Sunday, June 12, 2011

Perception deception

Greetings good citizen,

Just in case you were wondering the collapse of our civilization doesn’t take weekends off (ironically, neither do the idiots responsible for it!)

(And while I’m here I may as well add that this in itself redefines ‘stupid’.)

If you want to witness stupid in action, I offer the following:

The drag on stocks is especially troubling because it suggests that one of the few bright spots for the United States economy may be starting to fade. Just six weeks ago, the Dow Jones industrial average seemed poised to break through the 13,000 mark, closing at 12,810 on April 29. But on Friday it fell 172.45 points, or 1.42 percent, to close at 11,951.91.

It had not been below 12,000 since March 18, and it has now suffered a loss for six consecutive weeks, its longest weekly slump since the fall of 2002.

“In general, we have had such a long string of disappointing economic data, not only domestically but to some extent globally as well, that people are perhaps at last shifting their outlook,” said Kathy Jones, fixed-income strategist at Charles Schwab.

What part of ‘the customer base is broke’ don’t these idiots get?

Worse, every so-called ‘recovery’ from here on in will be weaker than its predecessor.

Lest you think this is an isolated incident or a US problem, think again, markets around the globe have been bleeding from the eyesockets for the past six weeks.

The only market to end on a positive note this week was…wait for it…Japan!

The Japanese have taken a brutal beating for the past few months and ‘Mr. Market’ (Psycho that he is) must think Japan has been beaten enough (and is therefore now a ‘bargain’, thus the contrary trend in an otherwise barren investing landscape.)

Although it is hard to tell what is more feeble, using the stock market as a ‘yardstick of prosperity’ (when a fraction of a single percent of the population owns 99% of all stocks) Or pointing out that the end of ‘Quantitative easing’ means the end of the irrational rise in stock prices?

If not for the Fed, Wall Street would be ‘flatline’ by now because, despite being two years into the so-called recovery, NOTHING has been done to correct the imbalances created by the finance sector!

Our economy, on paper, is precisely that, PAPER! It’s not real! (Which is to say most of what passes for ‘wealth’ under our current set up is, er, ‘imaginary’…the product of ‘creative accounting.’

The question you need to be asking yourself is whether or not the people behind this fiasco would go as far as to destroy our civilization so they could avoid prosecution for their crimes?

I ‘opine’ they would. There’s some powerful ‘magical thinking’ going on in the upper reaches of our species, er, ‘brain trust’…and history has proven they aren’t big on foresight or the ‘consequences of their actions.’

They see a vast reduction in our numbers as a ‘net good’.

This is the danger of letting one group of humans (pretend to) ‘pay’ another. The first ‘bad example’ learned from this exercise is the paying group finds the fewer they have to pay, the more that is left over for them!

It never occurs to them that their ‘free money’ diminishes the value of all money.

Worse, these idiots have direct access to the printing press so there is zero control over how much they ‘pay themselves’.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how much ‘pilferage’ the Fed suffers?

On the other hand, if not for this pilferage there is a very good chance that our (fucked up) economy would have flatlined years ago!

Just saying, ya know?

How much is enough is the same as asking how high is up?

Um, it’s Sunday again and I just found out I didn’t post this yesterday…oops!

Better late than never…sometimes.

After crawling the web in search of insight (profound or otherwise) the only ‘new’ thing to hit my eye was a tortured look at how capitalists ‘might’ save themselves on ‘The Automatic Earth.’

Again, the failure/assumed portion of this argument hinges on time being set to ‘infinite’, that the capitalists are both interested AND capable of acting swiftly (and decisively) enough to head off what will be worse than ‘civil war’.

Sadly, in a sidebar ‘front page’ story on today’s NY Times we find that the ‘bunker mentality’ is gaining traction. The capitalists aren’t interested in saving anybody but themselves!

If a few of their number happen to get ‘massacred’ in the process then it’s more ‘market share’ for them!

Which is to point out that at least opportunists are ‘consistent’. They really do subscribe to the credo ‘Every man for himself and the Devil take the hindmost!’

Not exactly a sound prescription to base a civilization on, is it?

But most don’t think civilization will survive the end of cheap energy…which is absolute bullshit.

We will most definitely survive (and flourish), what won’t survive is predatory capitalism and the squandering of resources it fosters.

We aren’t facing an ‘energy crisis’; we are facing a (deadly serious) management crisis!

Put in perspective, our problems are minimal. It is the people whose power is derived from the control of energy that are experiencing a ‘crisis’ (and responsible for the mismanagement of efforts to deal with the problem!)

Murders one and all, willing to throw our whole species under the bus than relinquish power.

Until you wake up to that fact you’ll be fighting the wrong battle.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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