Thursday, June 9, 2011

Doom and Gloom

Greetings good citizen,

You will soon sicken of hearing that the collapse of our civilization proceeds apace. I have (in my opinion wisely) kept silent for the past two years because then, like now, there was no concrete evidence to point to.

Um, like the economy recovery nobody can find you have to know what you’re looking at to actually see the evidence of impending doom.

Ironically, the greatest evidence of collapse rests in what hasn’t been done.

They, the oligarchs, the puppetmasters who have ‘assumed control’ and taken our government capitve, haven’t done anything to restore economic vitality. Our economy continues to wither as the bought and paid for media proclaims ‘recovery’ that will usher in the return of prosperity…any day now.

Just don’t ask ‘when’ because the answer is you can’t hold your breath that long, you’ll die! Actually the real answer is never, the social contract has been re-written and all you’re gonna get is whatever you can salvage from the garbage disposal.

So I guess that's sort of a mission statement after all. And don't worry, I’m easily smart enough to understand that that will rub some people the wrong way. I just don't see another way out anymore, it’s all about analysis and pattern recognition from where I’m sitting. I’m temporarily lodged in France, to work on the new Automatic Earth website. People here say that if austerity measures like those in Greece and Spain and Portugal would ever reach here, you ain't seen nothing yet. The French know protest, and proudly so. Me, I’m wondering what's going to happen when police start shooting live ammo in the EU periphery. And how far away that moment could be.

We've handed the financial elites absolute powers over our economies, and thereby our lives and well being, as well as our childrens' futures. We’ll have to wrestle it back from their cold dead hands. And that's not going to be an easy one.

Illargi’s reluctance to grasp the ‘third rail’ of social engineering prevents him from providing any useful advice regarding the coming disaster.

That ‘third rail’ is money. For some bizarre reason people treat the subject like it is a non-issue, that money will ‘somehow’ take care of itself.

I’m telling you right here and now if you don’t ‘fix’ money, you won’t succeed in fixing anything!

Which is to say it is pointless to contribute to a cause that offers no viable solution; sort of brings us back to the ‘stupid’ thing I’ve been trying to avoid.

We are all still paying our taxes to people who are skinning us alive but hey, there are some things we don’t have a choice in and that’s one of them.

Maybe I should put a ‘tip can’ out there, just to see what happens.

(Thankfully blogger is free or you wouldn’t be seeing this period!)

I tax your time enough and that is all the ‘sacrifice’ I require.

Which brings us to a doubly depressing admission. Since I do provide a workable solution to the current (man-made and therefore ‘artificial’) crisis, there seems to be little or no appetite for ‘change’, which bodes poorly for our species.

A vast majority of you would be (significantly) better off under A Simple Plan yet neither the idea (nor echoes of the main concepts) appear anywhere on the net.

Which is to say you guys are doing a great job of keeping your mouths shut.

Not that there is a big audience for alternative social models out there.

Hell, most kids are still enamored with monarchy (as long as it is THEY who are King/Queen.) My son aspires to be a ‘system lord’. (And I’m not sure what this unhealthy attraction to the ‘dark side’ says about our society…) failing that he wants to be a Lawyer…so you can see why I worry.

Speaking of the dark side today’s headlines collected at Some Assembly Required today are downright dismal!

A veritable ‘litany of woe’ were you to ask me.

Did I mention the collapse of our civilization is proceeding apace?

And still you don’t believe me.

How sad is it that it will take a tank parked in your driveway to finally convince you there’s something radically wrong with this picture?

Sad beyond belief!

Sadder still is the notion that you still trust the corporate owned media more than what your own senses tell you!

YOU good citizen have a serious advantage over those who don’t read this column and don’t look beyond the MSM for answers.

What you know that most people don’t is that the rug will eventually be pulled out from under the charade we call civilization…

Yes, people will still be, I want to say ‘surprised’ but the actual reaction will be much closer to ‘shocked’ that they have been ‘wiped out’ without recourse.

As I have pointed out repeatedly, there’s no place to run and no place to hide, the ‘global economy’ is being held together with spit and baling wire, which won’t last long.

I’ll be surprised if we make it past mid-summer (given the situation in the EU.) but we, as a civilization, are definitely ‘toast’ shortly after cold weather returns.

There are going to be some mighty big ‘bonfires’ on the first night temperatures dip below freezing.

Speaking of fires, has anyone else noticed how the West keeps catching on fire every summer?

Well, before global warming this was blamed on ‘The War in the West’.

Is ‘A’ feeding ‘B’? I dunno but I suspect there’s more to it than just ‘abnormal dryness.’

Just as I have sworn off dwelling on the, er, ‘intelligence deficit’ I think it would be frugal to go back to the ‘silence is golden’ rule as far as the ongoing nature of the collapse of civilization.

It is a difficult subject to discuss rationally because people are unable to wrap their heads around the idea. They don’t understand that the ‘mundane, boob-proofed’ social functions will keep going long after there is a reason to keep doing those tasks.

And as long as they see those ‘familiar functions’ being performed, the collapse of civilization will remain ‘unreal’ to them.

Maybe it will take aliens parking their spaceships in the middle of the interstate to convince them that our social model is FUBAR!

Naturally, one must be careful what one wishes for…we just might get it!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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