Thursday, June 2, 2011

More of the same...

Greetings good citizen,

In what is liable to be a ‘short one’ today (other matters demand my attention) we have a couple of offerings that add to the growing cry of alarm and concern surrounding the impending death of our civilization.

The trouble is most will not recognize that the old civilization is gone, they will continue to operate on the premise that the situation continues to deteriorate rather than realizing the whole game has changed.

Anyway, first up we have we have this straight-forward article that belabors the obvious because it demonstrates precisely who and how the ‘budget’ got so far out of whack.

There isn’t a lot of text and I still don’t have a ‘photobucket’ for stealing charts. You may call this ‘lazy’ but I’d turn that right back on you; just click the freaking link already!

In a display of what can be called ‘typical’ Republican tactics, first you create a crisis and then you use the crisis to attack popular public programs that you dislike.

Here we talk about ‘trade-offs’ good citizen. If we fail to provide for the poor then we will find ourselves up to our eyeballs in beggars (who will also double as thieves.)

Is that what you want?

Or would you rather move granny onto your living room sofa while you wait for her to die of some easily treated disease YOU can’t afford the medication for?

These are the choices the pro-corporate GOP would force upon you…and you will once again shake your head in amazement as you marvel at how the ‘one in five’ manage to win elected office.

And guess who provides THAT outcome? The corporate owned media!

Second up is is this piece from Ilargi’s new ghostwriter

Therefore, it is very unlikely that the current crises of capitalism will lead to a new reserve system based on physical gold, and is instead likely that they will lead to systemic collapse of financial and productive markets around the world. In the final part of this series, Part IV, we will discuss what this process of collapse really means for physical gold as a means of preserving wealth over time. The discussion will focus solely on financial collapse, rather than the demographic/environmental issues mentioned above, but the latter should obviously not be ignored when considering various means of preserving "wealth".

With regards to systemic finance, we can explore the realistic likelihoods of short-term deflation and HI, which are obviously very important considerations, as well as the specific properties of locations in which financial deterioration occurs. These properties may belong to anything from one's region or country to one's state, local community and household. As the trend towards centralization and concentration of capital grinds to a halt, our perceptions of a unified and "small" global society will also give way, as we are forced to observe the simple and enormous world existing right in front of our eyes and at our feet.

The ‘cartoon’ is both entertaining as well as illuminating although it leaves you in the same place most articles of this variety do, asking all of the right questions without providing any answers.

Is Marx’s ‘answer’ to capitalism the right way to go?

No, as I explained yesterday Marx got money all wrong, thus is Communism deeply flawed.

If you don’t get the money part right any proposed alternative is NEVER going to work!

Under a sustainable social model the entire ‘FIRE’ portion of the economy would be outlawed!

Just a little litmus test for the uninitiated to use when considering a ‘new’ economic system…not that you will ever be asked…yet another drawback to letting the self-interested run things.

Funny how our economic problems/crises continue to loop back to two things that don’t exist, bill of sales from God and Mother Nature’s cash register.

Some would call the finite nature of resources the ‘cash register’ used by nature but there is a huge difference between wisely using what remains and having the courts enforce an individual’s false claim of ownership. (Like the crisis we are facing with fossil fuels.)

Which is to point out that the old ‘social model’ is broken, if we don’t develop a new one, those who do ‘get to choose’ are likely to force a less than palatable choice upon the rest of us.

Remember, the ‘enlightened’ civilization all of these assholes have been trained in ‘couldn’t conceive’ of a society without slavery.

Peckerhead may provide you with a paycheck for now but think about where you’d be if they threw you on the scrap heap?

Time to ‘return the favor’ while we’re still here and able!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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