Sunday, June 26, 2011

That's gonna leave a mark!

Greetings good citizen,

Lately it has been difficult to avoid ‘That sinking feeling’. We have all been aware of the direction of the economy but actually seeing the water start washing over the side railings is a bit of a wake up call.

Let’s begin with a look at the domestic situation

No. 375: GDP Revision, May Durables Goods Orders and Home Sales Subscription required June 24th, 2011
• Bernanke Befuddled by Weak Economy?
• Major Downside Revisions to GDP Revisions Loom As Economy Slowly Slides into a Double-Dip

Um, maybe it’s just me but Mr. Williams has been decidedly ‘tight-lipped’ of late. Could this be due to his hyper-inflation warnings being countered by ‘deflationista’s’ claims that differ from each other only in semantics?

Since the effects are identical, the label is meaningless.

So, the headline story in today’s NY Times is how civilization is marching forward with NY’s ‘approval’ of gay marriage.

A Simple Plan readers know that I’m down on the whole institution of marriage between ANYBODY, especially when it becomes a strategy for ‘financial betterment’ to one or more of the parties to the contract.

Which is to ask how much do you want to bet that old Whitey Bulger has terminal something or other that is going to end up being paid for by the taxpayer?

But since the wheels are starting to fly off of the ‘Crazy Train’ it is doubtful his surrender will do him much ‘good’.

Him, like us, are as good as dead.

Let us use that statement to segue into the the global situation (the lead story tells us what we want to know…)

"When in the Course of Human Events..." We are about to witness the collapse of the European Union. The collapse is avoidable – it would be far cheaper for Germany and France to pick up the tab, convene a grand constitutional assembly and start over, but emotion has overtaken reason. The needed steps are as clear – a single tax system, a unified banking system, and a directly elected federal system of law and government - as they are unlikely. The problem is, and always was, the failure to back the idea of a single currency with an economic and political union. The collapse is signaled not so much by the problems of Greece, Portugal and Spain as in the collapse of the Schengen treaty. Protectionism, nationalism and fear of the neighbors foreshadows a return to times of economic strife, political posturing and war between the insecure. There first victims will be the poor, the unemployed and the 'foreigners'. Inevitably poverty, suffering and political unrest will follow. It is not the euro that is doomed, it is the idea of the euro. Maastricht is a vague memory. What is needed is a new Treaty of Westphalia. But there will not be one. The nationalist right and the global bond markets have won. There will be no rapture – just an end of days.

Sometimes to see the whole picture it becomes necessary to step back to see the bigger picture.

The ‘Euro’ experiment was doomed from the beginning, something the idiots who went ahead with it anyway knew from the start.

Which is to point out that Euro experiment was just another strategy used by what are now global criminals to gain control of market share.

How do you spell ‘multinational?’


One stop shopping; turned on its head!

“I care not who prints the money so long as I have the ONLY store in town!”

The danger this presents to our civilization staggers the imagination (although the only way to prevent this outcome is to do the exact same thing with considerably different rules, starting with the Human Anti-exploitation Law!)

Buying and selling can no longer benefit individuals, they are too greedy.

Any questions?

Mother Nature don’t have no cash register, so why do we need one?

We need cash to regulate access.

Why not just hand people the cash they need?

Because too many would ‘opt out’ of their work requirement. (No system of ‘all out and no in’ can operate for long…and we’re talking the real long haul here.)

Shit needs doing and we ALL need to do it.

Without equality there can be no justice and without justice there can be no peace…and without peace there can be no prosperity!

It’s a pretty simple feedback loop yet our self-professed ‘betters’ continue to ignore it to this day.

Thus my repeated charges of ‘mismanagement’.

Above is the template for a sustainable society, there are no substitutes…yet you accept them all the time!

Naturally, it doesn’t help that you are repeatedly told that you live in the richest, bravest, free-est, and most noble nation on the planet.

(How sad is it that we have such poor ‘sister nations’ to compare ourselves to?)

Worse, it is sad indeed that much of what is claimed only exists in the ‘eye of the beholder/declarer’ (who doesn’t live as YOU live or suffer as YOU suffer!)

If I keep smacking you on the head like this it’s gonna leave a mark!

And it won’t be pretty…

Worse, the mark will be on the inside!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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