Thursday, June 23, 2011

Power Failure

Greetings good citizen,

Yesterday was the ‘last day of school’ in this neck of the woods (although my kid’s cousins have been out since last week!)

Not that I’m using THAT as an excuse for not posting yesterday. No, ironically it was a much more common ‘beastie’ that devoured last night’s post. We had a Power Failure when I was 90% done (and then I couldn’t find the ‘recovered’ document, just like I can’t find the recovered economy anywhere either!)

So much for yesterday…onward with today.

Okay good citizen, it’s 10:30 AM EST and the Dow is down a touch more than 200 points…(not that this has anything to do with reality.)

I didn’t find this telling bit of news in today’s NY Times, this link comes from the news feed tied to my browser’s Home Page.

Are the two news items related?

Without a doubt (even if you have to make the connection your self.)

The headline reads loosely as follows:

Saab runs out of cash to meet payroll.

Why do you suppose that is, good citizen?

Could it be ‘economics 101’? That unalterable fact of capitalism; businesses’ which fail to attract sufficient market share go bankrupt?

Let’s repeat the refrain, shall we?

The destruction of our civilization proceeds apace!

(Don’t forget the sub-refrain: Capitalism is Doomed!)

While it currently isn’t ‘on radar’, we will soon be asking ourselves why we are following the Lemmings off the cliff…and we won’t have a good answer.

It will resonate like those Scott trade commercials with the shifty, weasel broker (spending YOUR money like it was water) trying to justify his existance…

Understand good citizen when the few succeed in, well, ‘monopolizing’ the world’s markets, the know they won’t hold on to their bonanza via Democracy or anything resembling ‘free markets’.

So BOTH will have to go…and if you don’t like it, you can go pound sand!

Or hang these criminals! Really, the choice is yours.

Either YOU put up with it or you don’t.

Understand there’s more to it than just saying ‘no’. The criminals have made themselves the nominal superiors of 'the men with guns and badges.'

Theoretically, the men with the guns won’t fire upon ‘innocent civilians’ a distinction that is difficult to make while the civilians are trying to throw off the yoke of corruption the criminals have saddled them with!

Unsurprisingly, we have this disturbing story the ‘infamous they’ are pinning today’s market woes on.

Talk about your ‘short term solutions’, looks like the market is ‘pricing in’ the pending economic disaster brought on by rapidly escalating energy prices.

If you don’t live somewhere that you can walk around in shirt-sleeves all year long, move (cuz you’re gonna freeze to death if you don’t!)

Oh, PS by the way, you can still fall victim to hypothermia in places where the temperatures never go below freezing!

Talk about your ‘double whack’ you’ll be unable to afford the fuel to escape the cold nor the fuel to keep you warm.

Got your eye on that forest outside your window? Are you prepared to kill for it? That’s what it’s going to take…in case any of you thought there was ‘plenty to go around’.

Yep, it’s getting DAMN scary out there! Good thing it’s summer time!

Things are going to take a definite turn for the worse once cold weather threatens to return…

Not that things could get much worse than they already are

Which is to ask why do any of you still doubt that ALL money is ‘FUNNY’?

If we’ve got the money to pay for frisking the general population then we have the money to bail out (all of) the banks and fight a dozen wars at once!

Which is to say, the more removed money becomes from its intended purpose, the more ridiculous our reality becomes.

It’s outrageous that we have a handful of people with more money than they can spend and huge numbers that have all they can do to keep food on the table and a roof (of sorts) over their heads!

And NOTHING is done about it…

WTF, good citizen, WTF?

What’s happening right here and now has little to do with economics and everything to do with ‘power’.

The few are trying their damnedest to kill off as much of the ‘surplus population’ as they can without getting themselves killed.

Methinks they will succeed on one level but will fail to survive the other.

For some unfathomable reason the term ‘blowback’ is meaningless to them…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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