Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Slick Willy

Greetings good citizen,

We’ve all had deep misgivings about the Roberts court but today’s top headline on the NY Times is being construed as ‘the end’ for class action lawsuits.

Not that this should surprise anybody who has been paying attention. If we admit we have a ‘captive government’ then it stands to reason the court is also ‘captive’ and neither is (or is expected to be) ‘responsive’ to the will of the governed.

Which brings us to the upcoming presidential election.

I’m still of a mind that we will witness something along the lines of a coup de tat stemming from the ‘impasse’ over the debt ceiling.

But supposing that doesn’t happen the ‘opposition’ as yet has no viable candidate to run against the incumbent.

What is disturbing about this is the conservatives, while continuing to ‘bash’ the sitting president, DON’T feel the need to run against him.

It doesn’t matter who you ‘elect’ to public office if that individual takes his/her marching orders from the same set of assholes who told the last guy what to do.

How sad is it good citizen that Obamarama is now being considered one of the best GOP presidents ever?

Slick Willy (the welfare slayer) still has my vote for Best GOP president ever, just as St. Ronnie is still holding on to his ‘first place’ as Worst President ever (as bad as W. was Reagan was worse!)

Sort of exemplifies the duration of our ‘crisis of leadership’ going back to the LBJ/Nixon years.

There hasn’t been a Democratic candidate worth voting for since LBJ refused re-election in 1968.

They’ve all sucked; the only saving grace has been that the Republican candidates sucked worse! (Something they promptly prove as soon as they win office.)

Step one was ‘rigged’ elections (via the media) step two will be the ‘default’ of our democracy, sparked in part by frustration caused by years of ‘ineffective’ government.

The battle cry will be ‘time for action’ by the very people responsible for thwarting democratic processes to resolve issues.

Understand that this will be the old ‘my way or the highway’ we have all grown accustomed to from our capitalist employers.

Their, er, ‘radical’ policies to liberate the markets and let them (finally) work their magic will, as you can imagine, result in multiple disasters.

Which is to admonish you that you CAN’T ALLOW people who honestly think ‘the one with the most toys in the end wins’ control the economy!

That sort of ‘non-thinking’ leads to this sort of bull shit!

Which, naturally, brings us full circle with the desperate acts of desperate people. And these are acts happening right here and now!

I acknowledge these are not ‘new’, there are whole swaths of the economic desert that have been ‘scrapped’ by the ‘opportunists’ among us. (Ironically, the same mindset that brought us ‘Flipper the Slumlord’!)

While the article doesn’t offer dates, I suspect most of these incidents are recent, indicative of an increasingly restless population, simmering in the jobless summer heat.

When I say ‘coup’ and ‘radical’ I mean we are talking the return of ‘debt slavery’.

The local pig farm can ‘buy’ you for pennies on the dollar and force you to work off the full face value of your debt for an unlivable wage.

There will be no ‘additional charge’ for beating you and if they beat you to death it won’t be their problem but yours!

And the loony-toon conservatives will call this ‘justice’.

How these idiots think society will remain cohesive once tyranny becomes omnipresent tends to strain the imagination.

Which is to remind you that time, like resources, cannot be set to ‘infinite’.

We don’t have ‘forever’ to work things out.

Nor will we be able to keep trying until we ‘get it right’ (resource limitations will enforce those restrictions…how sad is it that determining what limitations are genuine and which ones are imaginary/economically driven will become our greatest challenge?)

We really do need to alter how and why we do what we do…or this is going to end in tears as our situation becomes hopeless.

Um, we may not live to see that day personally but that doesn’t mean its not coming.

Apparently most of you are cool with the idea that your grandchildren will curse your name for not acting when you had the chance.

And believe it or not, chances have never been better!

YOU need to act NOW, before the simple-minded seize control and it’s too late!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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