGTON — The Federal Bureau of Investigation is giving significant new powers to its roughly 14,000 agents, allowing them more leeway to search databases, go through household trash or use surveillance teams to scrutinize the lives of people who have attracted their attention.

The F.B.I. soon plans to issue a new edition of its manual, called the Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide, according to an official who has worked on the draft document and several others who have been briefed on its contents. The new rules add to several measures taken over the past decade to give agents more latitude as they search for signs of criminal or terrorist activity.

The F.B.I. recently briefed several privacy advocates about the coming changes. Among them, Michael German, a former F.B.I. agent who is now a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union, argued that it was unwise to further ease restrictions on agents’ power to use potentially intrusive techniques, especially if they lacked a firm reason to suspect someone of wrongdoing.

Just how far are you willing to push that ‘if you haven’t done anything wrong then you’ve got nothing to worry about’ meme?

Especially in the hands of the people who decide what is and isn’t, er, ‘wrong’.

There’s a reason why these idiots don’t prosecute bankers; but you aren’t quite so invulnerable, are you?

Most FBI agents are lawyers (so not busting bankers is sort of a ‘professional courtesy’ if any of these lawyers hope to have a second career with an, er, ‘influential law firm’ after departing Federal Service…)

There is a sort of weird disconnect here as TV portrays the FBI as ‘dedicated public servants’ rather than putting their more opportunistic traits on display.

How do you make partner in a large firm without years of ‘sweat equity’? You get some dirt on a major client of the firm…then, shazam, you’re a full equity partner!

But you won’t see that in the plot of you favorite cop show, will you?

But that’s propaganda for you…

I’m going to guess this new legislation will NOT make the hunt easier for those seeking a shortcut to future financial security. Their bosses will be on the alert to keep the field agents digging where they’re supposed to dig, in the trash of the malcontents, seeking the necessary evidence to brand them ‘insurgents’.

That’s why they want to go digging in YOUR trash! (Chances are good they’re already digging in mine!)

If there were a meme for the day it appears to be the growing disconnect between the people and the rulers.

They insist they are trying to make us ‘safe’ but it becomes evident that they are really only interested in their own safety, they are attempting to protect themselves from ‘retribution’…thus are YOUR rights being thrown out the window.

The old meme has a new caveat: ‘you have nothing to worry about if (you’re rich and) not doing anything wrong.’

If your disenfranchised and complain about it, you might find yourself branded a ‘terrorist’, even if you don’t have so much as a slingshot to execute your ‘reign of terror’ with!

Um, the ‘class war’ is turning ugly and it won’t be long before we witness open warfare in the streets of Europe. (IF they don’t ‘censor’ such broadcasts…)

We really are just inches away from martial law.

And nobody is doing a fucking thing about it…which should frighten you good citizen!

Where have all the ‘good men’ gone?

Apparently they were all bought off or fired!

Which leaves us where?

I guess it’s up to you and me.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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